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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
board libs seem to be getting stupider at an accelerated pace    07/26/21  (12)
Made some Japanese curry the other night, those packets seem pretty cr    07/26/21  (19)
At what point is it wrong for certain animals to feel pain?    07/26/21  (19)
COVID-21 just dropped    07/26/21  (2)
Alexander the Great’s letter to “King” Darius III    07/26/21  (5)
Taibbi article on the student loan scam    07/26/21  (44)
my life is on average 30-1000X better without a woman in it    07/26/21  (6)
CDC literally claims 2,124 influenza cases in 2020 season vs. 39 MILLION in 2019    07/26/21  (7)
We are not human beings with spiritual experiences    07/26/21  (22)
Indonesian POTUS permits in-restaurant dining but only for 20m + no talking    07/26/21  (2)
What's the antidote to the gradual creep left of conservatism?    07/26/21  (11)
what is the best fast food burger    07/26/21  (14)
Quentin Tarantino is probably the best overall filmmaker ever.    07/26/21  (68)
All the Olympic stuff says Tokyo 2020    07/26/21  (3)
Kiwi fruit tests positive for coronavirus    07/26/21  (16)
lmao CDC admitted that PCR tests couldn't tell difference b/t covid and flu    07/26/21  (29)
NOWAG beats shit out of NIG talking shit abt China in NYC Chinatown    07/26/21  (11)
Lol at olympic coverage I thought I missed it. Why are they called NBC Olympics?    07/26/21  (5)
Living in a supermajority white area is lifechanging    07/26/21  (81)
I have COVID-19 (TSINAH)    07/26/21  (90)
best thing about EE 1992 tp is he's never gone; basically works the xo frontdesk    07/26/21  (6)
Olivia Rodrigo and Dr. Fauci Read Vaccine Fan Tweets (link)    07/26/21  (3)
wife went to bed so now i can poast    07/26/21  (7)
you should never marry or be in a relationship with a woman you love    07/25/21  (6)
They never respond to the poast, they only try to derail    07/25/21  (5)
One for the pro-vaccine crowd: how to get more people vaccinated    07/25/21  (4)
Have not heard a single person IRL talk about the olympics yet    07/25/21  (20)
I would do anything to be free of BIGLAW forever.    07/25/21  (4)
Ho Lee Fuk - China up to SIX gold medals now    07/25/21  (4)
United States still doesn't have a single Olympic medal    07/25/21  (1)
Just watched Extremely Loud and Incredibly Bald again.    07/25/21  (1)
Internet sleuths figured out Tucker Montana guy is a CIA agent    07/25/21  (192)
oily, foul-smelling stools that float    07/25/21  (9)
Haven’t heard how China’s dealing w delta variant    07/25/21  (7)
Covid: Mass delusion; hysteria; cult belief.    07/25/21  (4)
Into the ovens you fucking jews    07/25/21  (2)
emotionally gay and spiritually bald    07/25/21  (2)
they should mandate video of actual abortion in school    07/25/21  (1)
The average Russian chick would be 90th percentile in America    07/25/21  (21)
YouTubers who top out at 4K views per video    07/25/21  (15)
/r/covidvaccinated vale of tears 2021-07-25: "no period for 2 months" edition    07/25/21  (1)
HBO doc Woodstock 99 is pretty good    07/25/21  (43)
Achievement unlocked: you poasted gay shit.    07/25/21  (9)
NYC Surgeon Gets NOWAGd, Miss America Wife DICKED by Multiple CHADS (link)    07/25/21  (112)
ripping limbs off fetus = ok, but declining experimental gene therapy is selfish    07/25/21  (2)
Let it be known that the 'Tiny Dancer' scene in Almost Famous    07/25/21  (9)
Movie Idea: Almost Famous, but instead of Rock and Roll, its Biglaw    07/25/21  (2)
Rewatched Almost Famous, cried.....    07/25/21  (22)
did i imagine that biden & pelosi knelt with the fed courthouse arsonists    07/25/21  (3)
brown person on xo reassuring you US will *only* become Brazil, not S. Africa    07/25/21  (2)
Is there a name for Taibbi / Greenwald / South Park political views?    07/25/21  (6)
hey shitlibs, whatever happened to "my body, my right"?    07/25/21  (8)
Everyone knows a girl like this    07/25/21  (4)
lets have a good 3rd and 4th quarter guys    07/25/21  (1)
gonna walk right into biglaw tomorrow & accuse 1st woman i see of witchcraft    07/25/21  (1)
whok are u excited for brisbane 2032?    07/25/21  (11)
oh wow a harem of awful women ty redpill    07/25/21  (1)
I want to creampie prestigefaggot this year.    07/25/21  (17)
David French: We must pay for the sins of our great grandfathers through CRT    07/25/21  (7)
Jan 6 def gets case dismissed by saying he thought he was at White House (link)    07/25/21  (6)
LINKmos, are you ready to jump on the PYTH NETWORK bandwagon?    07/25/21  (33)
How to decide whether to jump ship and switch firms?    07/25/21  (45)
Arby’s is tier 1 fast food (Chic Fil A, In Out, Bojangles)    07/25/21  (8)
Tucker needs to be taken off the air; not flame    07/25/21  (25)
reminder: LINK is capped at 1 Billion supply    07/25/21  (28)
im a fed    07/25/21  (3)
Russia >>> US Gymnastics (pics)    07/25/21  (3)
white S. African guest SHATTERS Tucker's 'colorblind' civnat illusions    07/25/21  (74)
Wow! That scholar’s nose is beautiful!    07/25/21  (2)
Pretty clear now the "vaccines" are harmless, beneficial even & xo overreacted    07/25/21  (28)
Wrote a simple legal motion in verse and my firm won’t shut up about it    07/25/21  (1)
Time to revisit Canada’s leaked global reset plan from 2020    07/25/21  (12)
"I Moved to Idaho" is perfect xo retardation    07/25/21  (5)
LJL at that retard NYUUG    07/25/21  (5)
BUSINESS IDEA: Rachmiel Lives Matter app    07/25/21  (5)
The Low T of millennials is evident in the types of hookup stories they tell    07/25/21  (25)
Why are we listening to George Takei on anything? He was on a TV show 60 yrs ago    07/25/21  (13)
Saw 2 MILFs walk by, and their goldens were named Henry and Voodoo, NOT FLAME.    07/25/21  (9)
just one week off of finasteride will destroy your entire life forever    07/25/21  (3)
emilio switching to sockpuppet to say nice things about you twice    07/25/21  (12)
I stop and think about how rapidly the world changes with every passing year and    07/25/21  (4)
BUSINESS IDEA: TSINAH's sense of taste never returns, he loses weight    07/25/21  (2)
White House knew about Tucker confrontation & entire set-up was planned    07/25/21  (12)
Hard to fathom not moving to North Idaho or Montana in 2021    07/25/21  (30)
Solrise: The NUMBER ONE Project On Solana with 100X,1000X potential.    07/25/21  (19)
BLM asks rich white shitlibs not to attend top colleges (link)    07/25/21  (38)
All mental illness is caused by childhood abuse    07/25/21  (1)
New League of Legends character is a literal CHADPREET    07/25/21  (6)
word paperclip: "hi, according to my records you haven't been vaccinated    07/25/21  (3)
George R.R. Martin hanging out with porn star (vid)    07/25/21  (4)
Lib pointing at unvaccinated you like Donald Sutherland at end of Body Snatchers    07/25/21  (1)
crypto chick here. this is a bull trap and you are falling for    07/25/21  (12)
Why does Michael Phelps all of a sudden look 60 years old?    07/25/21  (16)
so if i want to remain catholic and not have a sodomite priest, i have to learn    07/25/21  (10)
NYUUG- please stop giving crypto advice    07/25/21  (16)
River Phoenix circa 1993    07/25/21  (2)
based sri lankan takes on "teen" robbers    07/25/21  (8)
me 2 days ago: Covid out of control in FL, xo: no. Today: TSINAH has covid    07/25/21  (3)
Libs are 1692 Salem level deranged at this point    07/25/21  (28)
No one is ever paying student loans again. Especially not after covid.    07/25/21  (3)
USA FLAG design is derived from Indian Majahapit Empire in 1600s LJL BIRDSHITS    07/25/21  (14)
Donald Trump was the most pro gay republican president ever    07/25/21  (4)
LONG VIDEO of Tucker Confrontation: Guy defends Charles (link)    07/25/21  (1)
BUSINESS IDEA: Black Lives Matter app    07/25/21  (4)
homily for the ninth sunday after pentecost.    07/25/21  (2)
Why do guys like luis poast here?    07/25/21  (22)
AMP up 54%    07/25/21  (1)
fear street deaths are brutal as fuck (netflix)    07/25/21  (3)
5 lbs overweight white woman w big tits in sports bra yoga shorts and hiking boo    07/25/21  (5)
ACLU: 2nd amendment is fundamentally racist    07/25/21  (26)
More surprised that Greg Louganis is in ESPN Body Issue or that he's alive?    07/25/21  (4)
now that TSINAH lost his sense of taste will he stop being an obese fucker?    07/25/21  (1)
Jews need ethnic homeland to avoid future genocide, but whites don't    07/25/21  (2)
how's everyone getting to newark oct 23 for JMU vs Delaware    07/25/21  (1)
13 minutes inside a self-driving Tesla in Oakland, CA    07/25/21  (7)
JAMAICA holds team USA scoreless in first half of CONCACAF Gold Cup quarterfinal    07/25/21  (3)
TikTok is just jews convincing blue eyed 16yos to sing about getting fucked    07/25/21  (69)
DrakeMallard hitting panic button upon discovering Damn Daddy is his Uber driver    07/25/21  (63)
Drake Mallard | HSBC | gunpoint    07/25/21  (4)
“The fat one in the tubetop” grunted the RigPig, pointing at DrakeMallard    07/25/21  (47)
Priest used PowerPoint better dig up playbook for dead language magic rituals    07/25/21  (3)
Btc 40k. Nocoiners crying losing hoap    07/25/21  (23)
If someone else fucks your wife that's pretty much a dealbreaker right?    07/25/21  (8)
how do ppl not spend their entire weekends golfing?    07/25/21  (56)
Is there any place in America like a small swiss town where they farm?    07/25/21  (9)
NYT Urges Holdouts To Get Vax'd, Even As Evidence Of Inefficacy Mounts    07/25/21  (1)
I'm going to buy crypto when it is very low and become even wealthier (CSLG)    07/25/21  (15)
Just returned from Catholic mass...is this typical now?    07/25/21  (88)
Crypto volumes down 90% now that Exeunt's ponzi scam stopped printing    07/25/21  (43)
RESOLVED: If TSINAH lives, COVID-19 is fake; if he dies, it's real.    07/25/21  (11)
DTP was cited in a scholarly book about crypto    07/25/21  (44)
We need to make it illegal for white women to own dogs    07/25/21  (4)
“Tit Men” Presidents >>> “Ass Men” Presidents    07/25/21  (13)
LINK is gonna moon all over your face    07/25/21  (3)
Giannis and Jrue Holiday are best combo in NBA by far    07/25/21  (1)
If Francis is the "pope", then the catholic church isn't worth anything    07/25/21  (2)
Jen Psaki trying on wizard hats at Ann Taylor Loft    07/25/21  (8)
de Santis cucks on the vax    07/25/21  (61)
Psaki: "how small we talking?" as she puts hands closer and closer together    07/25/21  (8)
Its so easy it is to make money with money - financial help from parents is huge    07/25/21  (16)
Topless Jen Psaki pinning her hair: “meeting in ten. Keep that dick up”    07/25/21  (5)
Comorbidititties    07/25/21  (5)
Big XII likely dissolving this week    07/25/21  (4)
Reaction video: HIV-positive teen finds out he's getting Cornell at sticker    07/25/21  (10)
"Grandpa, what became of the NoCoiners?"    07/25/21  (13)
Just accept it: Stelter is top .01% on-air talent. Why else would he have a show    07/25/21  (28)
Britney Spears still looking trashy hot    07/25/21  (6)
Plurality of British support government bans on sexist, racist, homophobic books    07/25/21  (6)
honiara interrupting his rabbi with some absolutely retarded bullshit    07/25/21  (3)

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