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Ranked by prestige: AL East, NL Central, NL East, AL West, NL West, AL Central    04/17/24  (4)
Tesla reportedly halts ALL Cybertruck deliveries due to fatal flaw    04/17/24  (2)
*SPjr vomits a little playroom hotdog onto the bed as SP pushes the 2nd inch in*    04/17/24  (9)
the board is pretty gay tonight. but is it gay enough?    04/17/24  (4)
Is this a fair map of western society? (pic)    04/17/24  (36)
Which of the geriatric retards are we going to vote for President?    04/17/24  (11)
GOP surging in Detroit Special Election, Trump getting 30% of blacks is real.    04/17/24  (3)
Literally haven’t seen a nigger irl for 2 months    04/17/24  (3)
Just a typical day in the Ukraine war - link    04/17/24  (2)
"Property tax" is theft    04/17/24  (15)
Stomping in all the skulls of the frauds who've cheated me fags    04/17/24  (11)
(800)607-3016    04/17/24  (5)
Birdshit kills black uber person for no reason    04/17/24  (26)
Going to eat several pounds of spoiled meat&cheese etc let do    04/17/24  (1)
im gay and poor    04/17/24  (14)
This is the most horrific burn story I've ever seen (Warning: hard to watch)    04/17/24  (3)
your power level has increased    04/17/24  (1)
Anyone going to see Abigail?    04/17/24  (8)
At least two lawyers on Trump jury, lmao. His team sucks    04/17/24  (55)
Willy Wonka's "Slugworth" is a perfect representation of kikery    04/17/24  (1)
How many prople who think ChatGPT is useless are using the free version    04/17/24  (5)
Can’t spell “lugenpresse” without “NPR”    04/17/24  (6)
Zion Oil & Gas    04/17/24  (1)
something about nyuug's repetitive posting makes me lose my fucking mind    04/17/24  (7)
My HS best friend just called me from a leg lengthening surgical center    04/17/24  (8)
all this just for some slimy fish-scented pissflaps    04/17/24  (12)
Phone scammer gets uber driver to go to house, ends up causing a murder (link)    04/17/24  (4)
the things we did for the Slime tp    04/17/24  (1)
ITT: I definite "white" for confused xo ethnics and minorities    04/17/24  (157)
Gangman Playboi Gook NASA Engineer charged with SERIAL RAPE in Texas!    04/17/24  (8)
fuck what u heard    04/17/24  (1)
You kikes suck    04/17/24  (1)
WNBA first round pick Caitlin Clark will earn less than a dental hygienist    04/17/24  (2)
a bitch boi is put in his place    04/17/24  (2)
the theme of my dance solo is "aid work in africa"    04/17/24  (1)
Tom Cotton says forcibly throw protestors out of roads    04/17/24  (4)
you ever have a parent wish death on you as a kid?    04/17/24  (10)
Drank 5 guinness tonight and bought an Elly De La Cruz Auto    04/17/24  (3)
This is how they train stewardesses at Pussy Airlines - nsfw    04/17/24  (1)
Donald in Kikemagic Land    04/17/24  (1)
Hey Israel, thanks for reminding the world that our kit costs a lot of money    04/17/24  (1)
and she's probably going to die within the year.    04/16/24  (1)
All bullshit..call it all out..clean it all up and move forward positive    04/16/24  (6)
Why even keep track of "time"? It's a lie and doesn't even exist    04/16/24  (6)
Famous Bens pizza give em a call lol at this fraud "world"    04/16/24  (15)
Rate Mr. Dershowitz's legal analysis    04/16/24  (1)
area homosexual not a fan of perfectly accurate labels (link)    04/16/24  (4)
Xo is fucking fraud shit will talk every which way    04/16/24  (2)
Shut the fuck up "Andy Reid" you fat lying 🤥 cheating fraud    04/16/24  (2)
I make $100k and spend it all on sports cards and rocks    04/16/24  (9)
Hey Israel whatcha gonna do with that cop who killed a USAID worker on April 12?    04/16/24  (1)
Erase it all its all BS    04/16/24  (2)
Was nothing to this fraud world its all yours    04/16/24  (2)
Lol at "living" in any state with state "income tax" ljl    04/16/24  (6)
"Chiefs" are frauds..end them    04/16/24  (2)
KLay Thompson 0-8 in his final game with the Warriors    04/16/24  (1)
NPR journo: we're biased but it's Trump's fault!    04/16/24  (104)
I am severely mentally ill & homicidal and need serious serious irl help    04/16/24  (5)
25% of women are involved in some form of sex work    04/16/24  (15)
Listening to anyone from beginning will leave you fucked&with nothing    04/16/24  (3)
Israel says its retaliation will come in the form of Tom Cotton op-eds    04/16/24  (3)
Mossad forced to claim Jordanian queen down 6 drones. Then it was 5. Why?    04/16/24  (2)
the resurrection is a fact, 100%, what you do with that is up to you    04/16/24  (1)
The Life and Death of Hollywood (LONG READ)    04/16/24  (26)
Reminder: there is no gym for your face    04/16/24  (13)
Rocks and Minerals are literal God created 1 of 1s    04/16/24  (2)
Wilhelmina    04/16/24  (1)
Israelcucks shut the fuck up real fuckin fast at about 12pm on April 14, 2024    04/16/24  (1)
How can Robinhood afford to offer a 3% match on 401k transfers?    04/16/24  (1)
LOL @ commutemos. I WFH almost every day and make 400k.    04/16/24  (11)
NBA Younggoy    04/16/24  (3)
Montreal Expos | Vladimir Guerrero | Moises Alou    04/16/24  (2)
I CAN NOT AFFORD TO LOSE!    04/16/24  (3)
it's over    04/16/24  (1)
Israel is just as stupid as Iran. They just showed how badly they need the USA    04/16/24  (2)
Americans are actually better off financially under Biden (link)    04/16/24  (46)
Fizzkidd how is your vag smelling this evening?    04/16/24  (1)
Jesus, Israel killed an iranian general who retired in 2016    04/16/24  (5)
Poly substance abusing depressed online lawyers    04/16/24  (1)
Posting while taking a diarrhea shit right now ugnhhhh    04/16/24  (1)
Boomerboat here, got into collecting sports cards and rocks (minerals) and negle    04/16/24  (14)
Paul Ryan rode around giant Wiener with other straight AF dude during college    04/16/24  (2)
When did they start calling Junior's High Middle's school?    04/16/24  (3)
Can’t think of anything more pathetic than “serving in the military”    04/16/24  (102)
7-year-old girl DOMED in Chicago mass-shooting - great job, libs!    04/16/24  (29)
Virtually all of RFK Jr.'s tweets have been anti Trump. Never says anything abou    04/16/24  (8)
SP here! I buried the evidence right where I buried those little boys' corpses    04/16/24  (2)
is having sex with a woman the gayest thing a man can do?    04/16/24  (2)
should i download XMEN '97 and binge watch?    04/16/24  (19)
Hyatt in hot water for offering a "fuhrer suite" in new Frankfurt hotel (bbc)    04/16/24  (2)
not flame my biggest regret was not staying in Israel and joining military at 18    04/16/24  (2)
why do no english words have the same letter 4 times in a row?    04/16/24  (2)
buying my first tig welder    04/16/24  (32)
Would love to shoot and fillet brown people with hegemon tp    04/16/24  (18)
Russian airfield in Crimea hit hard- video    04/16/24  (2)
does court have personal jdx over out of state co. that contracts w instate co?    04/16/24  (38)
This Dancing Queen piano solo is amazing    04/16/24  (3)
are we human? or are we counsel    04/16/24  (46)
Seems plausible in a month Trump is sentenced to 160 years in prison    04/16/24  (74)
RSF is jewish and has big floppy titties with huge brown areolas    04/16/24  (3)
THAT SHIT IS GAY!    04/16/24  (1)
Board antisemites (TSINAH, TBF, hegemon, etc) never attack RSF. is it $$$$?    04/16/24  (36)
no way to participate in economy and maintain any level of human dignity    04/16/24  (7)
Wife walking around bedroom topless. Furk?    04/16/24  (10)
Is keto just to help fats eat less? Top-tier Jocks like hegemon/Wilbur don’t    04/16/24  (4)
I used to love sex. But my boyfriend’s premature ejaculation is turning me off    04/16/24  (7)
finally ranked into Plat initially in a rocket league season, fuck yeah bros    04/16/24  (1)
Bud Light had a tranny on a few YouTube vids and Trumpmos went insane nationwide    04/16/24  (5)
Today's biggest news: Republican lawmakers slam Gaza protest traffic jams?    04/16/24  (1)
XO Poll: Is the United States Federal government legitimate?    04/16/24  (3)
This Karma Sushi coupon sucks    04/16/24  (12)
The issue with the IRGC strike is we telegraphed it so they moved everyone out    04/16/24  (2)
Turn on Fallout Episode 1    04/16/24  (25)
one of the best UFC fights no one saw Yusuff vs Barboza (vid)    04/16/24  (1)
Hey God hates you, faggot    04/16/24  (3)
knelt down and thanked woman's service animal for his service, ignoring woman    04/16/24  (2)
had never heard of dead crypto billionaire matthew mellon before, kooky guy    04/16/24  (4)
Look at that Israeli "Arrow" missile and tell me that's not a nuclear explosion    04/16/24  (12)
Does weed fuck up your short term memory?    04/16/24  (8)
*everyone shotguns ur door* CAITLIN CLARK WILL GET LOW PAY BUT MANY ENDORSEMENTS    04/16/24  (1)
Can we get a real trucker convoy for Trump this time?    04/16/24  (1)
Rate this shrew who chose career over kids    04/16/24  (31)
The Ka-52 is just butchering Ukrainian armor. It's wrecking Leopards no problem    04/16/24  (107)
OJ Simpson literally destroyed lex's neo-vagina    04/16/24  (1)
Strange thought I’ll run past the subhumans of xo    04/16/24  (4)
almost time to get giraffe pussy high for Sabbath tp    04/16/24  (1)
KIKES ARE NIG    04/16/24  (3)
you can easily get over ANY woman's "attractiveness" by imagining the smell    04/16/24  (8)
My wife heard an NPR piece on how Caitlin Clark is going to change WNBA.    04/16/24  (11)
Forget Singles Apps: NYC Pickleball Courts are the Hot New Dating Scene (pics)    04/16/24  (2)
"This is my penis," said Doobs, finally breaking the silence.    04/16/24  (110)
F-35 is going to be in service for 77 years. Eat shit.    04/16/24  (11)
OJ Simpson literally destroyed Kris Jenner's vagina    04/16/24  (18)
rate the early 80s aesthetics of this Calvin Klein commercial    04/16/24  (3)
self-help shrew drops new book for wine moms: 'Unlocking Your Inner Zelensky'    04/16/24  (2)
High IQ Jews: we call them "cope cages" because there's no way they'll work    04/16/24  (4)
This guy looks like he could stone cold kill your ass no problem    04/16/24  (3)
Russian soldier gets a surprise while trimming his fingernails    04/16/24  (2)
Zekenskyy phone rings at 4am. It's Biden saying "go ahead, ask me to send troops    04/16/24  (2)
Movie idea: James McAvoy as the Beast but playing the role of Mark Zuckerberg    04/16/24  (2)
Jesus, an Iranian general got killed. Iran must be MAF (everyone 1981-present)    04/16/24  (2)
"LOL it's just like that Patton quote" said the neckbear with toothpick arms    04/16/24  (2)
Boss smelled the cucumbers. I'm getting fired (evan39)    04/16/24  (169)
there's literally nothing else to do but drink tp    04/16/24  (1)
Just Drove 2100 Miles Cross Country- Questions?    04/16/24  (18)
That guy's crazy, he has no idea how modern the cities are in Vietnam and South    04/16/24  (1)
Was Hitler right?(evan39)    04/16/24  (72)

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