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liberals chanting "Allahu akbar" while burning an American flag    07/24/24  (4)
Will KAMALA HARRIS win in 2024?    07/24/24  (50)
i still can't get over Newsom pounding Don Jr's ogre in prime years    07/24/24  (1)
Iceland -- 99% White -- zero cases of Wuhan Chink Virus. Coincidence?    07/24/24  (50)
“We conquered France faster than German army in 1940”: Muslim migrants in Pa    07/24/24  (3)
who will dems run in 2024    07/24/24  (32)
"good morning, my friend" (cucumbers in tahini sauce tp)    07/24/24  (35)
chilmata is getting divorced    07/24/24  (2)
Cucumbers clocking out at 5. Pickles TP wishing u good evening as he punches in    07/24/24  (10)
Lol at all of this flame..millionaire and billionaire retards here bickering    07/24/24  (1)
Barron Trump tweets meme with his face on Paul Atreides body (link)    07/24/24  (6)
Who the fuck were the main Jews behind Obama years?    07/24/24  (1)
Money πŸ’° doesn't exist though somehow shit is running off of fake numbers    07/24/24  (1)
cucumbers tp, trapped in transfinite sims, recalls the Aleph Key: "good morning"    07/24/24  (27)
JD Vance has a long history of liking women of color (pic)    07/24/24  (1)
Would you vote for a female president?    07/24/24  (9)
41 years old, 3 kids + wife. household net worth is $2.1m. i feel poor as fuck    07/24/24  (33)
It's all fake ass shit..you're being robbed shit us being ran on something nonex    07/24/24  (1)
MASE vs HATP: Who writes better polisci thread headlines?    07/24/24  (31)
Whats with the Jewish obsession with asian girls?    07/24/24  (14)
Is it TOO LATE on the immigration / demographics issue?    07/24/24  (31)
How soon would they have killed Bernie if he got in somehow lol    07/24/24  (2)
does this guy look like someone who'd diddle Catholic school boys? (pic)    07/24/24  (1)
"Sorry, Doug. I'm just not a sexual person. Also, I'm shitfaced."    07/24/24  (2)
I am a one issue voter: make GoldenTee great again    07/24/24  (5)
tim heidegger tp    07/24/24  (8)
RFK Jr.s platforms are pretty cr tbh, a kike cock worshipper but still    07/24/24  (1)
oliver darcy marveling at kamala's prestigious hastings admit    07/24/24  (6)
its nice for twins to re-emerge as soccer dad but NO DADDY U DONT GET MPM    07/24/24  (9)
Goth girl neighbor just said “this but unironically” in convo: twins tp?    07/24/24  (26)
lol so you get some psych to diagnose you with anxiety, adhd-->2x time for LSAT?    07/24/24  (10)
TT - check out this wealth disparity in India from one block to another    07/24/24  (1)
Saw a fag riding a scooter in the middle of the street in Hollywood    07/24/24  (1)
how much do you think this house actually costs    07/24/24  (3)
Movie about your wife's sister who is sassy black attorney - "Sista in Law"    07/24/24  (3)
JD Vance: "I came into this world as a reject"    07/24/24  (1)
You will never know the majesty of Gender.    07/24/24  (1)
nu metal turnablist nodding appreciatively as you vote third party    07/24/24  (1)
Mike Johnson looks at BB like a big dick daddy    07/24/24  (2)
Big get: Judge Joe Brown endorses Kamala! (Link)    07/24/24  (5)
JD Vance wants Shaniqua Jones to have 14 votes    07/24/24  (3)
Lib friend is upset with Paul Atreides for resisting the gom jabbar needle    07/24/24  (2)
Indian lawyer files an “objection” accusing judge of racism every time she l    07/24/24  (218)
It's insane that UC Hastings was the best law school Kamala got accepted to    07/24/24  (44)
Hulk Hogan just ripped off his shit at the RNC    07/24/24  (39)
Shadow circa Homeward Bound counseling U on the “Golden Retriever Path” 🐢    07/24/24  (15)
Trump losing in Georgia (again)    07/24/24  (5)
Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy's, had an 11 inch penis    07/24/24  (21)
more like Kamala wHoRRis    07/24/24  (1)
Saw a 30 something baldmo at the gym...actually loled    07/24/24  (9)
Dad is voting D after voting R his entire life    07/24/24  (9)
Kamala Harris, no kids    07/24/24  (1)
Kamala has never had kids = tight ass golden pussy ofs    07/24/24  (3)
Poverty Has Always Ravaged Men who Dispense (PHARMD)    07/24/24  (7)
LEAK: Biden endorsed Kamala without Obama’s knowledge as a fuck you    07/24/24  (59)
In America, you can be anything you want. So don’t be weak and gay. Stay hard.    07/24/24  (10)
UNDERDISCUSSED: Michigan has early and a lot easier voting in 2024    07/24/24  (1)
golden retriever bounding toward you as Steve Winwood plays    07/24/24  (9)
If Kamala Harris chooses white running mate from swing state is that DEI?    07/24/24  (1)
Big budget anime whose premise is an RFK/Rodgers presidency (link)    07/24/24  (7)
Come ITT for DoorDash tips from a top Dasher (4000+ deliveries completed)    07/24/24  (17)
whites: should we emigrate back to Europe ?    07/24/24  (53)
2024 will be a reverse 2016 where Kamala wins a perceived “upset” against Tr    07/24/24  (1)
Biden calls Kamala a “DEI hire”    07/24/24  (5)
Reid Hoffman thinks "9-5 is dead" thanks to AI and we'll all be gig workers    07/24/24  (16)
Necromancer show, guess Molly's race    07/24/24  (1)
golf bros, just had a swing epiphany    07/24/24  (2)
Look, another emasculated "man", a faggot, and a negress    07/24/24  (16)
women's smelly gross vaginal stinkholes - yuck    07/24/24  (6)
Why does CNN Primetime = 2 black female anchors, 1 white female anchor?    07/24/24  (3)
RATE this Black Hebrew Israelite take on faggots    07/24/24  (4)
Is there anything more embarrassing and shameful than being a sexpat?    07/24/24  (84)
Guy in first world country, president hasn't been impeached, sup    07/24/24  (130)
Got back in MARKET a bit, already down $35,000!    07/24/24  (23)
XO trumptards are just like the Obama fanbois of 2008    07/24/24  (6)
Why the fuck is the secret service director a woman    07/24/24  (95)
It's insane seeing Biden talk in 2012 or so compared to now    07/24/24  (2)
Don't get dudes who have yellow fever    07/24/24  (19)
bald pedophiles like Boom should be shot    07/24/24  (4)
Rate my T levels -- Yesterday jacked off at work AND fucked wife in evening.    07/24/24  (5)
Would you move to Europe if you could make 70% of usa salary?    07/24/24  (2)
CHINA has so far SURPASSED the West it's INSANE    07/24/24  (36)
UArizona Girl Falls To Death On Half Dome. Rate    07/24/24  (58)
Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Bar renamed “Tikka” after PE India buyout (link)    07/24/24  (6)
Name something most people barely even realize.    07/24/24  (89)
Anyone else here have Long Hair?    07/24/24  (20)
Chilmata, are you getting divorced    07/24/24  (2)
Admit it: you're looking forward to a Mad Max future    07/24/24  (85)
rookie cop takes a temper tantrum & gets arrested (video)    07/24/24  (1)
Tqqq discuss tt and other option masterman    07/24/24  (7)
Obama withholding Kamala endorsement because he doesn’t think she can beat Tru    07/24/24  (33)
bald pedophile Boom really loves babysitting little boys. Why?    07/24/24  (1)
Bill Kristol hyping secret ‘unbeatable,’ ‘godlike’ candidate for Dem nom    07/24/24  (5)
Shitlaw firm I applied for 4 years ago just called me asking to interview me    07/24/24  (1)
Right as usual..I told you "AI" was fraud(Boom)    07/24/24  (4)
*RSF walks out at RNC to thunderous applause* "I'm not Jewish" *applause stop*    07/24/24  (46)
Hey fraud stalker calling me a bald pedo! You're getting fucked up(Boom)    07/24/24  (1)
Boom is always fuming MAF because he's a bald pedophile    07/24/24  (3)
you'll thrive in our fast paced and collaborative law school discussion board    07/24/24  (1)
JD VANCE was a DEI hire (Dickriding Every Israeli)    07/24/24  (1)
Service partner giving St. Crispin’s Day speech before all-hands weekend    07/24/24  (39)
you'll thrive in our fast paced and collaborative environment.    07/24/24  (4)
Reminder:you've been cheated..are constantly being lied to and always have been    07/24/24  (4)
🚨🚨🚨 AI BUBBLE POPPING 🚨🚨🚨    07/24/24  (9)
Hulk Hogan is living the dream (pic)    07/24/24  (6)
Most forcememed political figures who went nowhere you can remember?    07/24/24  (12)
United States of Israel is trending    07/24/24  (3)
Kamala weighs in on a HUGE injustice in women's basketball    07/24/24  (1)
AI, what are your thoughts on MPA    07/24/24  (1)
MPA, what are your thoughts on AI    07/24/24  (6)
Would you encourage wife to take modeling jobs?    07/24/24  (16)
Thank you President Biden. Regardless, you did right and are a hero.    07/24/24  (1)
🚨🚨NVIDIA FUTURES BELOW $100 🚨🚨    07/24/24  (3)
Watching Pensive dismantle haters was wholesome    07/24/24  (2)
Casey and Galina Serin - how'd those crazy kids turn out. anyway    07/24/24  (18)
i literally can not stop smoking weed    07/24/24  (36)
Any JD Vance being weird clips today?    07/24/24  (1)
John King mindlessly playing with the election maps while his ex-wife talks    07/24/24  (49)
There is no American future    07/24/24  (2)
Cons really screwed up by not having enough opposition research on Kamala    07/24/24  (89)
Jamie toss me one of those ice cold Mountain Dew Cold Reds will ya    07/24/24  (7)
Gender is flame. My 18mo thinks I'm mommy.    07/24/24  (2)
So are Karen Bass, Val Demings, Keisha "Lance" Bottoms still on shortlist    07/24/24  (2)
Chris Rufo arranging scalps on his desk like they're bobbleheads    07/24/24  (4)
amazing how many Roman emperors were assassinated    07/24/24  (16)
has anyone told Vance he's not funny    07/24/24  (3)
2012 was the year we past the point of no return. 2016 election won't help    07/24/24  (12)
One drop rule is true: the Nigger gene dominates the mind of Mulattos    07/24/24  (55)
Please give me the Who To Follow on X.com starters guide    07/24/24  (3)
so CHAZ has borders and border patrol but USA cant have either?    07/24/24  (17)
Non-traditional shoppers - video    07/24/24  (2)
Real talk: a female president would have been a disaster    07/24/24  (7)
*faggy jordan peterson finger gesture*    07/24/24  (3)
Hulk Hogan is literally one of the most charismatic people to walk this earth    07/24/24  (44)
men who would vote for a female president - explain yourselves    07/24/24  (6)
What is going on in this thread    07/24/24  (1)
Thomas Jefferson high school to eliminate merit based admissions, will do divers    07/24/24  (42)
S. Korea birth rate is 0.8. They are truly fucked.    07/24/24  (59)
Seriously though, how are we going to fight the ascendant matriarchy?    07/24/24  (15)
"Hulk Hogan spoke at the RNC? This is Idiocracy!" *runs Montel's ho for POTUS*    07/24/24  (5)
I love juicy, hairy, tight pussy    07/24/24  (1)
This is what Roman Legions came home to (pic)    07/24/24  (11)
wait that dumb bitch who got the "twisties" when she couldnt have addy is in the    07/24/24  (1)
John McAfee told us what would happen    07/24/24  (1)
JD Vance was the worst VP pick in the last 50+ years (yes worse than Palin)    07/24/24  (4)
Golden Asian thighs and a hairless tight little pussy    07/24/24  (1)
iManageMedication    07/24/24  (1)

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