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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Rate this WNBA player (link)    04/15/24  (4)
The Real Reason Haredim Don't Want Their Children to Enlist in the Israeli Army    04/15/24  (19)
Is anyone still watching Naked and Afraid? This chick looks like Marcia Brady.    04/15/24  (1)
why did globohomo throw harvey weinstein and epstein to the wolves?    04/15/24  (21)
This country has done so much for me, I’m proud to pay my taxes every single y    04/15/24  (2)
Caitlin Clark jamming her sweaty mesh shorts down your throat    04/15/24  (2)
how many tax days are possible in a year?    04/15/24  (2)
can’t believe they make boys wrestle these busty teens (video)    04/15/24  (25)
Chris Rufo just assassinated new NPR CEO via retweets (link)    04/15/24  (29)
I just admitted everything to my wife. Here we go. Huge fight. Jesus.    04/15/24  (19)
Welp, one of my 10-year-old monitor lizards just died    04/15/24  (2)
Copping black Charger Hellcat and olive drab t shirt, hieing to towny bar    04/15/24  (1)
just paid my nigger taxes to the faggot nigger federal government    04/15/24  (8)
Welp, one of my 10-year-old monitors just died    04/15/24  (2)
faggot nigger federal government    04/15/24  (1)
Turn on Fallout Episode 1    04/15/24  (14)
what's the latest on the colon cancer poaster    04/15/24  (36)
We will bump this thread every day until DrakeMallard returns to xoxo    04/15/24  (107)
we finally have LEBENSRAUM with drake gone.i claim this place in name of YISRAEL    04/15/24  (1)
Alec Baldwin Armorer Sentenced To 18 Months    04/15/24  (8)
Backpackermos, explain women who stay in mixed dorms when female dorms available    04/15/24  (3)
REMINDER: Only ~7% of gold is used in real world "industrial" applications.    04/15/24  (83)
what if the grass really is greener on the other side    04/15/24  (6)
Can’t think of anything more pathetic than “serving in the military”    04/15/24  (39)
Just realized heliocentrism is the dirtiest jewish trick currently going    04/15/24  (13)
"...and in closing...not God 'Bless' America. Naw naw naw...God DAMN America"    04/15/24  (21)
You fags are some of the most pathetic losers imaginable    04/15/24  (9)
buying my first tig welder    04/15/24  (25)
This dump is so pathetic it makes me sick    04/15/24  (7)
Serbia after NATO bombings - video    04/15/24  (2)
Soupy Sales’ body is still decaying in the ground    04/15/24  (1)
LOL @ the hellhole of degenerates that NYC is (link)    04/15/24  (8)
Sales Hayek’s body is still remarkable    04/15/24  (2)
reverend wright's god damn america speech is 90% cr    04/15/24  (7)
NYT: For high end visitors, Auschwitz offers “concentration glamping” experi    04/15/24  (1)
about to buy a $500 stihl chainsaw, taking q's (TSINAH)    04/15/24  (26)
Stevie Ray Vaughan's El Mocambo performance is POTUS GOAT    04/15/24  (3)
Boomers ruining Augusta Golf Club (DM)    04/15/24  (9)
That Gaetzche (?) vs Holloway fight was legendary    04/15/24  (5)
Got back into drinking Kool-Aid lately, damn this shit is 180    04/15/24  (4)
Godfather 3 really wasn’t as bad as everyone says    04/15/24  (9)
Seems plausible in a month Trump is sentenced to 160 years in prison    04/15/24  (25)
God gave me a special gift made me a fine instrument of lawfare    04/15/24  (4)
counties in US where median home price is under $100k (link)    04/15/24  (6)
It ain’t about living white, it’s about living right    04/15/24  (1)
Stopped Payment On $100 Check For Shady Prole Goy Sprinkler Guy    04/15/24  (29)
Ricky is such a stud he can just LOOK at a chick & her panties fly off    04/15/24  (5)
DASEANCHIPPER    04/15/24  (1)
99.9% of cops admit to fantasy about a felon assraping them (link)    04/15/24  (2)
After age 40 the "scruffy" looks declines precipitously    04/15/24  (34)
Not a man in existence, yet Eve still found a way to fuck Adam out of paradise    04/15/24  (3)
🚨🚨 Madison Cawthorne rear ends a cop 🚨🚨    04/15/24  (6)
freshly fucked male asshole    04/15/24  (6)
LOL Rockies pinch run best pitcher, who breaks arm on slide    04/15/24  (3)
Would you rather jave sex with Caitlyn Clark or Angel Reese?    04/15/24  (5)
IT'S ALINA - Trump's running mate will be Alina Habba    04/15/24  (1)
Rate this pic of those conjoined twins sucking a dick l    04/15/24  (12)
According to polls Biden is doing about the same in WI/PA but worse in MI?    04/15/24  (2)
ive lived 45 yrs w/ a pussy and I want 2 live rest of my life w a cock (karen)    04/15/24  (1)
You realize that if anyone can go to prison for any little thing then    04/15/24  (4)
ive lived 65 yrs w/ a cock+balls and I want 2 live the rest of my life w a pussy    04/15/24  (3)
TSINAH pay your debts and lose some weight you pathetic POS    04/15/24  (7)
spaceporn and disco fries should go on vacation together    04/15/24  (1)
Just got my new pussy!!!! Here I am holding my balls with my husband (pic)    04/15/24  (5)
"I swear they really are tits. Give them a chance!" Fizzkidd begs as you vomit.    04/15/24  (4)
Should I convert from Catholicism to Presbyterian?    04/15/24  (4)
Luis singing Phil Collins Throwin It All Away as he flings used rubber    04/15/24  (6)
Cut the negative crap and you can end up much better than you ever would have    04/15/24  (1)
Rate this video of me squeezing my penis head as hard as I can.    04/15/24  (3)
little fucker refuses to eat the “hot dogs” at “clown camp”    04/15/24  (10)
On dark web behind a Netherlands fire wall    04/15/24  (4)
SP here! I buried the evidence right where I buried those little boys' corpses    04/15/24  (1)
Amalgamated Messiah Products, LLC (A Jerusalem Company)    04/15/24  (2)
Rate my new CPAP    04/15/24  (1)
Switzerland: open carry, 0% homicide rate    04/15/24  (67)
Do you know how I did that recent trip to the Met?    04/15/24  (49)
how is this bro from the kenya shooting still ambulatory?    04/15/24  (4)
Rate this 16 year old German exchange student girl in the US - video    04/15/24  (27)
Guys with fat girlfriends on Ozempic must feel like VC investors that 10X’d    04/15/24  (17)
NPR journo: we're biased but it's Trump's fault!    04/15/24  (87)
PS1 thru PS3 have zero following    04/15/24  (23)
Why do you think the PS3 sub is more popular than the 360 one?    04/15/24  (3)
SP here. I will never be charged w such a crime. I will never "be tried"    04/15/24  (200)
careers tp    04/15/24  (1)
The Synagogue of Satan is out of control    04/15/24  (5)
Poll: how many spyderco knives do you own?    04/15/24  (10)
Cowgod did you see that they are locking down CE on gamefaqs?    04/15/24  (3)
Re: careers. The people that argued for passion over practicality were correct    04/15/24  (52)
So Trump is gonna go DEI and pick a black or latino VP?    04/15/24  (3)
🚨 🚨 🚨TSINAH hearing @9:00AM EST 4/29/2024 🚨 🚨 🚨    04/15/24  (66)
Biz idea: a realistic underside of a cow, so you can drink milk from the udders    04/15/24  (1)
generated my 3rd Elon Musk reply of April    04/15/24  (4)
"I'm gonna show you a DEEP STATE" Darnell said as he backed Trump into shower    04/15/24  (2)
Danny Casolaro | The Octopus | PROMIS software | Inslaw    04/15/24  (22)
Clitdick nyuug: no korean passport, refuses korean military service    04/15/24  (82)
The scariest-looking motherfucker I've seen in my life - video    04/15/24  (3)
Lmao @ Protestanttts: male strippers in "evangelical" churches    04/15/24  (2)
love how racists invented "pajeet" to make fun of Indians and now most people    04/15/24  (5)
1 day into trial and not a single juror seated    04/15/24  (2)
libs think self mastery is a joke    04/15/24  (2)
RATE this Oregon hs girl who won the 200m    04/15/24  (14)
Life sucks and will only get worse. I'm going to kill myself    04/15/24  (11)
"The flowers are from your internet friend 'research boner' with a nice card"    04/15/24  (32)
Wilbur= 5’6, 120 lbs, over-exerciser/long-distance runner, has IBS, Q-believer    04/15/24  (36)
Historical and current public debt projections for U.S by Treasury, 1980-2096    04/15/24  (3)
Trump is going to jail, Darnell will be his cellmate, he will be butt/facefucked    04/15/24  (4)
"CIA case officer" offers career advice on reddit    04/15/24  (35)
Why do like 25% of redditors have cancer    04/15/24  (1)
Tesla DYING, MASS FIRINGS announced    04/15/24  (20)
Is it gay to find your wife/gf sexy when she's mad?    04/15/24  (1)
My closest friend linoleum...    04/15/24  (7)
Which four year period of your life would you relive?    04/15/24  (42)
Estimate the IQ of Jack Frost    04/15/24  (19)
How to hide 150 packages coming to your house from your wife?    04/15/24  (9)
Lmao Cochran really niggafied OJ’s house?    04/15/24  (34)
Most overrated Scorsese movie? Departed /thread    04/15/24  (37)
Lop choke on your fraud pigskin criminal fraud fucks    04/15/24  (3)
*Karlstack pissing on self on OnlyFans* "This is just one of my revenue streams"    04/15/24  (6)
ITT: comprehensive list of anti-globohomo movies    04/15/24  (125)
possible to make cut at masters + run sub 3hr marathon in boston in same weekend    04/15/24  (4)
Karlstack.com: The Most Prestigious Two-Spirit Job Board in the World    04/15/24  (2)
HYPO: hung jury in Trump hush money case    04/15/24  (1)
Committee on the Weaponization of Government    04/15/24  (1)
Here’s the thing about whatnot.    04/15/24  (1)
who's the most spiritually jewish poaster here?    04/15/24  (5)
what should i buy with a $1000 gift card to tumi    04/15/24  (7)
I need an alina habba deepfake fuk and sul RIGHT NOW    04/15/24  (1)
joined a gym that includes a few hours of daycare per day, fucking gamechanger    04/15/24  (7)
Would you get embarrassed when you realized you gave me a boner?    04/15/24  (1)
Doctor said I have "the gay herpes"    04/15/24  (1)
wow    04/15/24  (1)
White family & golden retriever evicted from NY house, squatters take ownership    04/15/24  (2)
Sometimes I just can’t believe how fucking stupid you people are.    04/15/24  (17)
it's going to be so 180 when every single person who has ever poasted dies    04/15/24  (1)
whatnot is the greatest invention known to man    04/15/24  (8)
fallout tv show "ghouls" nailed senior associates perfectly    04/15/24  (1)
Neal Brennan is an unfunny uninteresting loser    04/15/24  (1)
Goes to fake Harvard in late 30's --> still can't get a white wife    04/15/24  (3)
Brothers I may have an addiction problem. . .    04/15/24  (10)
America is being destroyed by a foreign occupying force    04/15/24  (3)
Cowgod could never beat Morrowind nor Mario Sunshine    04/15/24  (3)
Twitter removed my post and shadowbanned me    04/15/24  (7)
Jews should be exterminated. There, I said it.    04/15/24  (10)
Garfield vs Marmaduke vs. Heathcliff vs. Lockhorns    04/15/24  (7)
Rate these French chicks protesting topless (video)    04/15/24  (23)
American women are sick evil 😈 freaks killing babies using birth control    04/15/24  (8)
New video shows former Super Bowl champion being arrested on gun, stolen car cha    04/15/24  (1)
History of human migration - video    04/15/24  (13)
Whore tried to walk over an autistic and got pwned    04/15/24  (6)
Asian pussy is an addictive substance    04/15/24  (19)

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