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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   12/07/19  (352)
nothing makes normies angrier than saying smartphones and porn should be banned    12/10/19  (7)
Jesus Christ save us    12/10/19  (3)
So Rs get final word in senate hearing to crush dems right before election. How    12/10/19  (4)
Libs go to bed every night thinking Trump will be impeached when they wake up    12/10/19  (20)
GOP Impeachment lawyer using a Whole Foods bag instead of briefcase    12/10/19  (24)
BANGARANG - Trump called for Seoul evacuation at height of North Korea tensions    12/10/19  (25)
real talk: TRUMP will not be impeached    12/10/19  (13)
lmao so libs realized they can't impeach Trump, so they're asking him to resign    12/10/19  (3)
Tweet: new Ghostbusters is about family & other white American patriarchal value    12/10/19  (1)
Singlemos who wagecuck-- what's the point?    12/10/19  (18)
Forbes: Women Are Saving Star Wars    12/10/19  (29)
Bro at my biglaw firm is getting starved out of work    12/10/19  (38)
Reminder: Trump won 59% of the popular vote, 400+ EVs, is wildly popular    12/10/19  (7)
RANK these four chicks (PIC)    12/10/19  (18)
Keep your penis clean: wash your hands BEFORE you take a piss, not after    12/10/19  (8)
Dems filing articles for "abuse of power" and "obstruction of Congress" lmao    12/10/19  (58)
Andy Williams - Moon Splitter    12/10/19  (3)
(rudy) "your honor we waive cross" *gives reassuring nod & thumbs up to client    12/10/19  (13)
IG: 17 "errors" in FISA app. Odds that all the "errors" went in same direction?    12/10/19  (31)
Wife wants me to buy a $1.5M house in WESTCHESTER    12/10/19  (100)
So what's the deal with Lyme Disease?    12/10/19  (1)
Wu-Wang Clan - Tryrump    12/10/19  (2)
Pence statement on impeachment "With all eyes upon the Senate, it is my hope    12/10/19  (1)
Shitlaw boss threw Kenneth Cole Reaction briefcase at op counsel    12/10/19  (22)
I once wore a Kenneth Cole bag and people liked it    12/10/19  (4)
Vegan eats meat for 30 days, feels healthier than ever    12/10/19  (3)
The Irishman - self indulgent and way too long    12/10/19  (68)
Has XO seen this lady cop getting manhandled and shooting a bystander? (vid)    12/10/19  (15)
u can buy a tent & bow and arrow any time & live like a native    12/10/19  (1)
Happy Friday. Let's contemplate ways Dems have fucked up impeachment    12/10/19  (48)
how much chronic alcohol abuse to believe Trump is going to be impeached?    12/10/19  (6)
If you think trump is going to be impeached you are literally fucking retarded    12/10/19  (6)
Trump: "I love the poorly educated!" XO 2016: "We love you too, Donald!"    12/10/19  (161)
FBI lawyer falsified FISA warrant application; later texted "Viva le resistance"    12/10/19  (9)
LMAO: Rudy Giuliani is going to release a "report" on Ukraine findings soon    12/10/19  (15)
Seminary costs $23k/yr for 3 years :(    12/10/19  (6)
chances Dems impeach Trump after they win back house in 2018?    12/10/19  (25)
After release of Mueller report, how can Trump not be impeached?    12/10/19  (9)
WSJ reporter dismantles Liberal deflection on the IG report    12/10/19  (15)
STATE YOUR PREDICTION:Will the Articles of Impeachment include bribery?    12/10/19  (1)
Satanist 666 bro explains why Trump won't be impeached    12/10/19  (4)
Trump: "But I doubled down! How are impeachment hearings still moving forward?!"    12/10/19  (13)
"Yeah, well I faked all my orgasms too!" the lawyer lied as his Asian wife left    12/10/19  (13)
Each associate will be given a copy of Hannah Arendt's greatest work upon their    12/10/19  (1)
jews dont control the media but every Christmas they tell u about Chinese food    12/10/19  (13)
Do guys here really make $300k+/year to support some ungrateful ugly shrew? (DTP    12/10/19  (50)
deus vult: "seig heil!" *rips rancid kimchi fart*    12/10/19  (1)
Libs impeach Trump = Literally WWIII?    12/10/19  (4)
reminder: christmas completely breaks the jew brain    12/10/19  (171)
CNN: Pelosi saying she won't impeach trump is "laughable" (link)    12/10/19  (5)
Lost in this whole Buzzfeed thing: They want to impeach Trump for "obstruction"    12/10/19  (44)
how did pepito manage to blank out all his posts?    12/10/19  (12)
I hope libs impeach trump as soon as they get control of congress    12/10/19  (4)
Feels like we're back in '98 again    12/10/19  (3)
At the 4th Battle of SDNY, we had a mantra: "No associate left behind." Those wo    12/10/19  (1)
Long Rifle Dec 2019: These former attorneys are now grey market mercs    12/10/19  (1)
Dentist: "Mr. Peterman, we don't shoot Novocaine into anuses."    12/10/19  (1)
Dems will take House and impeach Trump    12/10/19  (8)
5% of New Zealand's population is INDIAN origin    12/10/19  (34)
whok, rate me as a sexual fantasy of yours    12/10/19  (3)
Lucid vision that libs try to impeach trump and cause a second Civil War    12/10/19  (3)
how long after Nov. 2018 before Democrats impeach Trump?    12/10/19  (2)
Real Talk: Are libs gonna win and impeach Trump?    12/10/19  (7)
if libs win congress and impeach trump; Pence will win 2020 by a large margin    12/10/19  (5)
What will happen if libs successfully charge or impeach trump?    12/10/19  (2)
Lol at Tom Steyer commercial to impeach Trump during World Series!    12/10/19  (17)
California billionaire spends $10M in ads to impeach Trump (link)    12/10/19  (22)
LEBRON JAMES is 100,000,000 times the HUMAN being of DRUMPF    12/10/19  (1)
YOU'RE OLD: The girl from 'Roxette' died of old age:    12/10/19  (8)
Lawman is MAF I got more presents than him at holidays    12/10/19  (1)
Imagine the disillusionment if they actually do impeach TRUMP    12/10/19  (5)
Wow just impeach Trump already. The GOP will turn against him.    12/10/19  (5)
Koch Bros announce SuperPAC open only to GOP reps who vote to impeach Trump    12/10/19  (4)
I hwoul like abogado toss    12/10/19  (1)
Jafar, lunch tomorrow at Keese's?    12/10/19  (2)
Bernie: “the top 13% control 50% of this country’s tremendous crime”    12/10/19  (6)
Free Google Nest Mini: GC Garbage Or Worth It?    12/10/19  (15)
The Jews are just giving this porn away. dummies    12/10/19  (57)
Holy Shit Cambodian Heroin is 189    12/10/19  (38)
Grandpa where were you when Donald Trump was impeached?    12/10/19  (1)
Girl tatts “HIV+“ on her vaj (link)    12/10/19  (72)
Can't believe we actually spend tax money trying to teach niggers Calculus,    12/10/19  (5)
7.5% property tax on this historic mansion in Highland Park, IL    12/10/19  (79)
Mike Cernovich dog whistles xo on Twitter    12/10/19  (25)
"Epstein Didn't Kill Himself" conspiracy theory is absolute cringe    12/10/19  (18)
Impeachment seems to be working: Trump LOSING to ALL DEMS in MI, PA, and WI    12/10/19  (39)
Paul Krugman: The most Israelcucky POTUS in history is not Israelcucky enough    12/10/19  (1)
Oh wow, a petrified duck fetus in an egg, that looks delicious    12/10/19  (1)
ur wife alone with ur 5 yo son explaining that it would be ok to be a girl    12/10/19  (17)
So house dems impeach today. Trump is cleared in senate and gets 10+ approval    12/10/19  (6)
This is how Chad blows out ur future wife    12/10/19  (137)
AZN shrew coworker eating some nasty smelling 1000-year old egg at her desk    12/10/19  (8)
CLSG how much insurance should i have?    12/10/19  (14)
Twas the Night Before Christmas (Peterman version)    12/10/19  (35)
Poll: if you are having lunch out of the office, is 1-3 alcoholic drinks okay?    12/10/19  (47)
hould I get a dual MBA-MA Phil from the Jordan Peterson Acton Business School?    12/10/19  (3)
check out this portfolio of rural LAND in MAINE    12/10/19  (2)
cr to quit job and become an eco-fascist like GRETA, travel the world being angr    12/10/19  (1)
nigger.    12/10/19  (5)
wow! jews eat chinese food on christmas    12/10/19  (21)
Dick Cheney sees Dem reaction to IG Report: "haha wow holy shit"    12/10/19  (1)
1944: white men in foxholes singing "good king wenceslas" from memory    12/10/19  (9)
I am literally done with the buffoon Donald Trump.    12/10/19  (1)
Rate Boris Johnson's latest political ad (link)    12/10/19  (1)
December 2020: Trump re-elected, Obama under arrest, WLMAS dead, Obeezy crying    12/10/19  (4)
Rate this OP/author synergy    12/10/19  (1)
368 female attys (incl. names) in SCOTUS brief: I had an abortion    12/10/19  (271)
A lib: "blah blah blah blah. Do better."    12/10/19  (1)
Libertarians, CUM ITT    12/10/19  (5)
Just had some AVOCADO juice, so CREDITED    12/10/19  (1)
What would be the minimum annual income you could subsist on?    12/10/19  (39)
I know how we could improve this even more, bring women into it!    12/10/19  (1)
Peterman wearing reindeer antlers as trucker mercilessly ejaculates into him    12/10/19  (17)
My shrew wife knows nothing about being a parent. Any CR audiobooks?    12/10/19  (10)
Before the iPhone, women didn't even use the internet    12/10/19  (93)
Anyone else feel "tranny bathrooms" tp follows you around threads?    12/10/19  (4)
Krampus (not tp) beats the fuck out of immigrants in Tirolia    12/10/19  (2)
why is modern life so fucking boring    12/10/19  (48)
Why isn't Trump freezing aid to Israel until Netanyahu steps down?    12/10/19  (25)
“I hear screeching about daddy dick in the background, Albany please mute”    12/10/19  (1)
"Kentucky Woman" Sold Baby for $2,000 (Guess Race)    12/10/19  (1)
Book of Advice for Young German Men    12/10/19  (26)
🚨 🚨 *** OFFICIAL MPM 2019 NOMINATION THREAD *** 🚨 🚨    12/10/19  (315)
imagine dudes just walking into cigar shop lounged and blurting thread titles    12/10/19  (8)
Are top posters technically social media influencers?    12/10/19  (3)
1 hour between impeachment and USMC ratification    12/10/19  (1)
Vox: DRUMPF’s judges are MUCH more PREFTIGIOUS than Obama’s    12/10/19  (6)
In MFH before cell phones, we’d just wander around to bars and make friends    12/10/19  (1)
Roctopotomus is a roctoroon.    12/10/19  (1)
Dispelling the Myth that Asian Vaginas are Tighter <article>    12/10/19  (90)
Would love to piss on the graves of Rockapotamus’s ancestors    12/10/19  (21)
Hey Rockapotamus— if your ancestors' graves seem a little wet, that's my piss    12/10/19  (12)
West is best. White is right. My asian pussy feels so tight!    12/10/19  (120)
What cities in America are must visits for at least a few days    12/10/19  (50)
Final Day at Glendora High School, June 1999 [19 min YouTube video]    12/10/19  (15)
I Was Taught to Be Proud of My Tight Asian P*ssy Here’s Why I Wish I Hadn’t    12/10/19  (1)
ITT: Your pick for "creepiest doobs moment" 2010-present    12/10/19  (21)
🚗 Driving fast is racist because Hitler built the Autobahn. 卐    12/10/19  (7)
The average net worth of all U.S. families is $692,100, according to The Federal    12/10/19  (21)
How chill would it be to walk thru forest and see gigantopithecus    12/10/19  (2)
*Peterman's TikTok account shut down after less than 24 hours of use*    12/10/19  (4)
GFs entire family unscrews bottles by walking around bottle in circles    12/10/19  (2)
Sorry ggtp but all of Asia must get banned it's not worth it    12/10/19  (3)
Oh wow I'll have the little girl wear a red dress yeah OK wow *sniffs armpit*    12/10/19  (1)
Poaster Soul Placement Services: Where New Monikers Are Ensouled    12/10/19  (1)
Bill “Roseanne” barr    12/10/19  (2)
korea=peaceful first world impeachment+transition.TRUMP impeachment=LOLLERCAUST    12/10/19  (23)
i'm new here. i'm going to dominate this board. i'm going to make you love me    12/10/19  (2)
Still can’t sleep    12/10/19  (1)
HILLARY in LEADS 2020 RACE!!    12/10/19  (1)

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