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Speaker Trump looming over Biden at next SOTU    10/03/23  (4)
***RSF to SAUDI ARABIA 2 day transit MEGATHREAD***    10/03/23  (39)
Politico: "Actually, all Nazis aren't necessarily bad"    10/03/23  (7)
14-year-old Swedish girl hanged her Muslim rapist in the woods    10/03/23  (13)
I am literally a Wild card and untraceable! My "past" is nothing&washed    10/03/23  (4)
Women love casually fucking and having fun with exciting and hot men    10/03/23  (1)
Hypo: you’re out to dinner with your wife and kids and guy comes up    10/03/23  (14)
Nothing in the rules says a Golden Retriever can’t be Speaker of the House!    10/03/23  (3)
Sickening Spelunking Video (link)    10/03/23  (16)
fizzy gookin eggs    10/03/23  (1)
ur sister in law up all night rigging rube goldberg contraption to rip ur pants    10/03/23  (1)
Video of stabbing of Brooklyn antifa activist guy (video)    10/03/23  (2)
as a jew, I am increasingly alienated from "white culture"    10/03/23  (54)
decided today that i am going to start playing golf    10/03/23  (111)
sister in law snuggling up to you late on thanksgiving after ur wife goes to bed    10/03/23  (1)
SIL "trust falling" directly on top of you in a hammock    10/03/23  (4)
We Need to Talk About Kevin    10/03/23  (4)
FizzKid (her eggs are fizzing & her kid is doomed)    10/03/23  (1)
So this "Ukraine war" is going to end in a stalemate?    10/03/23  (112)
you walk in on your sister in law jamming your squash racket in her pussy    10/03/23  (1)
Hey FizzGook, thoughts on your 100% asian histone damaged eggs?    10/03/23  (5)
McCarthy brutally murdered by shitcons in third trimester    10/03/23  (2)
Your son asking you to sign permission slip for "A week in Zurich" field trip    10/03/23  (2)
I want fizzgook to think of XO coinages as she holds her newborn hapa jew son    10/03/23  (1)
This is bad! Politicans shouldn't lose stature when they do bad! Muh norms!    10/03/23  (1)
🚨 Oct. 3 OFFICIAL Kevin (bitch boi) McCarthy Removal Vote Thread 🚨    10/03/23  (159)
thrusting deeper into the sister in law's caramel cranny    10/03/23  (8)
nude luis in Ricky's bathtub "Phenotype isn't everything, it's the only thing"    10/03/23  (5)
Your wife and SIL pillow fighting as you poast    10/03/23  (9)
NPCs: Who radicalized you? Me: Your terms are acceptable    10/03/23  (1)
eye opening that MPA spams here when his lifes in the shitter    10/03/23  (10)
Matt Gaetz vowing to construct House Holocaust Museum as 1st act as speaker    10/03/23  (2)
Cons: constantly delivering on fealty to the people    10/03/23  (3)
What was your favorite TGIF lineup?    10/03/23  (3)
ASD in women over 33+ is the weirdest part of female nature    10/03/23  (3)
McCarthy to become Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament (link)    10/03/23  (3)
Maybe McCarthy shouldn’t have cut spending deals with Democrats    10/03/23  (1)
Oct. 17th: "Deshi Basara" playing as McCarthy retakes gavel on third ballot    10/03/23  (1)
Every person from California: "no worries! no worries!"    10/03/23  (147)
Reptile friend wants to watch "Hanging Mr. Cooper"    10/03/23  (1)
Anyone's SIL have DAT ASS?    10/03/23  (9)
apparently albert einstein was a fraud who stole ideas from the patent office    10/03/23  (36)
Sean Spicer wakes from nap, checks email: "Haha wow holy shit"    10/03/23  (57)
SiL threading reminding me of Robert Coover's "The Babysitter"    10/03/23  (1)
It's Friday night and the moon is bright    10/03/23  (1)
luis doing a baby gender reveal by shooting blue powder out his boistinker    10/03/23  (5)
Only TRUMP can unite America at this point    10/03/23  (1)
Does this look like a toy model or a real tank?    10/03/23  (3)
House to McCarthy: Take your filth back to Bakersfield where it belongs, faggot    10/03/23  (1)
SiL meme isn't even about sex it's about sexual humiliation of ur wife    10/03/23  (7)
Emailed couples therapist, told her she needs 2 slut it up 2 compete w/ SiL meme    10/03/23  (1)
taleb is hilarious on twitter. he's like the george20 of public intellectuals.    10/03/23  (7)
wife's son wants to put me on ADHD meds. Thoughts?    10/03/23  (1)
Once offered.MIL to take TWO girls off her hands    10/03/23  (1)
Zelensky walking out of Karma Sushi with a wagyu roll    10/03/23  (7)
I am OoO masturbating repeatedly to my wife's sister    10/03/23  (1)
"Chicken fight!" SIL climbs up your backside, wraps thighs around your head    10/03/23  (9)
It's a vacation film called "Triumph of the SIL"    10/03/23  (3)
"It's the Festival of Booths. Are you really thinking about my sister again you    10/03/23  (3)
Saw SiL Last Night    10/03/23  (4)
What does “eGOP” or “GOPe” even mean?    10/03/23  (4)
"of course, in my day, we called it the Pillars of Hercules" (OldHLSDude)    10/03/23  (7)
Atlantamos, do you see Film crews shooting everywhere in the region    10/03/23  (7)
Gaetz in Bane mask holding up pic of McCarthy: "And do you accept this man's res    10/03/23  (8)
it's funny cuz mccarthy barely got the job too, some ppl were suggesting TRUMP    10/03/23  (1)
Will share stories ITT of my SiL sexually provoking me & me never consummating    10/03/23  (109)
Pelosi: Republicans should get to choose the Speaker    10/03/23  (7)
what “conservatice agenda” was mccarthy advancing that this has derailed?    10/03/23  (3)
Liberal centrists rise up    10/03/23  (4)
Having a worse 24 hours? Former Speaker McCarthy or Daniel Jones?    10/03/23  (2)
Hills Have Eyes poaster managing to combine 2nd cousin AND SiL threading    10/03/23  (3)
dear abby is it okay for my sister to breastfeed my son while my husband masturb    10/03/23  (4)
can't seem to break out of "dancing brother-in-law frame"    10/03/23  (3)
Motel Hell chainsaw fight but it's your wife and SiL in pig masks    10/03/23  (1)
Joker 'holding tryouts' but its couples therapist giving wife, sil double dildo    10/03/23  (6)
Cormac McCarthy died in June but he was still speaker for months wtf?    10/03/23  (1)
Every single aspect of existence wants me to be gay    10/03/23  (1)
MCHENRY acting speaker, NULLOS VINDICATED    10/03/23  (2)
Good riddance to that faggot McCarthy.    10/03/23  (1)
*tmf sitting in a meeting, alienware laptop glowing green & whirring loudly*    10/03/23  (34)
LOLercausting HARD how INDIA now is a better run DEMOCRACY than TTTUSA    10/03/23  (4)
CNN: "A man in House chamber appears to have been furiously masturbating to SiL    10/03/23  (3)
Everyone on earth knows we're all gonna die soon    10/03/23  (3)
Hillary and Zelensky on White House lawn arguing over who takes furniture    10/03/23  (7)
House GOP Caucus Agrees on Rep. Ramindeep Kumar Patel as next Speaker    10/03/23  (1)
Constitutional Loop Hole: doobs is now the Speaker of the House    10/03/23  (5)
Hey McCarthy we're never paying those loans back lol    10/03/23  (4)
1st-look sneak preview: Zuckerberg shows off Oculus3 "killer app," SiL Simulator    10/03/23  (4)
most overrated chain restaurant?    10/03/23  (164)
McCarthy: "BRING IT ON!" Gaetz: "OH IT'S BEEN BROUGHTEN!"    10/03/23  (3)
everyone in house chamber running around and shouting and waving arms 180    10/03/23  (1)
Going to quit PRACTICING LAW to focus on USING CANNABIS    10/03/23  (1)
McCarthy's Posterior: Annihilated!    10/03/23  (2)
Gaetz for Speaker!    10/03/23  (1)
Chaotic Neutral Caucus flipping coin before appropriations vote    10/03/23  (2)
Congratulations Cons, this is what you did with your majority!    10/03/23  (1)
Sister in law sister wife tp    10/03/23  (1)
Couples therapist: "You know, some couples find that including a third person in    10/03/23  (1)
Can someone just put all the best Lauren Boebert pics & vids in this thread tyia    10/03/23  (1)
Breakthrough Treatment in Juvenile Autism Getting Fast-Tracked by FDA    10/03/23  (17)
Rate this email I got from a 22 yr old I'm going to fuck    10/03/23  (114)
I think my mixed 2-year old is gay    10/03/23  (5)
"he's still hungry" SIL giggles, breastfeeding your son while wife naps.    10/03/23  (3)
FDA panel meeting to discuss ethics of growing human babies in 'artificial wombs    10/03/23  (2)
Wife wants me to stop molesting our purchased son. Thoughts?    10/03/23  (1)
wife wants to give some frontal lobotomy and tattoo his face. Thoughts?    10/03/23  (2)
wife wants to put son on ADHD meds. Thoughts?    10/03/23  (33)
Pindar G Rakesh    10/03/23  (1)
Noah Z Smith    10/03/23  (2)
Economist staff writers moaning “oh no” while watching C-SPAN    10/03/23  (3)
AOC voted “neigh”    10/03/23  (2)
The Jewish Men of xo    10/03/23  (6)
called OC “bald” in open court today    10/03/23  (5)
"We were, uh, rehearsing for a remake of Me, Myself, & Irene," SiL explains    10/03/23  (1)
Rfk Jr posted a video of himself on Tim Dillon on his own channel    10/03/23  (4)
Speaker vote: It's FRENCH! It's FRENCH everyone!    10/03/23  (3)
Wtf Zelensky just got made House speaker    10/03/23  (1)
McCarthy will eventually love Gaetz as Theon Greyjoy grew to love Ramsay Bolton    10/03/23  (1)
imagine being blue pilled and optimistic lol    10/03/23  (1)
The SIL as Will and Representation    10/03/23  (2)
Deranged Judge violates 1A rights of a fat, stupid, loudmouth (link)    10/03/23  (2)
Who is that sexy AF woman counting the votes?    10/03/23  (2)
Is GrapheneOS compromised?    10/03/23  (2)
Cold hard nigga truth: TBF was never funny & is a pedantic retard    10/03/23  (3)
I love my gf, but I want gay sex so bad    10/03/23  (4)
Spaceporn’s 5-head with clown hair is some kind of superpower    10/03/23  (11)
house is quiet. SIL sneaks 3 bottles of wine into the den. wakes you.    10/03/23  (2)
"I dunno Becky I think he might only be schizotypal" "Stacy, give him a chance t    10/03/23  (1)
you need to stop smoking weed    10/03/23  (24)
Trevor Bauer details how woman tried to shake him down with fake assault claim    10/03/23  (56)
overheard tipsy SIL say "I hate niggers" at the bonfire    10/03/23  (2)
"Don't check me, check your jew bitch"    10/03/23  (2)
HYPO: ur daughter wants to do HS softball but Matt Gaetz is the coach    10/03/23  (4)
Tampa Bay does not deserve this team    10/03/23  (1)
Your wife telling you her mother just got pregnant as you glance at monkey's paw    10/03/23  (3)
Seriously though where to find young, hot, eligible schizophrenics online    10/03/23  (1)
I really want to marry a Jew bitch so I can torture her mentally    10/03/23  (19)
"Rates used to be 14% back in my day" - OldHLSDude, probably    10/03/23  (4)
Biden almost won Texas last election lol    10/03/23  (2)
cgi couples therapist in high heels chewing bubble gum    10/03/23  (4)
Wife's brother coming back from summer vacation as a tranny    10/03/23  (5)
Rosenbaum and Grosskreutz are dead    10/03/23  (96)
Why are Jew bitches so fucking HAIRY?    10/03/23  (10)
cgi sister in law twerking    10/03/23  (2)
TBF's posting mimics an angry jew having conniption fit at bagel shop, odd case    10/03/23  (3)
U need to be promptmaxxing if u want to survive coming white collar jobs apocaly    10/03/23  (8)
Ive been watching these fetish videos of hot girls quenching their thirst    10/03/23  (1)

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