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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   08/20/19  (312)
"Woke" Taylor Swift's Beau has Blue Eyes (Because of Course He Does) (Vogue)    08/21/19  (2)
"You know stay at home moms? Well I was a stay at home son" (:D explaining resum    08/21/19  (1)
Trump: Jewish people who vote Democrat show 'total lack of knowledge    08/21/19  (143)
Obama's first Netflix show is a pro-China documentary re: them buying GM factory    08/21/19  (14)
This is my anime collection, what am I missing    08/21/19  (76)
NYT/WaPo collude to rewrite history: US founded in 1619 (not 1776) by slaves (li    08/21/19  (39)
Why 80% of this Kansas HS’s Junior Class Are Working In Porn (Vice)    08/21/19  (1)
NJ gave 749 illegals money for college. Here are the schools they attended (link    08/21/19  (12)
Megan Rapinoe tells her pro-Trump parents to go to therapy (link)    08/21/19  (21)
DBG would you be willing to help me be less prole? I'd be able to pay you with g    08/21/19  (2)
i am a 107 IQ jew and i demand that the goyim provide me with "high brow humor"    08/21/19  (40)
the real root of the problem with modern women and marriage/divorce is too much    08/21/19  (14)
Taylor Swift owns 3 private jets & hangar, wants separate kitchen for BF (link)    08/21/19  (10)
Pumo Theologian taking YOUR questions for a bit on GOD, theology, etc    08/21/19  (40)
Rachel Maddow going insane now that Russiagate debunked (vid)    08/21/19  (15)
Jews are smart but NOT tough    08/21/19  (7)
GC scams: oral sex, rough sex, woman on top sex, working out, running, fasting    08/21/19  (7)
Northern Shitcago suburbs heading back to 1980’s price levels    08/21/19  (17)
Biden is the only Dem who beats Trump head-to-head in OHIO    08/21/19  (2)
What are the relevant SCOTUS rulings about threats?    08/21/19  (1)
Im an M&A lawyer    08/21/19  (7)
Kys consuela (currently posting as GAY GOY)    08/21/19  (9)
What caused the decline of Jenny Jones, Ricki Lake, Montel, etc.    08/21/19  (32)
new Wes Watson video just dropped    08/21/19  (14)
"US" media ran "Russia" coup attempt insanity for 3 yrs w no consequences?    08/21/19  (13)
"Ironside agrees with me fully because I just adopted his entire POV. Ha!"    08/21/19  (1)
Superman ice cream is a prole tell    08/21/19  (1)
Gab is growing like crazy. Over 1.5 million active users now    08/21/19  (32)
It’s a cr time to travel to Iran. Economy is destroyed so yr $ will go a long    08/21/19  (37)
if a girl is thin with a slightly upturned-nose, she's automatically an 8    08/21/19  (9)
Trumpmos: which Dem primary campaign is the best strategic investment?    08/21/19  (25)
As a queer genderless transreptile, I will move to Somalia if Trump is reelected    08/21/19  (2)
If we’re in a recession why is my M&A as busy as ever?    08/21/19  (31)
Lib friend vacations in Greenland because it's always dark    08/21/19  (4)
Dallas REGEGADES Houston ROUGHNECKS New York JEWS    08/21/19  (3)
Libs: OMG Trump is 1984! Also Libs: KILL THE HERETIC FOR THOUGHTCRIMES!    08/21/19  (17)
Tommy arent you a bit fatigued of the nonstop travel shrewing    08/21/19  (5)
Trump: Listen you motherfuckers... (2011 vid)    08/21/19  (19)
How the FUCK can TRUMP win 2020 without CHEATING?    08/21/19  (19)
Trump telling Danish PM you don't understand Greenland is ours now.    08/21/19  (1)
I drop the "wife bomb" on unsuspecting shrews, it's 180    08/21/19  (76)
Biglaw Lives Matter - What is the best EDC gentlemans Winkler tomahawk?    08/21/19  (2)
imo anti-semitism is wrong & the Democrats should stop    08/21/19  (2)
Why are hindus so bad at civilization?    08/21/19  (2)
Excited for another day using Upset Jew's diary platform    08/21/19  (4)
Thoughts on tech chinos?    08/21/19  (34)
"some of my closest friends are upset jews..."    08/21/19  (2)
Fellow white people!    08/21/19  (2)
married mos: Is there anything after years of marriage you still hide from spous    08/21/19  (95)
warren's 2020 campaign slogan: "give yourself a chance to love her"    08/21/19  (4)
Nyuug, why do you pursue white womyn and not your bug womyn?    08/21/19  (1)
The entire 2020 election will be decided by two states: Arizona and Wisconsin    08/21/19  (11)
Deep State Always Wins:Assange in prison,Spygate hidden,Trump cucked,Epstein dea    08/21/19  (1)
Israel open concentration camp for Russian goys seeking political asylum    08/21/19  (1)
Two-man luge looks gay.    08/21/19  (20)
Sex and the City creator regrets choosing work over having kids lmaooooooo    08/21/19  (22)
everyone on the planet knows Twitter will suspend Trump's account summer 2020    08/21/19  (3)
girl told me i was hung like a Marathi    08/21/19  (14)
Sorry frenchy, I'm not gonna trade my aisle seat for your middle seat    08/21/19  (11)
brushed up against fertile latina in elevator, odds i got her pregnant?    08/21/19  (1)
Pocahontas admits she made it all up    08/21/19  (27)
We need to have a SERIOUS DISCUSSION about an xo backup    08/21/19  (4)
Rate this extremely fertile latina    08/21/19  (14)
could a fast casual british fish & chip chain do well in america?    08/21/19  (30)
what's beneath all that ice on Greenland?    08/21/19  (17)
JFC, fucking sick of trump’s obsession over jews and Israel    08/21/19  (22)
Journalist. Influencer. Full-time dad of 3. Pizza-Lover. Holocaust Survivor.    08/21/19  (4)
Do Israelis see themselves as white people?    08/21/19  (60)
My 1990 Ford Taurus transmission gave out on me this morning - RIP    08/21/19  (9)
Internal Trump campaign polls show POTUS at all time low,spell disaster for 2020    08/21/19  (7)
US Steel restarting idled plant in MICHIGAN, creating 250 jobs #MAGA    08/21/19  (25)
Which Presidential candidate is the most ANTI Boomer?    08/21/19  (5)
Monkeys with smaller testicles roll coal to compensate.    08/21/19  (1)
What were a few URBAN LEGENDS from your childhood    08/21/19  (95)
NYT: Homosexuals invented spoken language    08/21/19  (24)
Sports conspiracy theories that are probably true    08/21/19  (37)
LA DA Is A Fugly Negress Kamala Clone. How Does GC Produce These Morons?    08/21/19  (14)
Johnsmeyer continues to produce content at Reddit    08/21/19  (54)
BAM! 300lb white trash shrew and her miniature horse sitting on the plane by you    08/21/19  (3)
BASED Ebony Christian confronts Drag Story Hour with truth, white women boo (lin    08/21/19  (2)
lol Anthony Yarde getting fucked with, no hot water    08/21/19  (1)
SINGLE | MOTHER | MINDSET    08/21/19  (1)
tsinah singing I'm yours to 20 ft party sub before expertly deep throating it    08/21/19  (11)
ITT: Best Fantasy Football team names 2019 Edition    08/21/19  (1)
In HS we always elected this one ugly kid and a hot girl homecoming king/queen    08/21/19  (1)
i just straight up stared unblinkingly at idiot bartender who forgot my shit    08/21/19  (146)
Scaramucci parties with the Clintons in Martha's Vineyard (link)    08/21/19  (8)
Has an old POTUS candidate ever aged as badly as Biden?    08/21/19  (4)
Boomer on LSD in 1969: holy shit the lotus flower just told me that    08/21/19  (1)
🚨🚨🚨 RECESSION ALERT 🚨🚨🚨    08/21/19  (11)
president Washington spending 70% of day talking about Jews, foreign embassies    08/21/19  (2)
told richkid HS junior I'm tutoring for SAT that I would kill his whole family    08/21/19  (57)
I will name all the Boomer concentration camps after famous Boomers.    08/21/19  (1)
On the Boomer Question    08/21/19  (21)
Jared slapping gimp Trump across face: "And remember, as always, ROLCON."    08/21/19  (3)
Prole co-worker has two kids at age 20 with two different whores    08/21/19  (11)
History buffs, tell me why Jimmy Carter was so asscheeks    08/21/19  (49)
OK... it's enough already... time to BAN KamalaSexyFineBlackChocolate    08/21/19  (11)
Hong Kong protester has some strong advice for Trump (link)    08/21/19  (18)
Don't trust China, China is ass-ho    08/21/19  (1)
Holy shit Trump's new hair is 180    08/21/19  (31)
We are overdue for a mass debt jubilee movement    08/21/19  (4)
You must settle philosophy and your larger concerns and choose a path    08/21/19  (1)
Petition to ban KamalaSexyFineCleverChocolate    08/21/19  (74)
Donald Trump, King of Israel (twitter)    08/21/19  (12)
Jews are feeding you soy so that they can breathe when you HEADLOCK them.    08/21/19  (14)
New Biden pitch: "I will be the Hindenburg who paves the way for a Hilter."    08/21/19  (1)
I was almost barred from NYE party on account of my donkey dick    08/21/19  (16)
why don't all us-based jews go back to israel if they love it so much?    08/21/19  (6)
White House phone rings at 3AM. Kamala picks up using Birdshit's severed Hand.    08/21/19  (7)
The malaise, the disquiet    08/21/19  (1)
Help me plan my trip to Barcelona for 10 days mid-September.    08/21/19  (18)
At what age did you start outearning your parents?    08/21/19  (44)
Bobby Birdshit to launch new fast casual gun store "Manifesto" in 9 cities    08/21/19  (9)
Rate my Southwest boarding experience (TT6)    08/21/19  (1)
randy newman - im dumb and gay.mp3    08/21/19  (9)
On my way to GLORIOUS nation of KAZAKHSTAN killdajuicejuicejuic!!!    08/21/19  (11)
"third generation holocaust survivor"    08/21/19  (1)
Pretty CRAZY that GREENLAND is NOWAG    08/21/19  (14)
Greenland nonsense has had a longer news cycle than the damn El Paso shooting.    08/21/19  (1)
Weird how humans suck and fuck each others holds    08/21/19  (5)
Why Pig-Forward Restaurants Are Anti-Semitic    08/21/19  (1)
diversity of political opinion among Jews is an illusion    08/21/19  (3)
Summon: ironside    08/21/19  (7)
tell 'em a vape pen-smoking shitlawyer has given you the call    08/21/19  (2)
MAKE your best arguments explaining why RACE-MIXING is or is not GC flame    08/21/19  (4)
Why do xo poasters think like wagecucks instead of owners or partners?    08/21/19  (1)
The Taste of Another Man (By Johnsmeyer)    08/21/19  (73)
I do have dual loyalties and I am ready to admit it.    08/21/19  (6)
your future hapa son playing piano on the back of a flat bed truck    08/21/19  (1)
Does anyone remember WLMAS talking about Mueller’s homicide prosecutor?    08/21/19  (24)
Board olds: Remember Sharon, Lois and Bram?    08/21/19  (3)
so i assume it mossad, not kgb, that has trump kompromat?    08/21/19  (1)
Air Bud XXX    08/21/19  (5)
Hilarious how libs are suddenly buying 1984 thinking it's applicable to TRUMP    08/21/19  (56)
MOQTADA MOQTADA MOQTADA -- that was a 180 LG flip phone video    08/21/19  (5)
would u date an otherwise clutchable tranny if they had a big oafish cock?    08/21/19  (1)
Jared & Ivanka Do A Prole Goy Nature & Camping Vacation (PICS)    08/21/19  (3)
just did 20 pushups, now feel like i could possibly fight crime    08/21/19  (3)
you're in the zone    08/21/19  (4)
Cuck tell: watching "womyn's tennis"    08/21/19  (1)
Would be pretty 180 to invite DBG to a prole xo meetup in are country    08/21/19  (3)
Pretty hilarious how women get fucked in their assholes all the time.    08/21/19  (10)
JTA: Fake Twitter Accounts Are Impersonating Jews, Causing Antisemitism    08/21/19  (6)
Did you guys ever read the article about the Tinder chick who put poop in her pu    08/21/19  (1)
ATP Aug 19-25 Thread - Winston-Salem | USO Quallies #tennis    08/21/19  (19)
Devastating Takedown Of Jay-Z For Being NFL & GC's House Nigger    08/21/19  (3)
RATE This Law Shrew w McGeorge JD (PIC)    08/21/19  (2)
Political conspiracy theories that are probably true    08/21/19  (74)

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