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doodikoff leaving $9 croissant in hot car for 3.5 hrs while playing Elden Rin    07/18/24  (7)
So askav sold his login credentials to Palantir, same as To Be Fair?    07/18/24  (14)
Trump was shot by a trans    07/18/24  (7)
JD Vance: Nobody --> Anti-Trumper --> Senator --> VP pick in 3 years    07/18/24  (41)
Day Crew? Night Crew? Haul any crew in a new Tundra CrewMax here at Marco Rubio    07/18/24  (1)
Guy who left daughter to die in hot car was playing Playstation    07/18/24  (16)
Paris Olympics opening ceremony in doubt: performers announce strike    07/18/24  (6)
What ever happened to guys who robbed Kim Kardashian in Paris & urinated on her?    07/18/24  (55)
Trump allegedly owes millions for indoor rallies (link)    07/18/24  (4)
Rate this reasoned and coherent video of Crooks criticizing Republicans    07/18/24  (86)
At Marco Rubio Toyota, we're aiming to cut you a deal, and we never miss.    07/18/24  (7)
Biden forgets Lloyd Austin's name, refers to him as "the black man."    07/18/24  (10)
Rate the names Utah rodeo parents are giving their sons    07/18/24  (3)
I'm in Europe, I'm not night crew.    07/18/24  (20)
"You're a corporate lawyer? That's sick," Kai Trump says    07/18/24  (3)
NYC CouncilAZNgirl Susan Zhuang (D) caught on video BITING handsome    07/18/24  (5)
Matt Damon at DNC: "Biden doesn't know what his own name is    07/18/24  (1)
Shit that idiots who work in Offices always say    07/18/24  (15)
“Mr. President, Get Down! Get Down to Marco Rubio Toyota for Great Savings!”    07/18/24  (20)
Predictions for stock market over rest of year?    07/18/24  (7)
why does every war youtube vid always have comments about having a vet in family    07/18/24  (3)
Shaved head Matt Damon singing “CSLG Does Know” at CSLG party    07/18/24  (7)
juan pierre has more lifetime hits than joe dimaggio    07/18/24  (2)
The Crimean War part 2: Charge of the Turtle Tanks    07/18/24  (2)
Gavin Newsom singing 'Biden doesn't know' as Kamala gyrates on stage    07/18/24  (1)
rush off the planet and become digitized?    07/18/24  (1)
Holy shit    07/18/24  (1)
RATE this comic from Roger's favorite website "wizardchan"    07/18/24  (24)
My ideal girl? She has itty bitty titties and a bob    07/18/24  (2)
laws are girded too tight    07/18/24  (5)
Shabbos Kestenbaum tp    07/18/24  (13)
Eurotrip "Scotty Doesn't Know" scene may be best non-horror depiction of nightma    07/18/24  (1)
JD Vance fans. Explain this quote of his    07/18/24  (89)
most Gen-Xers still carry Pepsi 'License to Chill' card in wallet    07/18/24  (9)
Europe/Asia crew let's discuss how TTT America sucks cock    07/18/24  (16)
WNBA to get $140m/yr increase in media revenue in new deal, immediately complain    07/18/24  (1)
Major information coming out about Richard Carrier. Stay tuned    07/18/24  (1)
scotty doesnt know    07/18/24  (8)
Why didn't Scotty know? FATAL FLAW?    07/18/24  (11)
xo poaster=Scotty in the scotty doesn't know video    07/18/24  (2)
A MAJOR poaster inadvertently outted themselves in the past 24 hours    07/18/24  (33)
How do i decide between two job diapers    07/18/24  (10)
Home Gym Bros: 4 Plate Holders Sufficient?    07/18/24  (1)
BIDEN IS OUT! (link)    07/18/24  (6)
rate these Gen Z girl bosses (pic)    07/18/24  (155)
why is JD Vance tp such a fat-faced circlehead?    07/18/24  (1)
Is DUMBO the best area in NYC?    07/18/24  (15)
Here’s your SS detail Mr. President. She’s 5’3” with an attitude    07/18/24  (43)
Classmate of Thomas Crooks: “he hated trump”    07/18/24  (2)
Thanks to cowgod tp, been Capitalizing random Important words lately in emails    07/18/24  (1)
Nixon was 180 and I relate and share the same hatred for self.    07/18/24  (6)
trump dodges head shot 3 days before xi has stroke? mandate of heaven is real    07/18/24  (1)
RATE Natalie Portman, 43, In A Skimpy Black Dress & Heels (PICS)    07/18/24  (39)
jag is such a fag    07/18/24  (6)
Hotter: Kai Trump Or Arabella Kushner?    07/18/24  (2)
Mr Loverman (Shabbos!)    07/18/24  (4)
I drink 1-1.5 gallons of water and weak tea every day, am I going to die?    07/18/24  (1)
JUST IN - Democratic party is in total MELTDOWN 🔥    07/18/24  (8)
Trumps potential Cabinet sounds like a Knesset roll call    07/18/24  (1)
How do i decide between two job offers    07/18/24  (40)
Iranian Vietnam tp    07/18/24  (1)
Most people don’t understand insurance    07/18/24  (66)
Matt Gaetz regularly says hi to a buddy of mine in the Rayburn hallways    07/18/24  (1)
Shabbos Kestenbaum Was Masters In Divinity. Dropping The H Bomb    07/18/24  (2)
Fiveish To Introduce Donald Trump Tomorrow Night    07/18/24  (2)
"This is Rachel, our HR ninja" *bloated shrew makes karate hands*    07/18/24  (261)
A Convention Hall Full Of Shabbos (Kestenbaum) Goyim    07/18/24  (2)
More Successful 40yo JD Who Rejected Biglaw: CSLG Or JD Vance?    07/18/24  (3)
Shabbos Kesterbaum Meets Shabbat Baumkester    07/18/24  (2)
So the RNC was just this but larger scale    07/18/24  (7)
Is Wayfair Prole / Garbage? Where To Buy Bed Frame    07/18/24  (31)
This RNC is blackpilling me harder than anything libs have done in years (TBF)    07/18/24  (24)
"Yeah, I here you need your dick sucked? ...Sorry, wrong number." -Askav    07/18/24  (6)
J.D. Vance is the first major party nominee with facial hair in 75 years    07/18/24  (8)
Shooter on Steam: “July 13 will be my premier, watch what unfolds”    07/18/24  (3)
best advice for men in 2024 is just assume shes a whore, 99% hit rate    07/18/24  (1)
no way in fuck i get this document done in time jfc    07/18/24  (3)
Head of SS is a Woman because Gen X white males can’t have jobs    07/18/24  (2)
Yale grads have been on national tickets 15 times since 1952    07/18/24  (9)
How do I decide between two Consoles    07/18/24  (2)
In England they call zoomers “Gen Zed”    07/18/24  (3)
RNC Speakers Tomorrow: Rosh Hashana Katz, Yom Kippur Rosenbaum, Pesach Feldman    07/18/24  (11)
Thank you, GunneratTTT.    07/18/24  (9)
awake people let’s castrate ourselves    07/18/24  (2)
"Dr. Pavel? I'm night crew"    07/18/24  (1)
McConnell being booed at RNC    07/18/24  (2)
Why are there so many Gen X homeless people?    07/18/24  (2)
good morning    07/18/24  (2)
nonwhites don't even have 'cliques,' just interchangeable brownish biomass    07/18/24  (4)
Awake people: It's a beautiful day in Europe. The sun will greet you soon, too    07/18/24  (13)
How much plastic surgery has Megyn Kelly had?    07/18/24  (4)
I’ve been working for Hedgerow Capital on paper since 2021    07/18/24  (1)
Compare and contrast JD Vance with Paul Ryan    07/18/24  (1)
The State of Gaming    07/18/24  (5)
Hell, JD, Thanksgiving's round the corner you can get all the dark meat you want    07/18/24  (3)
Ok, I admit it...I've sucked 1,254 cocks (whok)    07/18/24  (7)
are you proud to be an American, where at least you know you’re free?    07/18/24  (10)
Sarah Huckabee Sanders is fit and ready to fight fight fight    07/18/24  (10)
The 2024 Open Championship (Official Thread)    07/18/24  (3)
Happy Thursday Niggers!    07/18/24  (158)
*draws back dinner chair* 'brb, i gotta drop the Vance kids off at the pool'    07/18/24  (3)
o no not my big nasty johnson    07/18/24  (1)
"are you worried?" "about what? but yea"    07/18/24  (3)
Stalin tp proving how he is the GOAT POTUS of gay sex threading    07/18/24  (5)
lol @ faggot american wagecucks about to wake up for another day serving rat-fac    07/18/24  (2)
Farting so loud Sarah Huckabee Sanders bellows "BROOO", gives you high 5    07/18/24  (23)
a major poster tp    07/18/24  (2)
join police academy at 37 cr friends?    07/18/24  (11)
guy waving 'DEPORT USHA' sign on RNC floor    07/18/24  (1)
Golden Corral facing bankruptcy as Sarah Huckabee Sanders triples Ozempic use    07/18/24  (5)
RFK Jr Campaign is Massive Grift for his Family (link)    07/18/24  (20)
how often do you lick your boyfriend’s rear?    07/18/24  (3)
rate the couch I’ve been sleeping on (TMF)    07/18/24  (2)
Matt Gaetz's face already looks clownishly overdone with plastic surgery    07/18/24  (14)
hot porcelain yellow twat    07/18/24  (1)
Sarah Huckabee Sanders asking if you want 'sloppy 2nds' on handicapped toilet    07/18/24  (5)
OYT lives an empty life swimming in cash like scrooge mcduck    07/18/24  (3)
are you proud to be a diasporic Jew, where everywhere you go you're expelled    07/18/24  (1)
Remember 3-4 yrs ago askav was huge shitlib?    07/18/24  (45)
Getting the itch to go to law school again    07/18/24  (120)
TBF in Phantom of the Opera style Nick Fuentes mask dropping chandelier on RNC    07/18/24  (2)
22 year old senior Sarah Huckabee Sanders date raping drunk freshman pledges    07/18/24  (65)
LOL convicted Russian Spy Paul Manafort checking on Putin's assets at RNC floor    07/18/24  (1)
🚨BREAKING NEWS 🚨 Trump shooter used a gun    07/18/24  (2)
Your internet friend "Cocque d'Michelle Obama" called. Is he French?    07/18/24  (22)
Crypto Billionaires back Trump to Destroy US Dollar Dominance (Politico)    07/18/24  (1)
Agent Jenkins, you got the $$$ from Kushner right? Start Operation FalseNarraati    07/18/24  (3)
Push Notification: Luis is climbing into your bedroom window. Proceed?    07/18/24  (23)
A Slavic Hooker and A Brown Bollywood Reject- The America First Ladies    07/18/24  (2)
Does Trump still bang Ivanka?    07/18/24  (7)
Chinese translators doing 'mamaw' jokes in real time in Beijing    07/18/24  (2)
he jerks his hot gay dick all over your mouth and lips.    07/18/24  (13)
prolio has been cured    07/18/24  (2)
'meemaw' 'pawpop' wtf is this rick and morty alien name shit    07/18/24  (1)
VANCE: No more generosity for nations that betray US taxpayer* *Israel excluded    07/18/24  (6)
ITT: Discuss Matt Gaetz's plastic surgery    07/18/24  (8)
Modern GOP: Nick Fuentes, Shabbos, Karlstack    07/18/24  (4)
RNC night 4 is just Mamaw holograms    07/18/24  (3)
"i paid for a jewish plastic surgeon's second house" (ALL rnc speakers)    07/18/24  (4)
Birdshits 2004: Pamela Anderson is HAWT! Birdshits 2024: Usha is SEXY!    07/18/24  (2)
They did the Vance! They did the JD Vance! The JD Vance!    07/18/24  (49)
DAS A PRORE FACE! *slurps noodles through oblong gook buckteeth*    07/18/24  (5)
Is Vance going to score Ozempic from Gilfoil & Sarah Huckabee Sanders?    07/18/24  (1)
Pre Senate run JD Vance looked like the poster boy of Bobby Birdshits    07/18/24  (6)
word is Japan is cheaper than Mexico City rn    07/18/24  (1)
🚨🚨🚨JD Vance, JD Speech Starting🚨🚨🚨    07/18/24  (127)
hey everybody what's up i'm a 180 alpha btw    07/18/24  (4)
Only thing that can save America rn is GTA VI early release    07/18/24  (1)

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