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Now that universities have gone insane, what's the new prestige marker?    07/09/20  (1)
I just called someone a faggot on LinkedIn (public). Will I be kicked off?    07/09/20  (1)
Queer Twitter libs want schools to be closed for years    07/09/20  (19)
China is the world's most powerful nation. US is sort of like the 1970s USSR now    07/09/20  (36)
I'm hurting and need to have a legit convo    07/09/20  (1)
I am 90% sure I am going to get a vizsla puppy dood. Thoughts?    07/09/20  (13)
Sleeping Giants employee forced out    07/09/20  (3)
What're the odds we're still WFH for another 12 months?    07/09/20  (22)
dumb virus talk reminds me of the crypto craze    07/09/20  (1)
fucking love eating out my fat wife's asshole every night    07/09/20  (4)
Beat Azn Kid "Eugene" 6-0, 6-0 In 12s. Father After Said, "Eugene, You Terrible"    07/09/20  (22)
Is Tennis The Most Mentally Brutal Sport For Little Kids? #tennis    07/09/20  (26)
what will the final OP be when XO shuts down?    07/09/20  (28)
Lets just publicly hang the cops who killed Breonna Taylor    07/09/20  (4)
2019: "Black Lives Matter" 100x on queer's Stanford app. 2020: All streets,walls    07/09/20  (2)
it's disgusting some ppl dont realize the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for them    07/09/20  (11)
Gonna go vegan    07/09/20  (57)
Topless girls wearing masks at the beach, lol guess if they're 18 or not. Pics    07/09/20  (26)
Chandler need your opinions on this bachelor pad condo (peterman)    07/09/20  (7)
*holocaust deaths now being attributed to COVID-19*    07/09/20  (3)
Libs need to have their heads dunked into deep fryer cranked to full blast    07/09/20  (6)
Libs seem unaware of how this insanity is guaranteeing Trump’s re-election    07/09/20  (10)
#notyourgoytoy    07/09/20  (3)
Duckworth rolling around Congress chanting “I have no legs, I have no legs”    07/09/20  (15)
lawyers are autistic goblins    07/09/20  (1)
Death by sulfuric acid    07/09/20  (2)
Even if "covid deaths" return to and exceed past peak, it's NBD & fuck lockdowns    07/09/20  (29)
“COVID-J? What the fuck?!?” screamed peterman to the clinic nurse    07/09/20  (1)
"masks" don't explain the #s in these East Asian megacities    07/09/20  (49)
New terrifying long term Covid effects: Virus infects and eats anus of asymptoti    07/09/20  (2)
Halford spotted at Trump rally    07/09/20  (22)
"This is the new normal!" screamed the hysterical lib "male"    07/09/20  (9)
collapse the economy so you can say the orange man did it    07/09/20  (1)
“White Lives Matter” written on road in city that charged couple for hate cr    07/09/20  (5)
*Trump rolling around on stage* "I'm Tammy Duckworth!"    07/09/20  (8)
any other lawyers here working in the NBA Orlando Bubble?    07/09/20  (5)
Elon Musk really should have taken Tesla private at $420    07/09/20  (11)
You playing prerelease N64 at ToysRUs in 1996.    07/09/20  (4)
i can not wait to die    07/09/20  (10)
strengthen the good parts, weaken the bad parts    07/09/20  (2)
White couple who painted over BLM graffiti charged with hate crime    07/09/20  (58)
If you want to remember what being happy feels like, watch this    07/09/20  (1)
B1G opts out of the Vizio Rose Bowl    07/09/20  (2)
19th century autist upset about # of tail feathers on silver dollars    07/09/20  (4)
Good friend just bought a large sebenza 31. Not flame.    07/09/20  (1)
Business idea: theme park for Gen X/Millennials to relive 80s/90s suburbia    07/09/20  (4)
Just how do any of you bros deal with being married?!    07/09/20  (3)
Dual Monitors or Ultrawide    07/09/20  (33)
riots in SLC    07/09/20  (1)
Increasingly clear we need a real lockdown. No other option exists.    07/09/20  (70)
irl is cancelled, back to your computers    07/09/20  (5)
   07/09/20  (2)
Sorry ASIANS- only one Asian country in top 10 countries by Nobel Prize    07/09/20  (3)
Ghana inviting black Americans to move there, get the fuck out of America    07/09/20  (23)
Libs better stay in the fuck home bc if i find them it is game over    07/09/20  (1)
I hate this shit so much bros    07/09/20  (1)
@realdonaldtrump: many Dems are commies & traitors. And some, I assume, are good    07/09/20  (1)
Protecting your assets/income from spouse or anybody suing you?    07/09/20  (2)
Gorsuch votes with the libs in Oklahoma indian reservation case    07/09/20  (66)
COVID-19 assraping South Korea    07/09/20  (46)
Brooks Brothers insider spills beans on why it fell to shit (link)    07/09/20  (152)
$10,000 payment anytime you do 1/2 gram of heroin    07/09/20  (20)
Skyrim is seriously insane - every time you turn around there’s another quest    07/09/20  (7)
Itching to play Knights of the Old Republic again    07/09/20  (3)
CDC moves S.Korea to Level 3 Warning. nyuug FUCKED    07/09/20  (64)
Dee Nguyen kicked off MTV for making light of BLM while POTUS says it hate group    07/09/20  (2)
Knights of the Old Republic Member Thread    07/09/20  (7)
Kind of insane how much Trumpmos have lost, imagine when Biden's Prez    07/09/20  (2)
Are we saving lots of $ by not engaging in warfare for first time in a while?    07/09/20  (1)
Your going to look at this place in 30 years and wonder why you didn't gtfo    07/09/20  (58)
how many of you 30+ year olds live nearby your aging parents?    07/09/20  (42)
Virus deaths up 40% from last Thursday. Virus Death Spike.    07/09/20  (1)
Peternorth - can I buy the rights to your mugshot?    07/09/20  (1)
DEEP STATE WINS: Durham to punt his investigation until AFTER the election    07/09/20  (13)
Underrated thing about COVID -- retail clothing is all 30-50% off    07/09/20  (11)
Tucker: The Man And His Screed    07/09/20  (1)
If I was CSLG I'd buy this house    07/09/20  (1)
Isn't it sad how we let immigrants like peternorth in to commit crimes?    07/09/20  (2)
Reminder: NO impeachment, YES wall, NO daca, YES Muslim ban, NO new taxes    07/09/20  (139)
what if THE PURGE like the movie was a real thing    07/09/20  (31)
I "what's his name'd?" a fellow shitlawyer yesterday. Taking questions ITT.    07/09/20  (3)
CONFIRMED: Henry Aaron is a Peternorth alt    07/09/20  (3)
Gospel of John! Day 1 - Chapters 1 - 3    07/09/20  (51)
Id give a lot to play KOTOR 3, the MMO is garbage    07/09/20  (8)
pretty cool that the usa is getting its own cultural revolution    07/09/20  (47)
Games Like KOTOR    07/09/20  (4)
KOTOR 3 to feature Skyrim-type first person open world engine.    07/09/20  (24)
hey bros, when will it happen?    07/09/20  (19)
How are cops so cool headed like this around libs?    07/09/20  (1)
Has TS Amanda cut off her dick yet?    07/09/20  (1)
Monroe County in NY (Rochester) Has Had More Deaths Than the Following States    07/09/20  (4)
VP Stacey Abrams refusing to swear oath to defend Constitution: “It’s racist    07/09/20  (2)
How fucked is the US and when will it be unlivable?    07/09/20  (23)
United States becoming a third world country?    07/09/20  (17)
REALLY hot trans I know is becoming a lawyer and now fat and not hot    07/09/20  (12)
ITT I describe owning a Porsche    07/09/20  (60)
Nyuug, why can't TTT Koreans get corona under control?    07/09/20  (121)
Still LOL'ing at PN's mugshot    07/09/20  (29)
Favorite Confederates besides Lee, Jackson, Forrest?    07/09/20  (29)
The whole Biden thing feels like it was made as a 90s political satire    07/09/20  (7)
How much rent can I afford on $120K?    07/09/20  (22)
GF out of town, got 2 g of coke, just ate out a hot hooker on my couch    07/09/20  (16)
Do libs think theres anything wrong with black culture?    07/09/20  (12)
*Henry Aaron, drooling, enlarged eyeballs, rage posting for 44th straight hour*    07/09/20  (10)
What kind of whites are southern proles?    07/09/20  (32)
Insane Jewish dentist tortures a bunch of goyim - The Dentist from Hell    07/09/20  (8)
Anyone else feel like we're in the beginning of a huge cultural revolution?    07/09/20  (22)
It is time to pretend to be lib for the social/professional advantages?    07/09/20  (4)
stupid shitty christian bible thread    07/09/20  (81)
What the fuck is going on?    07/09/20  (1)
there's a lot about this that doesn't add up    07/09/20  (2)
What the fuck is going on with Seattle?    07/09/20  (52)
Saagar Enjeti anally rapes and murders disgusting shitlib woke ideology    07/09/20  (4)
The aftermath of a Wolf attack on a hunting dog    07/09/20  (5)
didn't think I'd see a bigger failure of POTUS than GWB but here we are with DJT    07/09/20  (1)
“QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK, MS. DUCKWORTH” (Tucker Bombay)    07/09/20  (3)
honiara has been banned    07/09/20  (2)
brain zaps tp    07/09/20  (2)
Weird how Morgan coins are worth $40 to $10,000+ from small variations    07/09/20  (27)
Why did that tech CEO yell at those random Asians?    07/09/20  (43)
Why does Xo support not mask wearing at the grocery store?    07/09/20  (78)
Think I have fucking Lyme disease    07/09/20  (53)
michael chiklis is 53    07/09/20  (6)
*cue Super Mario RPG forest maze theme as a line of biglawyers fill their kcups*    07/09/20  (18)
if you think this situation is bad, what happens when US is 50%, 40%, 30% white    07/09/20  (8)
man up you black pill fags    07/09/20  (3)
is having a bar in your home prole    07/09/20  (6)
woke shitlibs are absolutely revolting, disgusting human beings    07/09/20  (4)
Francis Parker Yockey    07/09/20  (1)
International marriages in Korea increasing after lull in 2010s    07/09/20  (3)
Italian-American Nancy Pelosi (née ' D'Alesandro'): Columbus must be cancelled    07/09/20  (8)
Unfortunately we're not going to see a Chinese-like Cultural Revolution    07/09/20  (41)
ITT: history's greatest i told you so's    07/09/20  (34)
Nyuug, not flame are u worried 2019 n-CoV will devastate your "country" Korea?    07/09/20  (109)
buck up, faggots    07/09/20  (1)
51.5% of Ivy League students said they’ve never had a bf/gf at college    07/09/20  (1)
tom buchanan from the great gatsby did nothing wrong    07/09/20  (1)
lawman, don't worry. a great man once went through the same blackpill phase.    07/09/20  (8)
Welp South Korea is completely fucked. Coronavirus cases more than DOUBLE to 433    07/09/20  (34)
Last 2 days of COVID deaths HIGHEST in a MONTH. TX & CA have HIGHEST DEATH DAYS    07/09/20  (44)
I have an addiction to work    07/09/20  (11)
Batshit crazy and attractiveness are directly correlated. See: Amber Heard    07/09/20  (4)
Hot young stud Ricky taking xo by storm    07/09/20  (7)
are they really counting 1 case as 16 now    07/09/20  (1)
Jimmy "Jeanine" Garopollo    07/09/20  (2)
anyone here clearpilled    07/09/20  (2)
The U.S. is a Third World Shithole in Fucking Sharp Decline    07/09/20  (20)
Predict fallout if Biden win + dems taking Senate + shitlib court packing    07/09/20  (29)
Remember when we used to worry about a *possible* chilling effect?    07/09/20  (3)

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