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whats the truth on "blacks created rock and roll"?    10/23/21  (19)
'Moderate' AG Garland demands that banks give $$$ to blacks regardless of credit    10/23/21  (46)
New Dune is 180    10/23/21  (28)
Remember when Tony Stewart killed that guy    10/23/21  (4)
some piping hot alpha for you: a presale for a Solana coin    10/23/21  (1)
2020 tv show Utopia plot summary predicted what’s happening with fraudvirus    10/23/21  (11)
Alec Baldwin: killing people; u: purell and poast    10/23/21  (11)
It’s all about the cumming in wombs?    10/23/21  (3)
“Forced” To Suck TS Amanda    10/23/21  (5)
I’m sick, low energy, so often    10/23/21  (11)
Report: Baldwin shooting may have been recorded    10/23/21  (7)
007 Gun Barrel sequence but it's Alec Baldwin shooting cinematographer    10/23/21  (1)
Stutterers clench their fists to overcome adversity. Here's how (link)    10/23/21  (1)
Benzo, why do you steal things and drink gasoline?    10/23/21  (6)
$UBT mooning!    10/23/21  (17)
Benzo should kill himself    10/23/21  (7)
RATE my grandmother’s new puppy    10/23/21  (3)
People are more understanding of Alec Baldwin than they are of you emailing the    10/23/21  (3)
why exactly does meditation cause mental disorders and shit?    10/23/21  (33)
what the fuck happened with wake forest-army today jfc    10/23/21  (1)
SOL is back over 200?    10/23/21  (9)
Lol @ this AG's priorities: parents protesting CRT and mortgage racism    10/23/21  (1)
my dad is still alive Lmao    10/23/21  (18)
Rate this attempted robbery    10/23/21  (6)
We're entering week 9 & Michigan, Mich St, tOSU & PEnn haven't played each other    10/23/21  (2)
Should I put "Security Clearance: N/A" on resume so even though I don't have    10/23/21  (1)
Rate this Reuters fact check on Biden making white power symbol    10/23/21  (3)
Lesser-Known Film Recommendation Thread    10/23/21  (1)
Is the Alec Baldwin hate because he played Trump on SNL?    10/23/21  (20)
White House delays release of JFK assassination records, citing COVID-19 pandemi    10/23/21  (22)
So BigPharma-MIC cartel?    10/23/21  (2)
So basically Liberal Hippies are in charge of all US institutions now    10/23/21  (2)
I’ve locked in profits while you moonboys are in for a crypto winter of hurt.    10/23/21  (2)
Wife and kids are out of town this weekend, I’m just lonely and bored    10/23/21  (27)
my wife is watching this "You" show on Netflix. Constant internal narration is    10/23/21  (5)
Exeunt, how rich did you get off crypto?    10/23/21  (109)
I have a crush on my black friend's wife    10/23/21  (36)
Wife just turned to pillar of salt, what do?    10/23/21  (5)
Rate the horrifying COVID pandemic death toll in UK    10/23/21  (7)
Lol 24 year old Hannah Gutierrez-Reed was in charge of Baldwin’s gun    10/23/21  (61)
Biglaw can open up doors to the highest rungs of society. Models, Directors, Act    10/23/21  (1)
You can get Harvard degrees do as you please enjoy life    10/23/21  (10)
"Opus" is the singular form of "opera."    10/23/21  (1)
There’s a war outside, it’s like the last days of Sodom and Gomorrah outside    10/23/21  (2)
Did anyone see that women Alec gunned down was married to K&E lawyer    10/23/21  (94)
Not Flame Question: What *is* the deal with Ovaltine?    10/23/21  (2)
Afghan teen settled in Montana by feds already facing rape charge (link)    10/23/21  (48)
Did they kill David Crawley for trying to film this movie?    10/23/21  (2)
Shitcons see immigration to the US as "paradise lost;" miss forest for trees imo    10/23/21  (41)
TV Show idea where Biglaw lawyers do jobs like logging, Alaskan crab fishing,etc    10/23/21  (1)
"Enjoy Latham," Alec Baldwin mouthed as he lifted the hot gun to the camera    10/23/21  (5)
16yo gf: “pull out method doesn’t work.” You: “wanna bet?”    10/23/21  (1)
so Baldwin's legacy will be as a murderer?    10/23/21  (1)
ED WITTEN    10/23/21  (21)
bomb-throwing lawyers plead guilty, could get 10 years, will be disbarred    10/23/21  (12)
Baldwin should be charged with intentional homicide    10/23/21  (3)
RATE this picture of a Sunday School in BOLIVIA:    10/23/21  (5)
Baldwin shot a Hahol. He deserves a medal    10/23/21  (3)
O'Donnell, Griffin, Baldwin - another Hollywood Trump hater bites the dust    10/23/21  (1)
Epstein. Paddock. Laundrie. Rosen. It’s all connected somehow    10/23/21  (6)
Why did Uber raise prices? Is it paying off?    10/23/21  (2)
📑 STUDY: Majors with the best ROI 📑    10/23/21  (36)
How did Ed Witten get into the graduate program at Princeton?    10/23/21  (5)
this is the craziest video ive ever seen    10/23/21  (19)
Other than Ed Witten, who is the greatest physicist from our lives?    10/23/21  (2)
people who hied - mitt romney ft. jim carroll.mp3    10/23/21  (8)
LOL Libs pulled out Jihad from Dune film and replaced with Crusades    10/23/21  (31)
Lol at fucking Oklahoma frauds    10/23/21  (3)
Explain to me like I'm 5 why the Electoral College is necessary    10/23/21  (146)
What ever happened to Foggy Bottom Dreaming?    10/23/21  (6)
Can someone post foggy bottom dreaming on meaning of life??    10/23/21  (21)
"Number 7" UPenn State in the fight of their lives vs unranked Illinois    10/23/21  (14)
Thank you for Samo, NYUUG. Now how to access it?    10/23/21  (8)
rate this azn girl tweet    10/23/21  (19)
new CFB overtime format is fucking horrible lol    10/23/21  (8)
Easy $$$$$$$$-put action on Herring vs Stevenson going the distance.    10/23/21  (2)
Swedish Politician Who Fought for Equality and Open Borders Is Beheaded in Congo    10/23/21  (11)
HP Lovecraft was a quintessential Loser    10/23/21  (13)
what pc game should I play right now?    10/23/21  (3)
Is Dogecoin still a thing?    10/23/21  (5)
Hans Zimmer will get Oscar for soundtrack and effects for Dune    10/23/21  (1)
Why does Harry say "guess that'll be 2 firsts tonight" to the Asian girl?    10/23/21  (1)
Alec Baldwin should be raped to death in prison    10/23/21  (3)
ISO 3533:2021 Sex toys — Design and safety requirements for products . . .    10/23/21  (3)
Trump riding a Sandworm through Washington DC: "THE SLEEPER HAS AWOKEN!"    10/23/21  (9)
Going to parties as married man = appreciate small thrills of    10/23/21  (8)
fucking a girl as her tapeworms surround ur cock, climb up ur stomach    10/23/21  (2)
Dupa was 180    10/23/21  (3)
faggot anti-gun baldwin killed more people with guns than 99.9999% of USA    10/23/21  (2)
lmfao this chick has made millions on her youtube channel    10/23/21  (5)
What games ya watchin white boys    10/23/21  (1)
Is libs getting vaxxed some sort of nature equilibrium thing?    10/23/21  (4)
Dune was 180    10/23/21  (23)
"Ugh men are such pigs!" Halford: *sips latte* "You have no idea."    10/23/21  (142)
which character are you from Can’t Hardly Wait?    10/23/21  (11)
Gf: "I can't stop thinking about how bad that movie was last night."    10/23/21  (10)
i thought Upset Jew retired    10/23/21  (3)
This YouTube video MIGHT bump up the SOL price a bit.    10/23/21  (1)
saw Dune last night - sexual tension between Paul and mom was thick AF    10/23/21  (11)
load up a gun & shoot yourself Cr?    10/23/21  (3)
Underappreciated era of Halford posts: the "Turdbark" phase    10/23/21  (65)
Look, here’s the deal, *turns yarmulke backwards to indicate honesty*    10/23/21  (18)
"Dat cancel," the jew dork xo poaster stated.    10/23/21  (7)
Math teacher gets cancelled for racist SohCahToa performance    10/23/21  (31)
"5-star" QB arch manning game on ESPU tonight 9pm EST    10/23/21  (15)
Hypo: $25 million or get to relive years 13-25    10/23/21  (8)
Barron sends Sandworms home from Nat'l Mall, order them to return in 4 weeks    10/23/21  (5)
Has exeunt opined on LIQ?    10/23/21  (5)
Giant sandworm on the other side of the street mouthing to u "flee the cities"    10/23/21  (2)
GOYS: Stay away from Jewish women. They're not for you    10/23/21  (14)
judge to holmes juror: "work the night shift so you can do jury duty all day"    10/23/21  (33)
nervous/excited (!!!) gun expert first day on the job. what could go wrong?    10/23/21  (1)
Archer Daniels Midlands Company.. did this to me    10/23/21  (85)
dreams are messages from the deep    10/23/21  (10)
ur brave young trans 9 year old son bringing his truvada rx to show and tell.    10/23/21  (5)
Dune is best major release since Joker    10/23/21  (7)
Being a landlord sounds like hell (link)    10/23/21  (69)
Dick Vitale dead    10/23/21  (3)
Have a crazy case of the FEAR    10/23/21  (12)
I just drank a glass of alcohol (Wlibur)    10/23/21  (10)
buying 100 S&W .38 revolvers to trade for goods and services in collapse society    10/23/21  (3)
U2 - Bad (Live Aid 1985)    10/23/21  (3)
gun autists that own 20+ guns    10/23/21  (15)
Esq. come back faacftt needs you earl is mean to him    10/23/21  (14)
thanks for nothing Navy first afghanistan & now cincy    10/23/21  (2)
Sometimes you honk and sometimes the world honks you    10/23/21  (2)
I have 200k in eth on Gemini. Tell me what shitcoins to buy there    10/23/21  (21)
The biggest myth we tell ourselves is that we can always do X tomorrow    10/23/21  (19)
Vid of worlds biggest snake just caught in Caribbean. Looks like Anaconda movie    10/23/21  (2)
cute HS girl talked to me briefly today, was the highlight of my year    10/23/21  (3)
Children in Yemen Are So Hungry They’re Eating Their Own Hands    10/23/21  (6)
can someone here help me straighten out my life    10/23/21  (9)
you did everything right & you still lost    10/23/21  (1)
is Tulsa OK a good place to move?    10/23/21  (1)
Fuck. Looks like she’s holed up in a hotel now. Not looking good.    10/23/21  (1)
kansas basically won this game i'm giving OU an L    10/23/21  (1)
going to try to poast like BOOM today    10/23/21  (1)
If Exeunt's SOL predictions are right, the price can still 100x from here    10/23/21  (8)
What’s the cr multi vitamin for men    10/23/21  (6)
So squid games is some ripoff of hunger games?    10/23/21  (3)
What's Biden doing in this clip?    10/23/21  (32)
Biggest election surprise will be Trump winning Nevada    10/23/21  (5)
just hit DAT CANCEL on a lengthy poast    10/23/21  (9)
Could a DEM Senator decide to just ignore SEN votes of small GOP states?    10/23/21  (16)
xo is the only “good” thing in your life    10/23/21  (2)
   10/23/21  (3)
wow. crazy shit in Oklahoma game.    10/23/21  (1)
An unfrozen caveman would be outraged by stepsister porn    10/23/21  (1)
#3 Oklahoma currently losing by 2 TDs to 1-5 Kansas    10/23/21  (9)
Halford resting his flacid cock on doobs's snout for discipline training.    10/23/21  (185)

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