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STICKY: Big changes   08/10/20  (332)
CNN: Biden will eventually "step aside" for Kamala Harris    08/13/20  (14)
Kamala will make it very difficult for WHITE MALES to own GUNS    08/13/20  (2)
here's kamala's nasty questioning of kavanaugh    08/13/20  (48)
180 how there are no more WHITE MALES in TV commercials    08/13/20  (3)
Luis dressed up in a snuggie beating his wife (DTP)    08/13/20  (50)
I'm genuinely BAFFLED by the Pencil Dick-Henry Aaron feud.    08/13/20  (2)
Tucker does segment on interracial murder of 5 year old boy Cannon Hinnant    08/13/20  (3)
CNN: Tucker Carlson Stokes Racial Hatred By Exploiting Cannon Hinnant Death    08/13/20  (1)
Blockchain "technology" is fucking stupid and so are you. Here's why    08/13/20  (66)
Do you guys realize the utter sincerity of Germans' belief that the US is ...    08/13/20  (115)
Judge rules dad must pay $5K/mo to mom to help transition his 8yo boy into girl    08/13/20  (49)
Godspell vs. Jesus Christ Superstar    08/13/20  (1)
pls can i have search back    08/13/20  (1)
Stock market just going to continue to moon? We're back at ATH    08/13/20  (11)
Remember all those scary videos from China of people falling dead from COVID?    08/13/20  (4)
#SayHisName is trending on Twitter for 5 y/o kid Cannon Hinnant LOL    08/13/20  (31)
Real talk: The world is a better place w/o Luis reproducing in it (DTP)    08/13/20  (1)
*young pencil dick, bringing an oversized novelty pencil to show and tell*    08/13/20  (5)
Real Talk: The world is a better place without George Floyd in it    08/13/20  (4)
State Department Neuters Trump EO Barring Immigrant Workers    08/13/20  (6)
Should we blame teachers for the current state of affairs?    08/13/20  (3)
Paul Wolfowitz in WSJ: More Middle East Wars Please!!    08/13/20  (9)
I can't fucking believe this COVID bullshit is still going on    08/13/20  (4)
JFC Trump is going to contest New York    08/13/20  (4)
Is the Hitachi magic wand actually good for actually using it on your back?    08/13/20  (7)
Why does ETH have a $43 billion market cap yet produces and does nothing?    08/13/20  (44)
henry aaron wearing nurses scrubs with eggplant emojis 🍆🍆🍆    08/13/20  (127)
Mushroom-shaped penis with a thin long shaft and a stupidly oversized head    08/13/20  (1)
What happened to those two ghetto bitches Trump parades out like circus freaks?    08/13/20  (9)
Could they make Wedding Crasher’s today?    08/13/20  (6)
TAYLOR SWIFT: FOLKLORE/// First Impressions & Review Thread    08/13/20  (147)
Feeling suicidal tonight brothers    08/13/20  (2)
Why do niggers name their kids outrageous names like "Chastity"    08/13/20  (1)
Chandler is mediating a case for me right now... defense at 650K (CSLG)    08/13/20  (15)
DTP is a legitimate existential threat to the board    08/13/20  (1)
Luis’s sexual market value would be much higher as a homosexual bottom    08/13/20  (4)
IPad Pro w keyboard vs MacBook Air?    08/13/20  (4)
Most underrated Somalian cities    08/13/20  (11)
IN MEDIATION, $6.75M damages    08/13/20  (73)
"autopsy showed no sign of sexual assault" *woman hits pause, turns off hitachi*    08/13/20  (11)
Real Talk: Peter North is a top poaster    08/13/20  (14)
Kajagoogoo vs. The Fixx    08/13/20  (9)
Israel is like the only lush, green, pretty spot on entire map of Middle East    08/13/20  (23)
What was the most prole thing your mom made for dinner?    08/13/20  (84)
lmao. luis. im so fuckin gay.    08/13/20  (13)
Melbourne is a totalitarian hellhole    08/13/20  (23)
Preacher John Harvard was not anti-slavery! Change name to MLK Jr University    08/13/20  (3)
Remember the "mediocre HBO shows" era?    08/13/20  (48)
*prole wife putting kraft parmesan on your pasta with a trowel*    08/13/20  (1)
Willie Brown’s ex-girlfriend    08/13/20  (1)
Is the fact that Kamala is a power hungry whore going to be a negative?    08/13/20  (4)
How many times did Kamala fail the bar again?    08/13/20  (4)
Acid King - Busse Woods (2004)    08/13/20  (2)
fat people can't juggle    08/13/20  (2)
Dubya Bush was such a shitty POTUS    08/13/20  (3)
Anyone take a "greens" powder product? Worth it?    08/13/20  (1)
Most overrated U.S. cities    08/13/20  (136)
why are academics allowed/expected to have 10 page resumes?    08/13/20  (7)
Trump makes another huge strategic blunder    08/13/20  (2)
xo PENCE comes out with plan outlawing (((CIRCUMCISION)))    08/13/20  (4)
Made bottom wear a mask while I fucked his ass    08/13/20  (2)
Anyone ever drink this sweet potato vodka?    08/13/20  (1)
Be honest. Have any of you WFHers ever done conference calls on the shitter?    08/13/20  (18)
REMINDER:Kamala Deviputrajaratnam Venkatesh Harris is NOT a natural born citizen    08/13/20  (2)
donate blood to live longer    08/13/20  (7)
Anyone know how long it takes for Seeking Alpha editors to find ur articles?    08/13/20  (1)
So sad that American electoral system is rigged! Effective immediately, I am dec    08/13/20  (1)
how do refugees afford new SUVs    08/13/20  (1)
Bigger Lib Flame: China would 'democratize' or Hispanics 'natural conservative'?    08/13/20  (3)
New poll shows Kamala a disaster for the ticket    08/13/20  (52)
It's absolutely appalling what's been done to this country    08/13/20  (2)
Trump should just announce the election is canceled in October    08/13/20  (3)
Your stupidity insults my intelligence    08/13/20  (1)
Max Blumenthal Anya Panrampil sex tape (link)    08/13/20  (2)
Oh shit, Kamala NOT ELIGIBLE to be vice president - Dem fuck up    08/13/20  (35)
Hes the boomer, evy evy boat, boat, boomerboat tp evy evy    08/13/20  (1)
chomo coins crypto gets 20 billion dollar valuation (link)    08/13/20  (2)
"C'mon, man!" wails Biden as Kamala __________    08/13/20  (6)
Justice Department finds Yale biased against Asian, white applicants    08/13/20  (5)
Is tilapia good    08/13/20  (15)
Does Yale still go around plastering a SLAVE TRADER'S name everywhere?    08/13/20  (3)
Nude Luis playing xylophone in live muzak band in smoky underground club    08/13/20  (1)
Just got my RMG TCPA Settlement Check    08/13/20  (7)
Landlord Crisis: Empty Apartments in MFH Smash Record (link)    08/13/20  (1)
Cons just listen to news showing the fucked up shit libs do all day    08/13/20  (1)
chicken    08/13/20  (1)
Good longread about russian mafia in us    08/13/20  (3)
“it’s not like the looters would rape me & kill my kids...would they?”    08/13/20  (6)
if you search jake gyllenhaal on bing his heigh is listed as "6' (Same as leonar    08/13/20  (1)
im gay    08/13/20  (6)
Yannis Bareasstheon fighting the STARKS for the Iron Bone    08/13/20  (5)
i guess covid was death sentence to kids until shrews wanted childcare again    08/13/20  (1)
In a modern day US Civil War, wouldn't there just be dozens of warring factions?    08/13/20  (1)
Genetically, how can low IQ parents produce a high IQ child?    08/13/20  (49)
If your parents grew up with internet, would they have gotten together?    08/13/20  (1)
Trump UP +6 in latest Florida poll!    08/13/20  (38)
remember being blown away by "live webcams" of cities c. 2005    08/13/20  (4)
Let’s rob some cracka then get up town and spend the loot    08/13/20  (1)
Bigger dystopian shit nightmare than “Dallas, Texas”?    08/13/20  (50)
There's one company in America that does all the blood work    08/13/20  (2)
Any posters who have never taken an L on xo other than Assfaggot and Mike Fart?    08/13/20  (14)
Hollywood: Only 5 big movies a year from now on. All capeshit of course    08/13/20  (2)
hobos moved into UWS luxury hotels, immediately start publicly masturbating    08/13/20  (6)
Xo VERB Second Quarter Earning Call Friday Aug 14 2020 @ 4:30pm    08/13/20  (4)
real sex on HBO and taxicab confessions    08/13/20  (1)
Thomas Massie does math on the lockdown    08/13/20  (2)
Why were Germans such pussies and couldn't stand the cold in Russia?    08/13/20  (1)
The greatest lawyer voicemail in the history of voicemails.    08/13/20  (45)
Why don't they fillet things table-side besides fish?    08/13/20  (14)
What do Kamala, Susan Rice, AOC, and Ilham Omar have in common?    08/13/20  (13)
Biden Says He Will Issue Executive Order: All Americans Must Wear Mask in Public    08/13/20  (10)
Hawaii seeing fastest rate of COVID spread in US, despite mask restrictions (lin    08/13/20  (1)
I know what I got. No lowball offers.    08/13/20  (1)
Not a vanderbilt but is it classy to wear snuggie in ur mugshot for beating dad?    08/13/20  (1)
Olivia Munn outs Aaron Rodgers    08/13/20  (58)
Kids freaking out over Fortnite not being allowed on Apple devices    08/13/20  (3)
Remember when RSF got in on eth at like $1700?    08/13/20  (3)
big changes: stickies stay for fucking ever    08/13/20  (1)
Blake, we want to let you know that the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) f    08/13/20  (5)
Ethereum at $420. We are officially in a 2020 bull market right?    08/13/20  (10)
it would be awesome if some really powerful U.S. institution just DESTROYED aa    08/13/20  (7)
Sister of beheaded tech CEO pens moving article (link)    08/13/20  (15)
SexyKamala ready to service you new chainlink millionaire ballers    08/13/20  (1)
the right sounds increasingly outraged online but still doesn't act IRL    08/13/20  (4)
Dallas FC MLS players "take a knee" for anthem. Fans boo.    08/13/20  (2)
Rate the necklace i bought my girlfriend    08/13/20  (1)
Upset Jew, how much would it cost to get a pied a terre in MFH right now?    08/13/20  (1)
Started saying “come on, man!” to people in biglaw    08/13/20  (23)
He's so prole, you have to leave off the 'p'; he's a role    08/13/20  (2)
Eventual goal of Chainlink is to power smart contracts for $640 trillion (DTP)    08/13/20  (18)
Every time I see a BLACK with a job I think AFFIRMATIVE ACTION    08/13/20  (10)
ChainLink megathread    08/13/20  (20)
its hilarious how white libs fetishize europe    08/13/20  (4)
The sad thing about SomeOtherGhost is that he’s a much worse poster than SP    08/13/20  (15)
What;s this dude with the beard wearing behind kamala?    08/13/20  (1)
Have any of you ever created a game in unity engine?    08/13/20  (3)
Starting to think papa Pradeep “interfered” with PN as a child    08/13/20  (3)
despite all my rage i still hit refresh on the page    08/13/20  (1)
there's no shortage of anti-shitlib sentiment yet us bros never make a differenc    08/13/20  (1)
Are most syllable combos in English accounted for? Any good unused words?    08/13/20  (29)
made 17k on ETH today. what a juggernaut    08/13/20  (2)
Mark Cuban is MAF that people are calling out NBA's dismal ratings (link)    08/13/20  (1)
Why is there a search box if it doesn't work? Remove it until it does    08/13/20  (4)
Imagine if your 1998 self, looked into the future 22 years to the world today    08/13/20  (8)
True story: I went to go mail a payment to a bill, drove to the post office    08/13/20  (6)
Jake Gyllenhaal in Nightcrawler is a scary accurate portrayal of me    08/13/20  (10)
Seattle appoints 4chan "le 56% face" caricature as "police chief" (not flame)    08/13/20  (13)
Why do European girls just look better, even the fat ones?    08/13/20  (145)
War Machine can we expect a story on Cannon Hinnant murder? Shocking story in NC    08/13/20  (69)

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