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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Tauler got absolutely destroyed by EPAH    03/23/23  (83)
I spent about 90 minutes on the phone with Xfinity tech support tonight (TSINAH)    03/23/23  (74)
Let's just be honest and admit WFH is terrible from the business owner POV    03/23/23  (12)
OYT are you watching the UConn game?    03/23/23  (6)
Our short time on this planet has all been a lie    03/23/23  (1)
I'm a 5 ft 100 lb ball of PURE slut    03/23/23  (2)
Xo all lies and being borning right now let's step it up    03/23/23  (1)
tons of queensbridge content rn    03/23/23  (1)
Move through the ranks heard correction becoming warden ea$y&chill    03/23/23  (1)
ITT: I explain why white nationalism has never, does not, and will never succeed    03/23/23  (83)
gunneratttt taking Qs for 36 minutes    03/23/23  (35)
why did it take smoke alarm to find shooters room? Was there no one else on floo    03/23/23  (13)
Sex, relationships, etc.--huge scam, all of it.    03/23/23  (3)
retarded boomers who leave voicemails from unknown numbers and no callback # lol    03/23/23  (1)
Rate this KPop girl group    03/23/23  (3)
IUconn really taking it to Arkansas    03/23/23  (1)
Whomever put Princeton at a 15 seed is literally retarded    03/23/23  (1)
Rate this Karen's Daily Double bet on Jeopardy last night    03/23/23  (9)
Interesting people without covid haven't gotten it.people with shots getting it    03/23/23  (1)
he's just a shnook one    03/23/23  (1)
Best Hawaii island to hike/explore/achieve bliss?    03/23/23  (15)
cowshit are you gonna buy RE4    03/23/23  (16)
with no remorse kid its the coldhearted queens nigga grimey retarded    03/23/23  (3)
Ask GPT-4 anything    03/23/23  (20)
46% return in 17 mins my faggy charts work    03/23/23  (4)
Weird to enjoy dried urine smell wafting from elderly woman next to u @ church?    03/23/23  (1)
The "news" is joo lie B$    03/23/23  (1)
Has FizzKidd found her HANDSOME since quitting xo?    03/23/23  (4)
yeah, you outta here nigga, i'll see you on that other side bye nigga    03/23/23  (1)
Biden nominee can't answer Kennedy's Q about what town was treating Brady well    03/23/23  (7)
Holy Cow K-State/Sparty    03/23/23  (1)
my tape recorder of a memory is such a fucking curse    03/23/23  (5)
Oh the triceratops was real and it's a bird now, also god is fake    03/23/23  (52)
Eritrean women?    03/23/23  (4)
The smartest sports bet right now is Jokic for MVP?    03/23/23  (18)
the only white kid in the Dick's Sporting Goods commercial is a retarded kid    03/23/23  (6)
Let's say Ukraine's spring offensive is a flop with no gains. What should we do?    03/23/23  (17)
What does xo think of Whit Stillman?    03/23/23  (3)
domino's 50% off is flame -- who ever pays 'menu prices'?    03/23/23  (5)
what are some things you don't know you don't know?    03/23/23  (1)
IRS women are amazing    03/23/23  (20)
Wife missed renewal deadline for insurance on rental and we have open claim    03/23/23  (26)
James O'Keefe saved Donald Trump (link)    03/23/23  (3)
David Attenborough visits xo, observes benzo    03/23/23  (9)
yea I'm thinking Panda Express tonight 😎🐼    03/23/23  (18)
I’ve made good progress, but need tomorrow to polish it up    03/23/23  (32)
French pension protestors    03/23/23  (2)
Dana Point vs San Clemente vs Carlsbad vs Encinitas vs La Jolla etc    03/23/23  (35)
remember when Charles visited Egypt and blogged about it on xo?    03/23/23  (7)
Libs MAF at Ana Kasparian's tweet which apparently is mean to trans people?    03/23/23  (5)
Let's quiz each other like Senator Kennedy.    03/23/23  (12)
Look at the dumb issues libs are talking about (link)    03/23/23  (4)
gunneratttt taking dicks for 36 minutes    03/23/23  (6)
If you're ever drowning in a river, ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS ONE TIP WHICH MAY SAVE    03/23/23  (1)
Oh shit luis brought out the ‘rise, luis‘ moniker    03/23/23  (1)
Dear NYT, I adopted a dindu who's going to prison AGAIN. Do I pay his lawyer?    03/23/23  (8)
Looks like Rick Panama hacked a state legislature zoom meeting in FL (link)    03/23/23  (1)
Are firm de-equitizations still happening?    03/23/23  (7)
actress Melanie Lynskey lost 70 lbs and looks slamming in a bikini (pic)    03/23/23  (2)
Should I enroll on OpenAI and commit to spending an hour a day w/ chatgpt?    03/23/23  (10)
email from: Lucifer    03/23/23  (11)
"Uh, another boy being raped.." (spaceporn taking Rorschach test)    03/23/23  (81)
Ricky    03/23/23  (4)
jamiroquai was right dr phil its virtual insanity    03/23/23  (4)
POLL: Do you need to moisturize asshole? Particularly in winter    03/23/23  (9)
*lex turns your tarrot cards over* *its 3 pictures of xo's login screen*    03/23/23  (36)
Rumor: DPW looking to deequitize it’s unprofitable partners    03/23/23  (3)
Fetterman checked himself in to treat his depression (link)    03/23/23  (61)
Underrated joys in life    03/23/23  (58)
Inkblot #1: "I see benzo" #2: "also benzo" #3: "definitely benzo"(RSF)    03/23/23  (32)
🚨🚨 EPAH vs RT verdict is in 🚨🚨    03/23/23  (168)
I would LOVE to work for the IRS    03/23/23  (3)
Thoughts on the practice of "tipping"?    03/23/23  (32)
Will there even be another Fleetwood Mac in our lifetime?    03/23/23  (4)
The Navy SEALs seem like they have a huge culture problem    03/23/23  (78)
Arkansas bball coach is a white dork married to a kyoot WOC    03/23/23  (6)
NIGGERS invented the hot shower 🚿    03/23/23  (3)
yeah, all we sell here is dick    03/23/23  (1)
I am profoundly sad and consumed by feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy    03/23/23  (1)
SP here, never used PACER before, can someone send me the EPAH v. RT verdict?    03/23/23  (12)
the flesh of a 24 yr old female tp    03/23/23  (1)
i can't do life anymore    03/23/23  (7)
anyone do Verizon 5g home internet    03/23/23  (7)
grand rising and good morning queen goddess looooll    03/23/23  (1)
smoke detector that says the n-word when it's low battery instead of chirping    03/23/23  (3)
ITT: poasters where it would be a surprise if they got arrested for child porn    03/23/23  (2)
Uganda πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¬ seems based as fuck    03/23/23  (3)
Groyper chick obsessed w/ Nick Fuentes gets 3 years in prison for Jan 6th    03/23/23  (16)
Why am I even alive anymore    03/23/23  (1)
The Rawalpindian Rory McIlroy    03/23/23  (2)
Hey Europeans, stop using period for commas, and commas for periods    03/23/23  (2)
So EPAH still has to practice law, Tauler doesn’t, yet EPAH “won”?    03/23/23  (1)
Hey, you dumb motherfucker, stop being such a stupid asshole!    03/23/23  (1)
Haven't followed NBA in weeks    03/23/23  (1)
seems like everything's been dumbed down so much    03/23/23  (10)
Sneaking off to the girls’ law firm across the lake    03/23/23  (9)
Spent all day talking to the Scumbags I hired to build my stonewall    03/23/23  (22)
LETS HEAR IT FOR THE GOYS!    03/23/23  (4)
Lob friend refuses to be on the same plate as TERFs    03/23/23  (22)
lob friend performs Shellfish Presley songs at local sandbar    03/23/23  (6)
People assigned 'female' at birth    03/23/23  (5)
Most (((people))) are full of shit.. listen to them    03/23/23  (1)
Hypo: you lose a half inch of cock length for every Jewess you've fucked raw    03/23/23  (18)
AI is literally going to steamroll bird brains holy fuck    03/23/23  (4)
ROFL! Dentist accused of poisoning wife did stupid internet searches    03/23/23  (101)
bf energy lol tp    03/23/23  (1)
Rate this IDF recruit (instagram)    03/23/23  (3)
Rate this video of Gisele shaking her ass    03/23/23  (64)
call rsf a retard and voodoo child gets mad as fuck    03/23/23  (18)
Ray Epps demands an xo-posted apology from DrakeMallard    03/23/23  (2)
Rate this Taliban response to Hillary on Twitter    03/23/23  (8)
"how bad is orange man?" a bill maher special w/ benzo, epah, obeezy roundtable    03/23/23  (1)
Check out the exculpatory evidence that DA Bragg withheld from the Grand Jury    03/23/23  (39)
Ray Epps demands on air apology from Tucker    03/23/23  (3)
see if you can tell what's missing from this story about rand paul and the fraud    03/23/23  (2)
Will chiropractors go extinct with Boomers?    03/23/23  (3)
A renovation now takes 79 days on average, up 259% from 22 days in 2019, accordi    03/23/23  (1)
good evening    03/23/23  (2)
Herman Miller - credited or power goy?    03/23/23  (28)
Haven't seen an Asian dweeb get grilled and disrespected this bad except xo poas    03/23/23  (1)
Hillary Clinton's Columbia U course trailer drops (link)    03/23/23  (9)
iBanker cums pants over 996 [NYT]    03/23/23  (6)
Heat 2 in the works, Al Pacino and Adam Driver on board    03/23/23  (12)
Just ate ham and raisin bread sandwich. Surprisingly 180    03/23/23  (1)
RATE this important tiktok rant from an XO poster    03/23/23  (10)
John Wick voice "yea I'm thinking I'm back" *walks into Panda Express*    03/23/23  (1)
Disco Fries officially weighs less than TSINAH    03/23/23  (8)
I GOT 6 MILLION ON IT    03/23/23  (1)
I GOT 1488 ON IT    03/23/23  (1)
Apple is entering the Film Industry (Bloomberg)    03/23/23  (2)
Yeah I belong to a fraternity, it's kind of an online version haha    03/23/23  (1)
"I work at a big PE shop" said the Panda Express manager on his first date    03/23/23  (24)
i don't want to be alive    03/23/23  (1)
Ron the Meatball Desanctimonious (Cuck - FL)    03/23/23  (5)
Going to a Michelin Star restaurant for dinner in Costa Mesa    03/23/23  (3)
Inside the nullo castration cult (daily mail)    03/23/23  (5)
what was MPA's LSAT score?    03/23/23  (23)
"Senator, all I can say is this is not the John Fetrerman I know."    03/23/23  (1)
UMC tell: knowing a defendant in the Varsity Blues case    03/23/23  (2)
hey psycho karen, how do you feel about this bitch boi?    03/23/23  (1)
Why Bosses Who Praised Remote Work Sour on Productivity From Home (wsj)    03/23/23  (2)
guess senate vote on repealing 2001 ‘War on Terror’ Authorization    03/23/23  (4)
We're just bantering here, nothing is serious    03/23/23  (2)
SP here. I’m at my NAMBLA conference. They’re making fun of me for being a p    03/23/23  (1)
What is it like to live life with no IRL friends?    03/23/23  (10)
lol at lazy helpless xo poas. u can literally regrow ur foreskin thru sheer will    03/23/23  (2)

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