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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   01/18/20  (357)
Why did Lev Parnas flip on Trump and Giuliani so quickly?    01/21/20  (24)
Brooklyn Blacks tell whites moving there to GO BACK TO IOWA YOU CORN FED FAGGOTS    01/21/20  (8)
what was the last final fantasy game you played?    01/21/20  (45)
Should I open a checking & savings account with Chase for the $600 bonus?    01/21/20  (2)
Who's the most likeable everyday white guy on xo?    01/21/20  (101)
Michael Avenatti is being held in SHU, same cell as El Chapo    01/21/20  (14)
Why do all these horrible diseases originate in China?    01/21/20  (8)
Millennials, the Dying Children    01/21/20  (114)
in Rome for one night (with gf) any suggestions?    01/21/20  (2)
how to address LINGERIE that predates relationship    01/21/20  (29)
Why do libs think Bolton testimony would be such a game changer?    01/21/20  (1)
$2.7 billion in bank account, wife is lingerie model KILLSELF?    01/21/20  (7)
sex advice column in shitlib Slate proves women have sex with dogs:    01/21/20  (1)
Most 180 part of nightmode: gives you a sense of the days passing by    01/21/20  (2)
"The bride will take her husbands LLCs name"    01/21/20  (3)
ARE Reptile is a Sanders field organizer - video    01/21/20  (12)
LMAO turn on MSNBC - Avenatti is on in an orange jumpsuit talking about impeachm    01/21/20  (4)
why is the fed govt not finding and executing the kikes who run these telemarket    01/21/20  (2)
Sex with a sheath is amazballs!!!! (GTH)    01/21/20  (3)
Glenn Greenwald is in a whole heap of trouble in Brasil    01/21/20  (35)
California bar examiners greeting TSINAH like Norm from Cheers    01/21/20  (9)
what is it with women and treating their husbands like slaves on the weekends    01/21/20  (2)
wtf there's a global helium shortage??    01/21/20  (10)
20 days into new year, portfolio up 3.2%. LJL at the upcoming recession    01/21/20  (9)
cant wait 2 get alzheimers so i can reread all the IFNB threads    01/21/20  (1)
CSLG should check this California Bar Ethics Opinions against his poasting here    01/21/20  (10)
Lawman8/war machine 2024 ticket    01/21/20  (3)
How much does Columbus Ohio suck?    01/21/20  (48)
jim_kelly how did u and the fam honor dr king this weekend?    01/21/20  (3)
"dad i met this girl and i'd like to know..." - "son dammit i'm posting importan    01/21/20  (1)
Your son shows a picture he made of you and him. You mumble, "that's nice" and    01/21/20  (31)
Media pumo here. Rudy Giuliani indicted, arrest greenlit. He’ll be in custody    01/21/20  (11)
The MSM begins total war against Bernie    01/21/20  (100)
Lots of misogyny and mental illness on the board this morning    01/21/20  (1)
A Curator Boyfriend Is The Hottest Accessory For 2020    01/21/20  (27)
Gut flora has nothing to do with weight, but cows get big with antibiotics?    01/21/20  (5)
so POTUS of brazil isn't the fascist libs claimed he was? hmm odd case    01/21/20  (2)
girl using squat rack had "dogs & fitness & coffee & donuts." t-shirt    01/21/20  (12)
TMF opening box filled w/ all the biglaw pamphlets & swag he got at 2L OCI    01/21/20  (102)
Liz Warren to create anti-Trump task force at DOJ    01/21/20  (7)
A family that exists at the behest of "Economy" or "State" is no family at all    01/21/20  (13)
Yang promises federal investigation on delayed release of Mount & Blade II    01/21/20  (1)
rate this chicks ig selfie    01/21/20  (9)
tebow: "wear the lingerie i bought you" *wife sighs, puts on #81 gators jersey    01/21/20  (7)
2058: AssFaggot's son writes series of "prequel" poasts gathered from archival    01/21/20  (14)
"IT'S NOT FUCKING FUNNY!!!" mpa squeaked after trying to killself with helium    01/21/20  (19)
Toledo, OH was God’s gift to humanity and we sacrificed/squandered it    01/21/20  (12)
“One sec babe, I’m sounding off on people who read twitter    01/21/20  (3)
That's it. As a guy who loves political tal shows and Nintendo, I'm sounding off    01/21/20  (3)
Jewish dude freaking out & calling police bc Target won't sell 1c toothbrush    01/21/20  (157)
Hillary Clinton on Bernie: "Nobody likes him!"    01/21/20  (74)
I work hard - put food on table. And what do he do? He burn donut.    01/21/20  (1)
Signed up another porn star client last week (CSLG)    01/21/20  (14)
(VIDEO) Starr just debated Dershowitz at a National Review Forum    01/21/20  (4)
Any1 here burn the donut? 🍩    01/21/20  (4)
Yeah Twitter is basically a blessing. Did you hear that latest Limbaugh? Nintend    01/21/20  (1)
Has Bernie fired the staffers from the veritas videos?    01/21/20  (9)
I absolutely love Twitter, Star Wars, sports, politics, videogames, and dogs.    01/21/20  (7)
The BPF (Big Penis Factor) of a "Jellicle Cat" is 6.5-8x a North American Male's    01/21/20  (1)
Life Goes By Quick: Money Thoughts From A Boomer Retiree With Cancer    01/21/20  (7)
Walked around in a MAGA hat with a camera for 12 hours straight got catcalled    01/21/20  (3)
ITT we place bets on when CSLG goes full on Avenetti on us    01/21/20  (7)
I'm on fucking Twitter like all the time. I'm about to sound the fuck off.    01/21/20  (1)
Bernie: "Guillotine the rich"; 'send Republicans to re-education camps'    01/21/20  (1)
just nutted on chandler's stomach, kenny grabbing a paper towel (CSLG)    01/21/20  (74)
Why hasn't Ukraine opened investigation of Biden yet?    01/21/20  (4)
"Sound off like you got a pair!!!"    01/21/20  (1)
I rate bio women below Latin transwomen.    01/21/20  (1)
Is ...And Justice For All a classic album? Seems thoroughly 178    01/21/20  (32)
There are literally *secret* Trumpmo cliques @ NYC Biglaw    01/21/20  (12)
JFC I hate fat Black chicks on dating apps and plain jane birdshits    01/21/20  (12)
Joke: Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Hernandez, and Tebow walk into a bar...    01/21/20  (2)
Sometimes I get so worked up from reading Twitter that I sound off.    01/21/20  (12)
CORN CHIPS much more cr than POTATO CHIPS, cr?    01/21/20  (1)
Kid ordered oxygen mask and helium tank with my credit card. Wife is pissed    01/21/20  (4)
What happened to Sean Spicer ? He had a great start and then vamoosed    01/21/20  (1)
Yr future dotter: $90k college tuition for BA in communication from Northeastern    01/21/20  (11)
defecation is how turds reproduce    01/21/20  (3)
Watched Aaron Hernandez documentary. Did Hernandez and Tebow have a gay thing?    01/21/20  (5)
Trump has turned us into Russia. Senate "trial" will be a total sham    01/21/20  (9)
Fixed-Income Chief of Guggenheim: CENTRAL BANK PONZI SCHEME MUST COLLAPSE    01/21/20  (4)
Just days after dropping out, Bernie has a book deal (link)    01/21/20  (44)
lawyers are the backbone of this country    01/21/20  (1)
Amerikkka is a shithole! Another beautiful 18yo woman lost to gun violence    01/21/20  (1)
Cowgod I desperately need your advice ITT    01/21/20  (3)
Bill: lied about a blowjob so his wife wouldn't find out. Trump: sold out his co    01/21/20  (42)
I miss the other female posters. driven away by you apes    01/21/20  (2)
Insane that we don't shoot everyone in these "caravans"    01/21/20  (1)
litigation is how jews reproduce    01/21/20  (38)
Imagine if you found a new timesink instead of xo    01/21/20  (18)
tim tebow pulling up and jump passing bride's ring to bridesmaid at last second    01/21/20  (5)
poast some DREAM houses from redfin    01/21/20  (11)
Cubist Luis being sucked into a Coke machine's quarter slot    01/21/20  (6)
Who the fuck is "Les Parnas?" Sounds made up.    01/21/20  (1)
"You know why I'm here" - Henry Aaron walking into Popeye's    01/21/20  (2)
Singing "Peterman the truckstop slut" to the tune of "Skimbleshanks the Railway    01/21/20  (4)
Video: Protesters harass Mitch McConnell, call him "turtle bitch"    01/21/20  (10)
Miley to Taylor Swift in Throne Room: good,good. let the libsluttery flow thru u    01/21/20  (1)
really boomy boomer i know just got inoperable brain cancer pwned    01/21/20  (9)
POUCH now a standard feature of premium men's underwear    01/21/20  (4)
I’m considering a *massive* options bet on Alibaba. Convince me otherwise    01/21/20  (103)
Why do I get hot spots on my elbows?    01/21/20  (2)
India creates de-radicalization camps for Muslims    01/21/20  (15)
Cop changes race to black Elizabeth Warren style to get promotion (DM)    01/21/20  (1)
Hillary Clinton on Buttigieg: "He burns the donut."    01/21/20  (2)
A reading from the Gospel of Aaron Hernandez. "Fuck you, chump. If you cross me    01/21/20  (1)
*holds up boombox blasting POD - alive during j shad’s eulogy*    01/21/20  (3)
did rsf get fat in ohio?    01/21/20  (5)
avid chapo trap house fans sipping craft beer while calling for revolution    01/21/20  (1)
Enjoy the pussy    01/21/20  (2)
super nude luis    01/21/20  (2)
meek "men" who are afraid of sounding off on Twitter.    01/21/20  (2)
nude luis 64    01/21/20  (2)
wii of nude luis    01/21/20  (2)
nude luis cube    01/21/20  (3)
nude luis university    01/21/20  (3)
XO plea$e lighten up and enjoy life you can have and do anything!    01/21/20  (1)
everyone in court thinks I’m sending emails but I’m making nude luis threads    01/21/20  (2)
Fucked a new 25 year old last night. Garfield pussy. Taking ?s ITT.    01/21/20  (19)
(XFL) Seattle Dragons @ xo DC Defenders (Feb 8, 2pm EST)    01/21/20  (5)
So Trumpmo gun rally accomplished nothing?    01/21/20  (3)
ggtp just let your genes meld into asia man    01/21/20  (2)
Women Would Rather Be Miserable Than Bored (xoHeartiste)    01/21/20  (16)
Don’t reply to that pumo who deletes all his poasts    01/21/20  (48)
Trump says even if Senate convicts he wont leave office since articles "invalid"    01/21/20  (1)
u know Trump is doing gr8 when even julia & blue smoke are coming around to him    01/21/20  (2)
What does the average Japanese person eat for dinner?    01/21/20  (13)
"Men" you have to Rise Up now    01/21/20  (9)
Women impregnated by chad then dumped then want cuck to raise kid    01/21/20  (16)
Why Manhattan's Skyscrapers are Empty    01/21/20  (21)
Remember when blacks aspired to act like Lynn Swann?    01/21/20  (1)
Trump’s investigation of Biden biggest own goal in history of potus politics?    01/21/20  (12)
Roosh may have gone soft, but at least we'll always have Roissy    01/21/20  (28)
Reminder average crack head off street get 9-12k tax “refund”    01/21/20  (13)
Ozzy has Parkinsons    01/21/20  (4)
Someone bump the nude luis talk show thread    01/21/20  (1)
Strange idea: Jack Posobiec would be the best GOP 2024 candidate    01/21/20  (5)
Where$ all the freaking money, job$ and opportunity? Amerikkka Fraud? TT?    01/21/20  (8)
Hey everyone here needs to lighten and straighten the fuck up!    01/21/20  (3)
Jews didn’t ruin are women. We ruined are women.    01/21/20  (1)
Houellebecq: “I don’t fuck, wtf” *xo gives standing O*    01/21/20  (2)
Boomer boat I’ve been shown ways to make it big! I can show you    01/21/20  (3)
Sonic & Knuckles & nude luis    01/21/20  (27)
aliens vs predator vs nude luis    01/21/20  (15)
Your best days are ahead of you    01/21/20  (2)
luis eating panera in a sweetgreen    01/21/20  (3)
"You know why I'm here" - luis walking into a sweetgreen    01/21/20  (7)

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