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Rate this email I got from a 22 yr old I'm going to fuck    10/02/23  (38)
Good use of time: scroll through Cowgod180 reddit history    10/02/23  (23)
Remember when lib mayors literally danced in joy at being sanctuary cities?    10/02/23  (1)
Just got asked if I was Jewish by a bunch of Jews on campus    10/02/23  (15)
Soros-Funded LGTBQ+ Activist Murdered in Philadelphia by “Lady Diabla”    10/02/23  (44)
Black violence due to Barenaked Ladies appropriation of rap in ‘One Week’    10/02/23  (1)
MASE will never truly be schizophrenic    10/02/23  (1)
Unraveling the mystery that all started with a big bang!    10/02/23  (1)
is spaceporn in his “dormant” phase    10/02/23  (26)
This fat orange fuck really cannot give up his McDonalds addiction can he?    10/02/23  (1)
Read a short story a while ago that's like an AutoAdmit thread    10/02/23  (15)
Reminder: GOP spent $ investigating reports of bamboo-laden ballots from China    10/02/23  (28)
$10 million verdict lowered to... $1 (link)    10/02/23  (2)
“You can’t even get your wife to rape me,” sneered the marriage counselor    10/02/23  (2)
Anyone else leave semen on surfaces hoping for a rando bastard child?    10/02/23  (5)
Trump: “You’re dumb if you thought Mexico would pay for the wall.”    10/02/23  (11)
Just got asked if I was an HVAC repairman by a group of repairmen on campus    10/02/23  (2)
remember when female poasters tried unsuccessfully at "Girl Talk" only threads?    10/02/23  (11)
Zelda Tears of the kingdom already seems forgotten    10/02/23  (13)
doodikoff is XO's Jon Arbuckle    10/02/23  (1)
Me and esoteric sambo are the only white people on this website    10/02/23  (14)
*clears throat* So, uh, Mr. "doodikoff..."    10/02/23  (1)
Ali Habba and the 40 Thieves    10/02/23  (5)
Aaron Rodgers giving up sacks after gay conversion therapy    10/02/23  (1)
Your uncle’s genitals, mouth level, in the RV    10/02/23  (1)
Do med students go through like a gore desensitization course?    10/02/23  (13)
nude luis (godfather) at ur son’s baptism: “whoa why havent we showered toge    10/02/23  (5)
Human Nature to hate the present but pine for the past (which you hated)?    10/02/23  (1)
u & doodikoff laughing, high-fiving, reading IP treatise, blowing ur brains out    10/02/23  (2)
rate this magazine i found about luis and scholarship and assfaggot    10/02/23  (8)
What’s a better city - NYC, DC, Chicago, or LA    10/02/23  (8)
"Hello fellow goyim" except its Elon subverting kikes with X    10/02/23  (2)
Jets and Jints 2-6 COMBINED. Some things never change. LOL @ NYC/NJ.    10/02/23  (6)
Democratic congressman carjacked in DC 180    10/02/23  (7)
Wells Fargo banker succumbs to the nature of the assignment    10/02/23  (7)
The University of Kiev offers a PhD in "Begging" - link    10/02/23  (2)
Troy Aikman's eyes look like they are down to party.    10/02/23  (2)
Welp, Elon Musk just tweeted an AutoAdmit meme    10/02/23  (92)
Russiacucks to French in 1776: it’s not your war, stay out of it    10/02/23  (95)
Can men be raped?    10/02/23  (2)
JINTS GIVE UP 11 SACKS. JFC.    10/02/23  (1)
I like the Chik-Fil-A chicken sandwich. I like pimento cheese. Never considered    10/02/23  (9)
Westerners vs Easterners really are like different Starcraft races    10/02/23  (7)
NIGGAS of unknown race successfully CARJACK an undercover COP in TX    10/02/23  (4)
Why does Doodikoff willingly live around blacks?    10/02/23  (4)
managing partner throws decapitated associate off pyramid for 13% more billings    10/02/23  (2)
the seeds of my Ruination have already been planted    10/02/23  (5)
Dominos 50% off pizza's is back! Going for it!    10/02/23  (1)
danny dimes is so trash, put Eli back in    10/02/23  (1)
will Philly journo homicide be like the SF tech guy homicide?    10/02/23  (2)
I love this Judeo-Christian nation    10/02/23  (2)
Every tragedy and disaster in your life is God breathed    10/02/23  (2)
Seven gems were inside each of our penis shafts now and the Cravath Circle was    10/02/23  (5)
I still can't get over Georgia turning into a blue state.    10/02/23  (27)
Jints should pull Danny Jones here. Going to get him potentially killed.    10/02/23  (2)
doodikoff cannot beat the first boss is Starfield    10/02/23  (1)
Zelensky walking off with giant charity check after his Aces pitch a no-hitter    10/02/23  (1)
Ricky kicking the shit out of mig after LSD knocks him the fuck out    10/02/23  (8)
Lmao at furniture prices    10/02/23  (4)
TSwift: fucking tons of doods. U: fucking tons of doods.    10/02/23  (3)
Jesus is stripped of his garments    10/02/23  (10)
A "Cravath Walk" is a line of guys each with a thumb in the next guy's rectum    10/02/23  (2)
Out of office writing MASE x MiG yaoi fanfiction    10/02/23  (7)
remember: mods cant edit what you put into the subject line    10/02/23  (5)
Did you see peter theil ramble incoherently about AI last week    10/02/23  (4)
steak and shake is the actual best fast food burger, fight me    10/02/23  (13)
Liberal journalist mocks tweet about rising crime, is promptly murdered    10/02/23  (2)
Man reads Augustine and is immediately sent to hell    10/02/23  (1)
really fucking hate bitch bois    10/02/23  (5)
evan39 is "Travis Kelce" even fuckable for you?    10/02/23  (5)
This is literally implying NFL rigged Chiefs at Jets    10/02/23  (2)
car thieves boost signal from fob left near front door to steal car    10/02/23  (2)
just got divorced after 5 years. feel like a weight has been lifted.    10/02/23  (75)
You’re insane if you don’t have different posting voice depending on time of    10/02/23  (1)
Dear MPA, me and my friends like to forcememe stuff at our school. One time, we    10/02/23  (6)
Daniel Jones looks like the jock bully in an 80s John Hughes movie who gets his    10/02/23  (6)
Hey Geno - where'd you go, bro?    10/02/23  (2)
starting 2b concerned disco fries will not reach his fasting goal for the year    10/02/23  (3)
What is the Jew endgame?    10/02/23  (67)
Sotomayor clerk describes fixing Justice's spelling of "door mint" commerce clau    10/02/23  (5)
God exists    10/02/23  (2)
All your problems are caused by refusing to become schizophrenic    10/02/23  (2)
You literally never see a depressed schizophrenic. Doesn't happen.    10/02/23  (2)
Hypo: you are this cop    10/02/23  (1)
PHL>DAL>WSH>NJ JINTS    10/02/23  (1)
What, realistically, is Taylor Swift's vag tightness    10/02/23  (11)
The ONLY thing funnier than Daniel Jones sucking is the JINTS gave him $160Mil    10/02/23  (1)
Cheerful and thin prole girl makes breakfast for you    10/02/23  (16)
lmao daniel jones    10/02/23  (1)
Daniel Jones baby!    10/02/23  (1)
LOL    10/02/23  (1)
If Ukraine loses, some people here are going to have complete mental breakdowns    10/02/23  (37)
So this "Ukraine war" is going to end in a stalemate?    10/02/23  (106)
I’m bored with entertainment options and want to try an “Anime” show    10/02/23  (66)
AOC chirps back at Elon (link)    10/02/23  (5)
SchizoMingle.com    10/02/23  (2)
Asshole fucking in the gym showers    10/02/23  (2)
All libs are insane and belong in prison    10/02/23  (1)
your sentient AI girlfriend using superintelligence to get your bank acct info    10/02/23  (1)
joshua jacksons dating trajectory is incredible    10/02/23  (4)
why doesn't dupa, his shiksa wife, and goy children move to Ukraine?    10/02/23  (4)
Seahawks practically begging the Jints to come back and win this game    10/02/23  (1)
Frog and Toad discuss niggers and agree it's all so tiresome    10/02/23  (12)
Pallas Cat Couples Therapist Helping You Work On Meowage    10/02/23  (2)
Wife just yelled at me for not talking to her. Asked me about my trip to Cali    10/02/23  (4)
Refuse to eat cream filled donuts    10/02/23  (1)
Suitman can you fix the Jewish money numbers? They're red again 😡    10/02/23  (1)
"Calvin we've never done this before." "It's okay Hobbes. Lift your tail."    10/02/23  (35)
Oh wow the Mammon money numbers are going down again    10/02/23  (2)
Water Buffalo mom and calf are dominated by lions    10/02/23  (2)
distracted from couples therapy by the chirping of the smoke detector tp    10/02/23  (1)
walked into marriage counselor's office 5 mins early; she alt-tabbed out of xo    10/02/23  (1)
geno back in jersey tonight!    10/02/23  (3)
Rate this German kike advocating for destruction of Germany    10/02/23  (1)
Hochul, without irony, saying immigration is outta control    10/02/23  (2)
Modern Norman Rockwell AI    10/02/23  (22)
Could Trump win Virginia in 2024?    10/02/23  (3)
Gunneratttt. Lex. HATP.    10/02/23  (1)
"I always loved you, Hobbes." Calvin put the gun into his mouth. "Do it, buddy."    10/02/23  (42)
So Trevor Bauer tore that slut's asshole?    10/02/23  (13)
"I've missed you, Woody." "Andy, wh--why are you taking your penis out? Why is    10/02/23  (7)
Atlantamos, do you see Film crews shooting everywhere in the region    10/02/23  (4)
Middle Age Mos: how often do you see your parents?    10/02/23  (1)
"It's strawberry"    10/02/23  (12)
Wow, day crew is such fucking shit bros    10/02/23  (16)
Uh oh Oppose Bitch Bois is gonna be MAF today; SOL is mooning    10/02/23  (3)
Trevor Bauer details how woman tried to shake him down with fake assault claim    10/02/23  (44)
novel idea for board bitch bois: SILENCE    10/02/23  (1)
Daniel Jones should be ripped apart by spider monkeys    10/02/23  (3)
AutoAdmit: the most pretigious Freemason cock-sucking board on earth    10/02/23  (1)
Starting Alexander the Great bio (Freeman). Never read about him. Fave stories?    10/02/23  (14)
Worst was to die? At hands of Ja'Keivious or Grizzly bear    10/02/23  (4)
Rate this trailer for new adaptation of The Color Purple    10/02/23  (1)
I'm tired of watching XO suck Freemason cock    10/02/23  (1)
Join us Monday for spider rolls & Mongolian throat singing curated by our chef    10/02/23  (2)
Abercrombie & Fitch CEO & His Husband Drugged, Gay Raped & HIV'd To Models (DM)    10/02/23  (4)
Grizzly Bear Kills Two People And Golden Retriever At Banff Nat'l Park    10/02/23  (34)
Daniel Jones>Dak Prescott (fraud)>Jalen Hurts (will be exposed as fraud)>Sam How    10/02/23  (4)
Daniel Jones will have a better career than Andrew “bald” Luck    10/02/23  (5)
NY Giants praying Daniel Jones masturbates on phone call with rape victim    10/02/23  (17)
2 New Karma Sushi Reviews: 5* Better Than Nobu; 3* Overpriced & Mediocre    10/02/23  (16)
Checking in on Ireland    10/02/23  (8)
ITT: list the poasters you're most commonly accused of being an alt of.    10/02/23  (1)
Tried drinking piss on a hike over the weekend    10/02/23  (5)
Peak Oil theories: 2005-2013    10/02/23  (19)
Drone camera follows ghetto prostitutes around    10/02/23  (7)
MNF renaming to "Monday Nigger Faggotry" just going to show BBC and gay bukkake    10/02/23  (2)
"This is your Pilot Ja'Keivious, with me today is First Officer Boomsheeka"    10/02/23  (3)
"Jenkins, looks like we're working this weekend. Acorn dick is back on the boar    10/02/23  (5)

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