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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
"...ntence you to 30 years with the possibility of parole." "Sure bud, sure."    11/29/22  (28)
Official USA v Iran soccer thread    11/29/22  (6)
i'm having nightmares about selling my fucking car, jfc my nerves are shot    11/29/22  (9)
How white is YOUR neighbourhood in England? (interactive map):    11/29/22  (1)
Real talk it was nice seeing MILO in the limelight again    11/29/22  (15)
i like when commercials try to let u know the character is gay w/o raw anal    11/29/22  (2)
Rate my EPIC Thanksgiving cruise with my family (CSLG)    11/29/22  (19)
In the Penile Colony by Mr. Jinx is the most fucked up stage-play written    11/29/22  (3)
"not now babe. faggot time just start poasting" "oh cool is dickshit on too?"    11/29/22  (4)
ITT: I provide guns, gear, prepping recs (Hegemon)    11/29/22  (139)
Benzo ODing. RSF crying, administering CPR: "don't die on me you pauper faggot."    11/29/22  (13)
In the Penal Colony by Kafka is the most fucked up short story written    11/29/22  (15)
Retard with full Hawking keyboard and drool in my store (evan39)    11/29/22  (49)
Trump! Trump! Trump 2024(evan39)    11/29/22  (7)
*TSINAH’s HOG oinking ferociously at repo men*    11/29/22  (13)
luis, wiggling his sexy stoic persian ass in front of mirror    11/29/22  (5)
Unbelievable that 90% of tech employees worthless & CEO not even banging them    11/29/22  (24)
Okay fat-fucks, here's the actual solution to you're obeisity:    11/29/22  (1)
let's play a game: i thrust my cock in ur ass everytime iran scores, u do same t    11/29/22  (1)
USA vs Iran    11/29/22  (7)
How badly will Iran beat USMNT?    11/29/22  (13)
Rate my rental property reno progress (CLSG)    11/29/22  (55)
Rating Posters as reasons Benzo is better than RSF    11/29/22  (17)
whats tcr family car    11/29/22  (30)
NASDAQ has been on CONSISTENT decline ENTIRE year    11/29/22  (2)
Rating poasters as things I am NOT thankful for    11/29/22  (76)
lawman8 consulting "In the Penal Colony" and making adjustments on 3D printer    11/29/22  (3)
Fwd: New Complaint - Overdue response    11/29/22  (15)
"... and I baited the trap with malt liquor and basketballs. Hi! Who joined?    11/29/22  (34)
What is "HOGWARTS" anyway, does TSINAH's gf have skin issues?    11/29/22  (2)
O TSINAH, Where Art Thou?    11/29/22  (10)
The Velvet Underground - Heroin    11/29/22  (5)
Really cute girl but she has big flappy vagina lips    11/29/22  (6)
Return of Emilio.    11/29/22  (23)
Panda Express Lab Leak Lawsuit to move forward (law360)    11/29/22  (1)
chinese buffet puts up "no jews" sign as they see rsf approach on xmas    11/29/22  (1)
Nothing weird with Ye bringing on a dude that likes to get fucked by niggers lol    11/29/22  (4)
Russian felons sent to work in tank factories and uranium mines like in 1937    11/29/22  (2)
Kafka was so Jewish    11/29/22  (3)
great 1987 BBC Kafka doc and mini-adaptation of 'The Trial' (w/ Tim Roth)    11/29/22  (6)
IJoy Division - Disorder is almost certainly the best song of all the time    11/29/22  (2)
$cott Fro$t on a plane to Vega$ to take UNLV jerb    11/29/22  (3)
Conservative Jews giving up on Trump    11/29/22  (26)
Joy Division - Disorder.mp3    11/29/22  (21)
Joy Division - Disorder.mp3    11/29/22  (14)
Joy division - Disorder    11/29/22  (20)
"$cienTTTi$TTT$" current best model of universe says 95% of universe undetectabl    11/29/22  (36)
Four Hogwarts houses = Jock, Nerd, Loser, Scumbag    11/29/22  (14)
Just like honey    11/29/22  (2)
"Lit-ritch-uhr"    11/29/22  (1)
I wish that I was born 1000 years ago I wish that I'd sailed the darkened seas    11/29/22  (3)
Why don’t the media jews want us to see the Brazilian protests?    11/29/22  (2)
Heroin - The Velvet Underground    11/29/22  (15)
"LiTTTeraTTTure"    11/29/22  (1)
Put on the flannel sheets    11/29/22  (1)
A.D. 1308 cliques: warrior, priest, peasant, merchant, barbarian.    11/29/22  (16)
AutoAdmit: The most prestigious place for people with hot sister in laws to    11/29/22  (4)
Franz Kafka- In The Penal Colony.txt    11/29/22  (2)
Guided by Voices - Game of Loans.mp3    11/29/22  (1)
gonna start making my own vinaigrette salad dressing    11/29/22  (9)
It's Mainlining! I'm pulling an all nighter! You gay!    11/29/22  (8)
𝕹obody Cares Bitch Bois    11/29/22  (1)
America: fuming when blacks kneel / Iran: Torturing families for not singing    11/29/22  (1)
BlockFi files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy    11/29/22  (11)
This powerful group will ruin your life for saying they're powerful    11/29/22  (4)
China is fucked no matter what happens    11/29/22  (125)
Biden’s energy tranny charged with stealing woman’s luggage (link)    11/29/22  (75)
r/GenX is some suicidally depressing stuff    11/29/22  (10)
New synonym for violent nigs just dropped    11/29/22  (5)
Rach - time to ban this dbag (link)    11/29/22  (1)
"I call him DeShabbos" smirked the Trumpcuck, while donating to Kushner online    11/29/22  (6)
Honestly, I think Hunter Biden would be awesome to party with    11/29/22  (4)
Completely INSANE Western "Women" think they have ANY independent value    11/29/22  (5)
UR OLD: This is Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins now    11/29/22  (2)
Your wife in a picture with Doobs, recalling working together on a Dubai yacht    11/29/22  (2)
The Media not controlled by Jews will not let you call them Jewish controlled me    11/29/22  (2)
lol @ "the Amerikkkan dream" just do "European dream" and chill    11/29/22  (1)
There are no collapses coming, just continued transformation    11/29/22  (6)
her large breast lingeringly subtending a corner of car seat upholstery    11/29/22  (2)
who is this silly demented old cunt shitting up the board?    11/29/22  (2)
Imagine how much pussy you'd get managing an Applebee's    11/29/22  (12)
MAINLINING fuck all of the bullshit friend! We're going to do as we please    11/29/22  (26)
evan39 u $hould have 6 fig$ in checking I'm $ure you're clo$e    11/29/22  (4)
How $heltered i$ xo about the reality of the world a$ a whole?    11/29/22  (2)
2019 HATE FACT: deaths by lightning (20) > deaths of unarmed blacks by cop (9)    11/29/22  (45)
That Tim Pool dork came across scared and whiny    11/29/22  (1)
"eww a girl in our fort" (xo youth reaching bitch boi puberty)    11/29/22  (1)
Can we please attract anyone who isn't a dude?    11/29/22  (6)
Anyone own a drone?    11/29/22  (14)
US Border Patrol puts up images of Portland, OR on Wall to deter illegals (link)    11/29/22  (127)
Sweden Hills, Hokkaido. A Swedish village without Muslim niggers.    11/29/22  (4)
so what do we learn through memories?    11/29/22  (1)
That Kanye show tonight was really disappointing    11/29/22  (20)
Karen have you considered going to charm school for a brief period of time?    11/29/22  (7)
How are Of Counsel bonuses determined since they are off scale?    11/29/22  (4)
i have excel open so i must be doing real work    11/29/22  (1)
Neon Deion accept U. Colorado-Boulder position    11/29/22  (1)
I wasn't prepared for Milo to come back.    11/29/22  (1)
Ann Coulter on why soccer is shit.    11/29/22  (123)
Kanye looking depressed in private jet with Milo and Nick Fuentes    11/29/22  (24)
Going to have my hot organic GF root around for a rare truffle (TSINAH)    11/29/22  (11)
It's crazy that France is 2/3 muslim now. They're going to burn all the artwork    11/29/22  (1)
should i buy a $600k house in low tax area or $300k house in high tax area?    11/29/22  (19)
You can have it all    11/29/22  (5)
Any good clips of Trumpmos chimping out at Maricopa Board of Supes hearing?    11/29/22  (21)
Ted Knight, here, for WEF: 'You'll get nothing. And Like it.'    11/29/22  (1)
Considering how fucking fat TSINAH is how does he have such tiny arms?    11/29/22  (5)
A dude here told me to get a ton of EPLI insurance if I open a smoothie King    11/29/22  (2)
Military police join protestors in Brazil    11/29/22  (183)
What are the top 3 GOAT POTUS board games?    11/29/22  (29)
REMINDER: xo posters look like the cast of The Nightmare before Christmas    11/29/22  (8)
walking around manhattan, place is a dump, everyone is ugly    11/29/22  (1)
objective xo analysis on Kanye's mental descent?    11/29/22  (1)
You can have all the money 💰 and pu$$y you want friend$    11/29/22  (1)
Fucked my slutty sister-in-law once 3 months ago, got herpes    11/29/22  (276)
Will there be another Hitler figure to fini$h the job?    11/29/22  (3)
Look Who's Coming to Dinner 2 starring Ye    11/29/22  (1)
Elon Musk is low t    11/29/22  (8)
Were you surprised by the people who took their lives or did you see signs?    11/29/22  (4)
Kanye Nick Fuentes and Milo on Tim Pool show    11/29/22  (107)
Was at BN earlier, most of the featured new novels are The White Lotus ripoffs    11/29/22  (2)
Netflix doc on kid who sued to get the Harrier jet    11/29/22  (35)
The movie NOPE is really gay and stupid and pretty bad overall    11/29/22  (1)
Milo, Kanye, Fuentes are like right-wing counterculture Abbie Hoffmans    11/29/22  (4)
Wife's alcoholism is out of control    11/29/22  (29)
Lol at rc airplanes being re-branded as "drones" and a while host of other fraud    11/29/22  (1)
Why did the Jews who run America let America make all the oil $$$ go to Arabs    11/29/22  (12)
Your Credit Score Should Be Based on Your Web History (IMF)    11/29/22  (26)
1/3 Marine hurls puppy off cliff    11/29/22  (17)
Colleges lose prestige where azns attend    11/29/22  (52)
credited email closing? best, best regards, thanks, wgwag?    11/29/22  (28)
Which is Better Poll: Blood Meridian vs Moby Dick?    11/29/22  (11)
work might force me to get "boosters" in order to remain employed    11/29/22  (11)
Single Mom of 2. Travelholic. Graduate of CWHS. I Will Not Settle For Average    11/29/22  (3)
Ugly lo$er guy$ treating 🔥 hot women like tra$h&they take it    11/29/22  (1)
Gpt3, please write a Iliad style Greek epic poem about Luis’s beauty    11/29/22  (56)
This MAP of current SHIP traffic worldwide is 180    11/29/22  (23)
Why is UW’s QB named “Penis” with an X lmao    11/29/22  (15)
Life is an unending grotesque nightmare if u arnt product of generational wealth    11/29/22  (33)
Rate Morten Harket's phenotype (a-Ha frontman)    11/29/22  (1)
I have $80K in personal credit card debt, taking questions    11/29/22  (39)
I was shopping for panties and half the models are obese now    11/29/22  (14)
r u guys excited for the new MLK movie coming out next year?    11/29/22  (13)
Any predictions on what Elon will reveal here? (Link)    11/29/22  (9)
Countries lose identity when jews move in    11/29/22  (8)
Don't you recognize me? You're my lawyer.    11/29/22  (1)
Am I the only one who doesn't get excited about "craft cocktails?"    11/29/22  (10)
LJL at Solana haters    11/29/22  (1)
Libs who shrieked at Canadian lockdown protests support China's protests?    11/29/22  (9)

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