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"Ever since I was a law teen, I wanted to be some dude's sexy sister-in-law."    10/03/23  (4)
As a White Power Hindu Nationalist I'm Aghast at what Niggas are doing in USA    10/03/23  (1)
When communism comes to America it will come wrapped in a trans flag and a dead    10/03/23  (2)
you need to stop smoking weed    10/03/23  (2)
Battle of Kursk revisited    10/03/23  (5)
Mormonism's burning in the bosom is real. Has nothing to do w doctrine.    10/03/23  (2)
***RSF to SAUDI ARABIA 2 day transit MEGATHREAD***    10/03/23  (22)
Can't believe BIRDSHITS just tolerate NIGGAS murdering them everyday    10/03/23  (6)
*cue kazoo cover of Weezer's Island in the Sun as I bury the SiL shitforcememer*    10/03/23  (6)
boart is becoming more schizo which leads me to believe the whole country is    10/03/23  (16)
Chinese sub got caught in their own sub trap, crew died - link    10/03/23  (1)
Would you buy a used car from a black person?    10/03/23  (35)
Realtalk: Rep. Ilhan Omar looking FINE right now    10/03/23  (9)
SBF bombed OCI    10/03/23  (1)
ur SiL standing in the kitchen w/ ur XO threads printed out, smiling "Let's talk    10/03/23  (3)
John Bolton, in war diaper, standing on Venezuelan beach: "Carlos don't surf"    10/03/23  (11)
*unravels a loaded WAR DIAPER* *slams it on the conference table*    10/03/23  (7)
romcom idea: wife (dying of cancer, no sexual appetite) begs husband to fuck SiL    10/03/23  (11)
Trump gets slapped with gag order due to post attacking law clerk    10/03/23  (2)
Linkin Park's "In the End" playing on loop as of counsel in war diaper prepares    10/03/23  (29)
U need to be promptmaxxing if u want to survive coming white collar jobs apocaly    10/03/23  (7)
as a jew, I am increasingly alienated from "white culture"    10/03/23  (42)
Britain: we have no more weapons to give Ukraine - link    10/03/23  (8)
Downfall footage: Hitler learns his attractive sister in law has defected    10/03/23  (4)
You will bone nothing and be fappy    10/03/23  (1)
In Retrospect, AutoAdmit made me even more gay and retarded    10/03/23  (2)
Former Goldman Sachs employee used Xbox 360 chat to pass inside info (SEC)    10/03/23  (8)
wagyu | wgwag | wagmi    10/03/23  (7)
🚨 Oct. 3 OFFICIAL Kevin (bitch boi) McCarthy Removal Vote Thread 🚨    10/03/23  (59)
Zurich hacked my phone and is making me poast retarded shit on autoadmit    10/03/23  (7)
Being John Malkovich but libs insist 100 mutants should live in every white guy    10/03/23  (1)
The era of empty, secular mass consumption is over    10/03/23  (49)
Whole generations becoming twinks. We need to bring back smoking 🚬    10/03/23  (1)
People who graduated into 2008 recession, 1986 babies, PERMAFUCKED FOR LIFE    10/03/23  (11)
taleb is hilarious on twitter. he's like the george20 of public intellectuals.    10/03/23  (6)
The Marathi Rick Astley serenading U + SiL on futuristic Passengers spaceship    10/03/23  (5)
Trevor Bauer details how woman tried to shake him down with fake assault claim    10/03/23  (55)
ship sent to Mars, eight brother and sister in laws together in close proximity    10/03/23  (4)
be honest. did you ever jerk-off to a friend's SIL?    10/03/23  (1)
In Retrospect, American Beauty is a really shitty movie    10/03/23  (115)
Ten Liberal Myths in American Beauty    10/03/23  (2)
SIL gives the best hugs.    10/03/23  (22)
be honest. did you ever jerk-off to a friend's Mom?    10/03/23  (30)
Tight asian butts on demand. COMPED.    10/03/23  (15)
where is Pearson Hardman on the shitlaw/midlaw/biglaw spectrum?    10/03/23  (2)
WSJ: Americans Are Still Spending Like There’s No Tomorrow    10/03/23  (22)
as a guy, ur goal should be to have a wife that ur sons friends jerk off to    10/03/23  (2)
TBF is the biggest piece of shit to ever post on here and it's not even close    10/03/23  (9)
Images only    10/03/23  (12)
*cue Portlandia theme as I torture and murder the SiL forcememer*    10/03/23  (2)
i want to murder in cold blood the guy that keeps forcememeing the SiL shitmeme    10/03/23  (11)
WOC tried to seduce DILF until SiL find out, and WTFBBQ    10/03/23  (1)
Hooked up with some cute as hell sluts from online    10/03/23  (2)
Gaetz just voted to subject McCarthy to 'weeaboo'    10/03/23  (3)
“One of my clients husbands is like that! He’s so shy and likes horror novel    10/03/23  (8)
Cold hard nigga truth: TBF was never funny & is a pedantic retard    10/03/23  (1)
Younger SIL: Im only 29 You: Im perfectly fine    10/03/23  (2)
Zappin & Cannon, LLP    10/03/23  (40)
MIL to ur wife: "Allow your sister a little fun. She doesnt have the career you    10/03/23  (6)
zurich update    10/03/23  (15)
Don't have fun on XO! Don't express your actual thoughts! Just Ukraine & politic    10/03/23  (1)
demanding doc up my addy dose so dick too limp to raep SiL    10/03/23  (2)
Gaetz in Bane mask holding up pic of McCarthy: "And do you accept this man's res    10/03/23  (3)
drinking as much alcohol as possible to stymie desire to zealously fuck SiL's ti    10/03/23  (9)
a leathery, dessicated yet musky 53 yr old vagina tp    10/03/23  (6)
The Office (US) is generally shit but “Diversity Day” was a great TV moment    10/03/23  (4)
Sickening Spelunking Video (link)    10/03/23  (9)
What were the first pair of tits you saw on screen AND first you saw IRL?    10/03/23  (26)
"Have you ever heard of breast milk hand expression" your SiL casually asks you.    10/03/23  (7)
wife wants to put son on ADHD meds. Thoughts?    10/03/23  (17)
TN executive and dad of 3 killed randomly by criminal “Too Tall”. Guess?    10/03/23  (19)
My Brother in Law was my Rapist and my Sister is Deliciously Jealous    10/03/23  (5)
They call this Federal Reserve staffer the "Repo Man"    10/03/23  (2)
US UMC LifeCycle: HS, UG, Masters, Work 7 Years, Murdered by Niggas    10/03/23  (1)
Unspoken truth: using speed every day for years makes you a weird prick    10/03/23  (1)
Oh wait mig stopped smoking cigs so he's Uber schizo rn lol    10/03/23  (1)
innocent SiL hug becomes increasingly sexual standing vaginal penetration techni    10/03/23  (2)
I chadded a MILF couples therapist and now it's really awkward with my wife    10/03/23  (5)
RATE to WOC calling out racism at Walmart.    10/03/23  (9)
jealous 2nd cousin murdering ur slutty sister in law with a dremel tool    10/03/23  (4)
Seriously, what punishment should SBF receive? Hardly seems fair to jail him for    10/03/23  (6)
Luis, I'm smoking some turkish cigs rn with some Anatolian boomer    10/03/23  (1)
cocoa butter: a helluva lotion    10/03/23  (1)
cocoa: a helluva drug    10/03/23  (1)
How’s Tommy’s free money covered call strategy doing?    10/03/23  (1)
remember project veritas? lmfao @ goyim    10/03/23  (5)
Sister-in-law = a better, hotter, slimmer, nicer version of ur wife    10/03/23  (22)
Video of the most incredible "repo man" car collection video I've ever seen    10/03/23  (2)
Ocasio Cortes holding towel over wet chest as she digs thru clothes in dorm room    10/03/23  (139)
"it's such a 180 day, I'm glad that I spent it with you"    10/03/23  (3)
New late night show concept hosted by Craig Ferguson all guests slutty sister-in    10/03/23  (2)
Goldman Sachs has an army of fortune tellers on payroll    10/03/23  (2)
"I have to fuck you," you say to your hot young sister-in-law. "For AutoAdmit."    10/03/23  (1)
WTF? Biden gave Zelensky one of 2 signed copies of Declaration of Independence    10/03/23  (53)
Wow lots of beautiful women out in sundresses today    10/03/23  (15)
a trans cocker spaniel. a "cunter" spaniel, if you will.    10/03/23  (6)
Leathery Handjob + Cigarette Kisses in the Teachers Lounge    10/03/23  (8)
Jerusalem in flames    10/03/23  (2)
SiL's ample breasts uncontained by sheer bra & cleave as she clasps your waist    10/03/23  (2)
Late night public access call-in show where host sp keeps getting crank calls    10/03/23  (5)
SP, you crossed the line by mentioning my daughter    10/03/23  (14)
If No One’s Hiring White Guys, What Are They Doing With Themselves?    10/03/23  (28)
Garth Ennis' Norwood    10/03/23  (2)
i think concubines and legalized prostitution would heal this nation    10/03/23  (2)
McFaggy out?    10/03/23  (1)
Pelosi: Republicans should get to choose ... The Next Starfighter    10/03/23  (2)
IMAGE COMICS brings alternative titles such as JESTERMAXX, (failed to) SPAWN, &    10/03/23  (4)
Jay Z: "I'm not a diapered man, I'm a diaper, man, so let's die, purdy man"    10/03/23  (4)
THEY were LAUGHING about 7% on CNBC 6 months ago... they aren't laughing now    10/03/23  (1)
Pelosi: Republicans should get to choose the Speaker    10/03/23  (2)
"Yes I'm here to speak to my son's teacher, Mr. Isstained?" "Who?"    10/03/23  (1)
*Kevin McCarthy pulls fire alarm before vote to remove him!!*    10/03/23  (3)
Zurich is now trying to spam SP's call-in service with fake calls    10/03/23  (72)
Roger Stone phenotype?    10/03/23  (6)
Zurich texting your son "I'm backstage with Stephen Malkmus. Come hang? :)"    10/03/23  (7)
im straight edge now btw    10/03/23  (2)
Uruk-Hai bro feels increasingly alienated in Rohan.    10/03/23  (2)
American Conservative: “Putin’s Disastrous Strategy Blunders” (link)    10/03/23  (124)
220K all in and I work like seriously 10-15 hours a week, 99% WFH    10/03/23  (2)
D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson said "no crime crisis", today carjacked    10/03/23  (9)
NYT: Same-Sex Behavior Evolved in Many Mammals to Reduce Conflict, Study Suggest    10/03/23  (1)
TBF vindicated, Russia experiences wartime economic boom    10/03/23  (144)
Damn does shitting and jerking off at work feel great    10/03/23  (1)
I have 10 different drugs in me atm    10/03/23  (6)
NO one likes working with WOMEN, not even Women, yet no one can discuss this    10/03/23  (2)
My piss stinks    10/03/23  (52)
How bad is filtered fridge water?    10/03/23  (2)
Can we file a class action against adderall for destroying our dopamine recepto    10/03/23  (1)
I'm just not into Satanism dressed up as liberal politics tp    10/03/23  (3)
Always Sunny in Philadelphia pretends to be knowingly woke but it's just xo    10/03/23  (2)
"Hell's his problem?" "He's Jewish." "Oh, right."    10/03/23  (2)
If the Shire doesn't take in 10,000 Orcs a month it will not survive.    10/03/23  (17)
50% off dominos pizzas! Pull the trigger?    10/03/23  (3)
as an 85yo man, I am increasingly alienated from "youth culture"    10/03/23  (1)
Couples therapist is a milf this is 180    10/03/23  (47)
Lol    10/03/23  (2)
   10/03/23  (1)
Philosophy UG's tinder matches are nasty, brutish and short    10/03/23  (1)
Ultimate Notre Dame Hype Vid (Libs: Trigger Warning)    10/03/23  (4)
Mr. Jinx remaking Monty Python skits shot-by-shot with his penis    10/03/23  (5)
Protip: Don't Cheap Out On Non-Dairy Milks. Huge Quality Differences    10/03/23  (8)
If Ukraine loses, some people here are going to have complete mental breakdowns    10/03/23  (41)
I’m short and lived a pretty decent life. Taking questions    10/03/23  (4)
Surprised Monty Python not cancelled for mocking trannies (clip)    10/03/23  (2)
Libs prefer communism to apple pie and Jesus    10/03/23  (1)
TBF is Zappin and everyone knows it.    10/03/23  (30)
TBF/Zappin saga ends in DISBARMENT (you won't believe for who!)    10/03/23  (40)
12 minute video of Anthony Zappin bitching.    10/03/23  (23)
as a non-bitch boi, I am increasingly alienated from "xo culture"    10/03/23  (4)
Hey libs communism is shit and ruins countries    10/03/23  (1)

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