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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
What is Trump's best realistic outcome from tomorrow's debate?    09/28/20  (20)
After months of seeing houses/condos, gave in and copped a luxury apartment    09/28/20  (28)
Dating a girl who's extremely sexual. Bad move in the long-run?    09/28/20  (29)
Vote for Biden = endorsement of critical race theory    09/28/20  (77)
Lee Buchheit is the most articulate, brilliant, interesting BIGLAWyer (video)    09/28/20  (21)
Dating a man who's extremely sexual. Bad move in the long-run?    09/28/20  (1)
China taking over world while ur butthurt about "critical race theory"    09/28/20  (29)
i'm honestly, not flame, shocked that biden hasn't pulled out of the debates    09/28/20  (43)
Rate my life at 35 / What should I do (gambling addict)    09/28/20  (57)
*Dem fraud machine makin Matt Yglesias' "1 billion Americans" dream real in 2020    09/28/20  (2)
Check out this rap I recorded (Cowgod)    09/28/20  (8)
hehe    09/28/20  (3)
just got fired from a honda dealership in modesto. taking ?s    09/28/20  (24)
what's the cr EXOTIC PET to acquire?    09/28/20  (10)
you wouldn't download a car    09/28/20  (6)
it's getting dark too early    09/28/20  (12)
If you live in ARE country and can see stars, the ISS is over the US right now    09/28/20  (1)
Dumps UJ, CSLG into huge hamilton beach blender from simpsons halloween special    09/28/20  (2)
The Movie Disclosure is 180    09/28/20  (19)
Bad news Trumpmos: ACB was in a cult    09/28/20  (42)
SEC Atty Payscale > USAO and DOJ    09/28/20  (1)
If the old testament does not describe an afterlife, what happens to dead Jews?    09/28/20  (16)
Stamkos is raising the Cup tonight    09/28/20  (1)
Reported 911 outage nationwide. Use Xo for computer issues.    09/28/20  (1)
Man tries to pop "pimple" no his neck, severs carotid artery, dies (link)    09/28/20  (1)
hey upset jew go read the official democratic party platform dumbass    09/28/20  (3)
QVC host and guest argue as to whether the Moon is a planet or a star (vid)    09/28/20  (1)
lots of queensbridge poasters online rn    09/28/20  (12)
"I was told this was 'CR'" (obese HIV+ powerlifter Nazi on steroids w pet bird)    09/28/20  (41)
Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel coming *exclusively* to Phillips CDI    09/28/20  (1)
All right stop, ejaculate in prison, benzo's back with his ass in position    09/28/20  (90)
The world is immeasurably beautiful and there is no way to communicate this fact    09/28/20  (8)
Batgod literally believes CEOs can have schizophrenia NBD if they’re tall    09/28/20  (5)
if biden slips up for 3 seconds tomorrow it's all over    09/28/20  (2)
Work in corporate M&A. It's insane the shitty IT consulting companies we buy fro    09/28/20  (12)
Reminder: TO THE HILT    09/28/20  (59)
when did Chipotle become SPS?    09/28/20  (19)
Police Bodycam: halter-topped Amy Barrett meeting cops in driveway in South Bend    09/28/20  (3)
only root for nfl/cfb teams who let fans in stadium, cr?    09/28/20  (1)
Bump this thread if u r still 100% pulling for TRUMP    09/28/20  (539)
thought i was fired, guess microsoft is just down    09/28/20  (6)
lol movies literally have call outs to revised borders China wants    09/28/20  (2)
Trump has shot his wad. Biden has it in the bag    09/28/20  (44)
Think this guy gets more pussy than rich biglawyers?    09/28/20  (7)
in 24 hours biden is going to be exposed as feeble, senile, and corrupt    09/28/20  (1)
3DO shocks world with M2 release running custom GTX 3090 boards in SLI    09/28/20  (1)
Another VIOLENT NIGGER assaulting people.    09/28/20  (3)
man o' war singing "i'm baaaaaald" to tune of ja rule "i'm real"    09/28/20  (2)
Become a ravens fan Cr?    09/28/20  (1)
MSFT up as businesses globally depending on their software unable to do anything    09/28/20  (5)
everyone at the top of their field smokes cigs regularly    09/28/20  (1)
So long gay bowser!    09/28/20  (1)
REMINDER: King Solomon's harem housing was exponentially larger than Temple    09/28/20  (1)
Before XO I didn't even know that girls discussed "Big Marathi Cock"    09/28/20  (1)
ALL my FAGGY friends are back for MONDAY NIGHT    09/28/20  (1)
media goal is to demoralize Trumpmos. don't fall for it.    09/28/20  (57)
Miss St QB1 on pace to throw 8,000 yds this yr    09/28/20  (3)
outspoken Trumpmo xo Mike Leach 1st Place SEC We$t    09/28/20  (3)
The NYTimes article is really getting the board libs to come out of the woodwork    09/28/20  (1)
NEC Ultragrafx games are on 128GB SD cards    09/28/20  (1)
Nintendo launching tri-color Virtual Boy II; Confirmed Oculus-killer    09/28/20  (1)
Central Arkansas @ NDSU (Oct 3, 3:30 EST, Fargodome) *official thread*    09/28/20  (2)
libs being pro CCP is pretty mind blowing    09/28/20  (1)
Rate the drug cocktail they're putting in Biden's ass for the debate    09/28/20  (4)
rereading this book    09/28/20  (11)
Atari Caracal has 32GB NVRAM    09/28/20  (1)
Leach vs Saban (halloween night game)    09/28/20  (2)
Tell me about dat second coming    09/28/20  (4)
Rate my life at 47    09/28/20  (63)
Save us Michael Anton ur are only hoap    09/28/20  (1)
SEGA introduces new console. "PS5 and Xbox killer"    09/28/20  (10)
New Colecovision has 2000 512mb SSDs in RAID 0. Over 50x FASTER than PS5    09/28/20  (2)
how long to get ok at golf?    09/28/20  (3)
Cutie across the room from me. My move: autistically stare; mouth breath    09/28/20  (2)
hairy asian pussy is the best pussy    09/28/20  (3)
chad muska    09/28/20  (2)
huge microsoft outage    09/28/20  (10)
So Obeezy threatened to kill POTUS, tried blanked it, then went quotemo? Do I ha    09/28/20  (17)
Anyone else think Biden will overperform tomorrow?    09/28/20  (8)
If you can vote for Trump at least be honest about the damage it's doing    09/28/20  (5)
corona was only a publicity stunt for new SEGA console    09/28/20  (1)
Trump is going to DRAIN THE SWAMP, crooked elites are TOAST! (hillbilly voter)    09/28/20  (1)
emaciated jellyfish writes assfaggot in sand before dying of dehydration    09/28/20  (38)
retiring    09/28/20  (3)
Germany has their own Dr. Fauci -- and they listen to him    09/28/20  (4)
some conclusions i have drawn from smoking dmt    09/28/20  (166)
the mind of an Atlantic reading shrew is alien to me    09/28/20  (1)
PA repub party guy says MSM hack misquoted him to create fear re stolen election    09/28/20  (2)
Dems falling into exact same traps as 2016, bizarre    09/28/20  (6)
Serious Q: how do legit CRT believers rationalize not answering the jewish quest    09/28/20  (1)
Name a more iconic character than Brando’s Don Corleone    09/28/20  (2)
"3D chess" the trumpmo deadpanned as rikers guard inspected trumps asshold    09/28/20  (1)
Why don't you have a sugar baby or side sugar baby?    09/28/20  (7)
Can anyone link to thread where obeezy threatened to kill POTUS?    09/28/20  (3)
11% of voters undecided. wonder how trump paying $700 in taxes will sway electi    09/28/20  (1)
"3B is the orange chicken" (alzabo teaching me how to code)    09/28/20  (9)
I'm a Vegan, White Supremacist On Steroids, Here Are My Thoughts On Politics (xo    09/28/20  (30)
Why is nationalism preferable over GlobCap?    09/28/20  (39)
"subscribe to pewdiepie" *shoots up xo poaster's home*    09/28/20  (1)
What are some longterm side effects of Adderall discovered in the past 5 years?    09/28/20  (1)
slight headache, wooziness, slight fatigue, slight muscle aches. no fever (cont)    09/28/20  (7)
I’m an mfe and expect to be treated as such    09/28/20  (2)
lol even 4chan is saying they are having higher than normal lib levels tonight    09/28/20  (16)
Google logo is straight up 2 dudes fucking today    09/28/20  (18)
Bronx man hacks Grindr date to death with machete: cops    09/28/20  (6)
is there a way to ignore Upset Jew posts?    09/28/20  (8)
Politicucks missing the whole point    09/28/20  (2)
Debevoise associate gets charges against him dropped for rioting    09/28/20  (17)
Who is “8x matching” these political donations?    09/28/20  (4)
official Democrat platform is filled with critical theory shit    09/28/20  (31)
Lol at Christianity and theology teachers teaching Christianity and theology    09/28/20  (1)
So prince figured out this world is fake and the real world is in the afterlife?    09/28/20  (3)
GOP is doomed unless it articulates a coherent rebuttal to critical theory    09/28/20  (7)
Lmao that rach put the word “doobsian” in the word randomizer    09/28/20  (23)
Rate my life at 36    09/28/20  (9)
gakked out Biden 'calling a lid' 8 minutes into debate, eyes pooling with blood    09/28/20  (3)
"bro, you have to stop bringing your kitten into Panda," uspo told luis    09/28/20  (2)
Georgia Tech OMSCS is the best deal in Academia    09/28/20  (20)
I’ve done it. I’ve become 100% inauthentic    09/28/20  (1)
There is an entire genre of Youtube where people play music as if in a bathroom    09/28/20  (5)
*hiking* baby under legs to your bro standing behind you as wife screams    09/28/20  (5)
Did David foster wallace kill himself because no one understood him    09/28/20  (6)
Geography Now announces hiatus in anti-shitlib screed (vid)    09/28/20  (1)
TillichianSingles.net    09/28/20  (4)
Has anyone of you ever spoken to a medium?    09/28/20  (32)
Why do so many $250k debt bros hate on the OMSCS?    09/28/20  (2)
The perfect combination of disinterest and attachment disorder    09/28/20  (1)
just saw a hot chick in yoga pants taking off her top w/ her big tits busting ou    09/28/20  (18)
CIA sent 4 operators on a spy mission targeting China. None came back    09/28/20  (10)
Parscale's wife pictured fleeing and screaming for help in "barely there" bikini    09/28/20  (69)
Biden Not Worried About First Presidential Debate, Says Trump 'Not That Smart'    09/28/20  (57)
i want a zombie apocalypse survival permadeath mmo    09/28/20  (4)
Nothing trump has tried on biden has stuck yet    09/28/20  (21)
How many hours are you putting in working from home?    09/28/20  (2)
DAILY REMINDER: Trump Could Have Contained this and Failed    09/28/20  (173)
Trump to the Fed: I have a structured settlement but I need cash now    09/28/20  (8)
are rolex yachtmaster watches prole?    09/28/20  (3)
Guess Lindsay Lohan’s net worth without looking    09/28/20  (28)
Is Smash Mouth still being played repetitively?    09/28/20  (3)
You & ur college GF listening to Death Cab on blanket in quad on a Mon afternoon    09/28/20  (5)
some conclusions i have drawn from working remotely    09/28/20  (1)
That none of you bros are enjoying the utter ass raping of Azerbaijan is sad    09/28/20  (2)
Wesley Snipes "disgusted" by Trump's tax returns, will vote for first time in FL    09/28/20  (14)
hysterectomy pussy tp    09/28/20  (2)
I think Trump is kinda throwing election, he doesn't want to be POTUS    09/28/20  (18)
LJL, incel dorks *tipping* a virtual camgirl made of polygons    09/28/20  (5)
Is Smash Melee still being played competitively?    09/28/20  (8)

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