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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Any experience with Missouri girls?    04/13/24  (16)
Lol fuck the fraud..crazy all the dirty money with empty baseball seats    04/13/24  (4)
*rsf dabbing all 3000 times one of his victim's names is read at 9/11 vigil*    04/13/24  (20)
Shut it all down end it..you've been scammed you need to do fresh    04/13/24  (6)
Complete fraud continuing to get cheated and fucked    04/13/24  (3)
Elizabeth Smart spotted    04/13/24  (4)
Rising alcohol use among women is causing health issues, a study finds    04/13/24  (4)
Jordan Peterson blames Loser children for being bullied    04/13/24  (3)
what's the latest on the colon cancer poaster    04/13/24  (6)
For five hours, she and Mr. Simpson discussed the circumstances that led to the    04/13/24  (1)
future civilizations will wonder why we gave IsraelšŸ’°for nothing in return    04/13/24  (3)
'Teens' assault, attempt to rob Uber driver at gunpoint while filming attack    04/13/24  (2)
Abortion most important issue for suburban women    04/13/24  (2)
I was alone in this hostel. Midnight. Two smoking hot Australian chicks walk in.    04/13/24  (56)
Tiger shitting the bed    04/13/24  (2)
Tiger Woods is 180    04/13/24  (13)
Gourmand here. Mexican food is a top 3 world cuisine.    04/13/24  (127)
jews have no excuse    04/13/24  (19)
the Kamala Harris Era is nearly over    04/13/24  (1)
Staying in a hostel room with two 16yo British girls    04/13/24  (199)
what are some good hobbies for thing-doers in their 30s    04/13/24  (10)
a travel shrew sent me a beautiful selfie but im too autistic to know what 2 say    04/13/24  (9)
Azn women & white men in AGWWG relationships tend to have v high mutational load    04/13/24  (5)
Paul Skallas and Paul Town clasping arms like Arnold & Carl Weathers in Predator    04/13/24  (3)
"migrant" "boat boy" styling all over Tommy's sailing escapades    04/13/24  (1)
Fetterman now more lucid than Rand Pail    04/13/24  (15)
*** TSINAH IS GOING IN-HOUSE ***    04/13/24  (42)
"Objection, your honor. 'im gay' is hardly an excited utterance."    04/13/24  (1)
holed up in a Torrance motel room w my teen newhalf gf    04/13/24  (3)
Pajeet or pradeep?    04/13/24  (3)
Trumpmos you cant fraudulently funnel campaign $ to hooker then falsify records    04/13/24  (27)
The west has given ukraine $250 billion only for russia to butcher them    04/13/24  (61)
Board is dead today. Also, Israel's power grid is down.    04/13/24  (2)
Just saw "Civil War" - cool movie    04/13/24  (29)
not flame Iran just attacked Tel Aviv. It's happening    04/13/24  (3)
Libs rebranding 'boys' as 'temporarily embarrassed penis havers'    04/13/24  (16)
Golfmos, why don't they start The Masters at 10 am Eastern?    04/13/24  (6)
This is the most evil story I can remember from Covid.    04/13/24  (68)
everyone in Yemen and Gaza should be killed    04/13/24  (1)
man Karma Sushi really flopped huh? haha    04/13/24  (11)
I'm feeling very horny and daring today; I hope you don't mind    04/13/24  (3)
"And the poster 'To Be Fair', aka Sushmita Patel von Finkelstein--"    04/13/24  (2)
LA Times misidentifies OJ as "Trump" in its obituary    04/13/24  (12)
Heinie Toucher    04/13/24  (1)
"Tell me about The company culture" *pours Coffee in diaper*    04/13/24  (93)
Sounds like Iran is about to attack - link    04/13/24  (3)
What will become of OJ Simpson's children?    04/13/24  (12)
Rate this steak (T-bone)    04/13/24  (1)
180 docuseries: the death of yugoslavia (link)    04/13/24  (7)
Starting to worry about bombing a clearance (FizzKidd)    04/13/24  (20)
God I hate the fucking Merritt so much    04/13/24  (2)
“You are permanently banned from r/legaladvice.”    04/13/24  (1)
THIRTY    04/13/24  (2)
Starting to worry about bombing a federal building (FizzKidd)    04/13/24  (1)
Hiring an agent to sabotage and derail all discussions on a law board (USAJobs)    04/13/24  (1)
Guess which town I'm from.    04/13/24  (9)
tokyo vice is pretty cr    04/13/24  (18)
Mexican is the food of the niggers, what's the food of the Aryans?    04/13/24  (3)
How the hell does your interpreter steal $16M from you?    04/13/24  (64)
What are the most influential xo memes you started    04/13/24  (109)
"First, they will call you a gay retard who is wrong about everything. Then, you    04/13/24  (3)
Riddle: guy changes his underwear every time he jerks off. Why?    04/13/24  (1)
Anyone here ever been robbed at gunpoint?    04/13/24  (14)
TBF is a retarded glownigger unfortunately. Wish it wasn't true    04/13/24  (30)
Dating socially unacceptable woman is a 180 life hack    04/13/24  (18)
You: smoking tutu pipe. EPAH: dressing song in tutu skirt.    04/13/24  (1)
It's amazing how hard TBF glows    04/13/24  (24)
xo should not be readable to anyone without a tutu pipe    04/13/24  (11)
I can’t believe how horny I am rn    04/13/24  (10)
Skier tried to jump over highway, lands 3 inches from snow    04/13/24  (9)
wtf why is sugar so addictive    04/13/24  (1)
If Ron Goldman really did go into a "karate stance" vs OJ, he had it coming    04/13/24  (5)
lifting is flame and a waste of time unless you're genetically gifted    04/13/24  (6)
so tell me about the company culture. *casually lights up TuTu pipe*    04/13/24  (80)
Hey Agent Jenki- I mean To Be Fair, how’s your “redneck rebellion” coming    04/13/24  (6)
Claudine Gay and Ackman tweet will be Karlstack's life's most significant moment    04/13/24  (11)
death is gonna be sooooooo cr    04/13/24  (2)
Do you know any Idiot NPCs who always support the current thing for decades    04/13/24  (5)
weird how no one on xo talked abt diapers & then suddenly everyone in diapers    04/13/24  (9)
If there’s a war all the NPCs will become con again    04/13/24  (9)
about to buy a $500 stihl chainsaw, taking q's (TSINAH)    04/13/24  (4)
Turdskin woman tries to kill City Council for not endorsing Gaza ceasefire    04/13/24  (3)
So Israel will blow up Al-Aqsa and blame Iran?    04/13/24  (1)
Why is EPAH spamming with alts on a Saturday?    04/13/24  (1)
Gallup poll: support for Ukraine aid increases - link    04/13/24  (16)
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas / Benzo's in court again    04/13/24  (4)
Hey libs it counts as election fraud if you ask for evidence of election fraud    04/13/24  (1)
How did dems pull off undetected fraud in 7-8 different states?    04/13/24  (134)
why is no one killing shitlibs yet    04/13/24  (7)
Poll: Will Trumpmos get real mad and storm the courthouse next week?    04/13/24  (13)
Matt Gaetz: “Yes she was only 16, but she was EXPERIENCED”    04/13/24  (3)
What does Rach plan on doing about infamous racist Karlstack poasting here?    04/13/24  (1)
andrew luck coaching JV football in palo alto    04/13/24  (12)
how did every recruiter miss on tate martell    04/13/24  (1)
My girlfriend said she loved me. Should I say it back if I’m not sure?    04/13/24  (8)
ZZZ just sent me a five-figure payout not flame (TSINAH)    04/13/24  (105)
Anyone think Stebbins will beat Halford at UFC 300?    04/13/24  (1)
The media went completely berserk when Tom Cruise noted that psychiatry is flame    04/13/24  (26)
emily ratajkowski is the perfect woman    04/13/24  (5)
Charles may get his wish of a nuclear bomb dropping on DC    04/13/24  (1)
Going to XO OHIO tomorrow, Soo CR (RSF)    04/13/24  (57)
Men with Italian surnames pursuading you to support Israel is a real thing    04/13/24  (7)
AirBnB hosts can just cancel on you, hahaurfucked    04/13/24  (50)
why are MASE and gunnnnerrrat such insufferable pedants    04/13/24  (38)
Karlstack, thoughts on nick Fuentes?    04/13/24  (14)
Daily Bukowski quotes    04/13/24  (5)
Karlstack sucks and is stupid and gay and he's a shitty poaster    04/13/24  (11)
Thinking about another campaign (TSINAH)    04/13/24  (11)
"Did Schindler plagiarize his list? A fact based analysis" (Karlstack)    04/13/24  (1)
Think I’ll go to Peru next year    04/13/24  (2)
Wheel of Fortune is one of the last vestiges of old America    04/13/24  (14)
Indian lawyer files an “objection” accusing judge of racism every time she l    04/13/24  (107)
Most Prole Fruit Cantaloupe or Honeydew?    04/13/24  (26)
LIFEHACK: Sell house to OpenDoor,have them lease it back to you, refuse to leave    04/13/24  (1)
Golden Bachelor divorces as wife couldn't leave dream "compliance" job    04/13/24  (26)
Karen, an obese woman cut a wet, meaty fart on the sidewalk    04/13/24  (2)
Rank the members of girl group Blackpink (pics)    04/13/24  (44)
(((Max Homa))) dedicating Masters win to Israel    04/13/24  (1)
At 6'0"9/10'" (basically 6'1) I consider myself a true SHORT KING    04/13/24  (5)
didn't disco fries retire yesterday?    04/13/24  (29)
So Karen unretired?    04/13/24  (1)
*Names the Jew* *xo cheers* *but it's RSF* *Posters boo*    04/13/24  (2)
Lol that the DDOSer sleeps in until 1100 Eastern Time on weekends    04/13/24  (1)
Drop SOL wallet below and I will airdrop you an absolutely rancid shitcoin    04/13/24  (15)
insane that St. Louis's largest skyscraper just sold for $3.5 M    04/13/24  (9)
Sweden defense minister tells citizens: “210 years of peace are OVER”    04/13/24  (4)
watching benzo in court was our low-speed OJ chase    04/13/24  (5)
*** TSINAH IS THE SIZE OF A HOUSE ***    04/13/24  (1)
Africa’s First Caviar Dominating Top European Restaurants, u mad Birdshitz?    04/13/24  (10)
My life would be better if I could speak German fluently    04/13/24  (100)
had interview for tech job this week. manager mentioned "late stage capitalism"    04/13/24  (6)
Trump planning to commit perjury at next week’s trial    04/13/24  (3)
Rate this Disney technology from nearly 70 years ago (link)    04/13/24  (3)
Germany to give Ukraine another Patriot battery, Poland and Spain likely to foll    04/13/24  (2)
MTG implores women to exhibit good Christian values, gets destroyed in comments    04/13/24  (33)
So nerds can become scumbags/jocks, etc, but losers are always losers?    04/13/24  (9)
remember when prince tp got high on meth and was fascinated by high school    04/13/24  (3)
Gen Z Johnny Cochran telling jury Mark Fuhrman is "weird"    04/13/24  (3)
Taliban rollerblade patrol (link)    04/13/24  (15)
cucumbers tp seeking new job. $300k minimum. please hire me.    04/13/24  (3)
Boner Police leading XO Young Guns thru the tunnel with a C pinned to his diaper    04/13/24  (25)
TT and cslg opening a combination pizza hut/KFC    04/13/24  (1)
French asshole spent yrs pissing off neighbors to renovate apt he never lived in    04/13/24  (6)
Your iPhone is basically a glorified slot machine    04/13/24  (24)
Bort less active than office computer bloatware    04/13/24  (1)
Marsha Blackburn looks like she just got fucked in the shower    04/13/24  (17)

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