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Judge Cannon sending Kavanaugh bikini shots signed "Can't Wait 2 B with U:)"    07/15/24  (3)
Larry David's Dotter In A White Tank Top, Braless & Showing Nip (PIC)    07/15/24  (6)
everyone is bald and gay now    07/15/24  (1)
Secrer Service had 2 FULL MINUTES to kill the shooter (link)    07/15/24  (13)
The political class is genuinely scared shitless now    07/15/24  (1)
The more i read his gay posts, Consuela seems like a really nasty odious kike    07/15/24  (10)
radio silence from paul krugman    07/15/24  (14)
rate (scale of 1-10) this hot blonde who crashed her car into a popeyes chicken    07/15/24  (2)
🚑🚑 HOWARD STERN DEAD 🚑🚑    07/15/24  (1)
RIP Based Ricky (WIA from CSLG debacle, KIA yesterday), hello Reddit Ricky    07/15/24  (8)
How do guys get new GFs so quickly?    07/15/24  (34)
Interesting email signature: "(she/they)" What does that mean?    07/15/24  (7)
Ruling on $7.2M fees motion dropping July 8 🤞🤞    07/15/24  (90)
Karlstack now sucking Trump cock on X    07/15/24  (9)
The hallucinagenic Voulez-Vous scene in Mamma Mia is top level direction/editing    07/15/24  (4)
"My VP pick is a true Florida man folks, now lives in Michigan. He beat 13 lawsu    07/15/24  (10)
if ur not listening to voulez-vouz on adderall & caffeine on repeat ur insane    07/15/24  (16)
(((Krugman))): 'whites are losing power, numbers, this is good. the future is    07/15/24  (32)
Was this warming shot to Trump without actually trying to kill him?    07/15/24  (9)
Bhangra music getting louder as presidential limo approaches    07/15/24  (40)
Trump refuses to allow a 'shooter' to disrupt his travel plans    07/15/24  (3)
Fucking Buc-ee's...middle nowhere..prole population density of Tokyo.    07/15/24  (11)
50 Cent gonna perform at convention    07/15/24  (1)
12 Women Come Forward Alleging Sexually Assault By Whoever Trumps VP    07/15/24  (10)
Hiring managers, do you hire ppl that look like out of "central casting?"    07/15/24  (4)
Was in the desert all weekend with no wifi, did I miss anything?    07/15/24  (3)
I thought Trump prioritized "Central Casting" re: appointments? VP=Vance?!?!?    07/15/24  (4)
And the LORD showed Scalia all the land of NOLIBS & said this is the land    07/15/24  (81)
Consuela thinks there was no covid virus? lol    07/15/24  (2)
Trump dumping shooter’s ashes into a koi pond    07/15/24  (15)
poll: who is trump going to pick as vp? who do you want him to pick?    07/15/24  (9)
South Dakota's Wall Drug is 100x better than any freaking Buc-ee fraud    07/15/24  (2)
Buc-ee's = glorified truck stop...    07/15/24  (3)
Ben Shapiro was observing Shabbas when Trump was shot    07/15/24  (3)
Betting markets still have no idea who VP will be    07/15/24  (1)
How to buy TrumpCoin?    07/15/24  (2)
haven't heard from nocoiners in a while    07/15/24  (1)
Buc-ee's=freaking cult on the same level of Apple shills and cryptocurrency bull    07/15/24  (1)
Buc-ee's = best place to poop on nasty "INterstate"... That's it    07/15/24  (1)
POTUSES will start doing appearances in bulletproof Pope bubble    07/15/24  (1)
BREAKING: Judge dismisses Trump's classified documents case    07/15/24  (45)
Buc-ee's guy wearing beaver outfit makes something like $65,000/yr    07/15/24  (1)
Buc-ee's owner room full of tvs displaying camera feed from each location    07/15/24  (1)
If your not jerking your head in random directions every few seconds ur insane    07/15/24  (7)
weird how this TOTALLY random assassination came only after plans A-Y failed    07/15/24  (1)
I thought the media did not name shooters because it will encourage more?    07/15/24  (2)
When this old world starts getting me down And people are just too much for me t    07/15/24  (5)
Will Republicans still be wearing their AR-15 lapel pins to the RNC convention?    07/15/24  (7)
Trump: I Like Assassins Who Hit Their Targets. Tremendous Loser, This Crooks Guy    07/15/24  (2)
Trump: “especially soccer games, you hear a single shot, everybody runs”    07/15/24  (26)
its crazy that people work for other people's companies    07/15/24  (41)
They did the Vance! They did the JD Vance! The JD Vance!    07/15/24  (43)
Vance is not "Appalachian" he's from Middletown I grew up 2 neighborhoods down    07/15/24  (12)
Buc-ee's sues former employee for breaching lengthy employment contract early    07/15/24  (1)
Professional sniper: Crooks had help on the inside. Nothing else makes sense    07/15/24  (45)
every year it seems Fish & Games confirms grizz sighting in a new area    07/15/24  (7)
Taking my TALENT to Ulan Batar, Mongolia end of this month    07/15/24  (58)
In last-ditch effort to win back independents, Biden ends chicken tax on Toyota    07/15/24  (2)
LOL at jumping to conspiracies immediately    07/15/24  (7)
so, when head of SS fired or resigns? how hasn't that happened yet?    07/15/24  (2)
Home Gym Bros: Recs For Power Cage / What To Look For    07/15/24  (154)
Was trump also shot in the chest?    07/15/24  (10)
Was the Boston Marathon bombing a planned op    07/15/24  (5)
Eat my fuckin balls, Karen    07/15/24  (1)
Moose on Northern Plains? Three have been spotted in Nunn    07/15/24  (1)
*leaves ladder propped up next to only building in cow field, cookies and milk*    07/15/24  (1)
Just How Far Will Grizzlies Roam? As Far As People Will Tolerate    07/15/24  (1)
I have a small prick    07/15/24  (5)
I thought Trump prioritized "Backroom Casting" re: appointments? Stormy Daniels?    07/15/24  (1)
BREAKING: F&G confirms the first Grizzly Bear sighting west of I-15 in the Upper    07/15/24  (1)
Death to Amerikka..Fuck Buc-ee's...Fuk tow frauds...Fuk grizz    07/15/24  (1)
Opening line of Trump RNC speech re-write: "Did you MISS me?"    07/15/24  (1)
Fukk AMerikka & FUck Interstate "Freeways" & Death to Buc-ee’s    07/15/24  (2)
Buc-ee's is a really large gas station. WOW lets travel 50 miles to see it    07/15/24  (1)
King Charles Uses 36 Point Spacing Between Paragraphs (PIC)    07/15/24  (5)
Lance "Carlos" Alcatraz Dancing With Krejickova At Champions Ball (VID) #tennis    07/15/24  (7)
I'm Jewish y'all    07/15/24  (1)
Burn down each&every Buc-ee’s...Walmart and 7-11 had an illegitimate love chil    07/15/24  (1)
JD Vance seen departing home via motorcade (link)    07/15/24  (1)
What do Jimmy Carter's SS agents do all day?    07/15/24  (36)
rate my prediction re Electoral College map    07/15/24  (2)
if you have emotionally charged opinion on 'Appalachians', you're Asian    07/15/24  (4)
Fuck Amerikkkan interstates....even the so-called "Beautiful" ones    07/15/24  (1)
"Mainlining" is of relatively "low quality," ie, a gay Asian who should go back    07/15/24  (5)
PLTR    07/15/24  (3)
Vance Motorcade Arrives at Dollar General (vid)    07/15/24  (4)
Anytime smth good or ok happens, I like to imagine how conseula will blackpill    07/15/24  (3)
The shooter knew that rooftop wasn't guarded. That's kind of odd    07/15/24  (2)
I am boiling over with rage at libs rn    07/15/24  (1)
Holocaust was a fucking MYTH you stupid retarded mouthbreathing FUCKS    07/15/24  (1)
Amerikkkan population is of relatively "low quality" by Western $tandards    07/15/24  (7)
There were people that thought we'd be better off with RON DESANTIS right now    07/15/24  (1)
HYPO: How much $ to drive solo from S. Africa to India?    07/15/24  (27)
G. Ford's SS got to ski Beaver Creek almost every day for years    07/15/24  (4)
Just sayin if I did Marines and got whiteboy affirmative action like JD Vance Id    07/15/24  (9)
They tried to kill Trump but failed    07/15/24  (3)
who is on the US Olympic pickleball team?    07/15/24  (4)
Rooftop where gunman shot at Trump was identified as a security vulnerability be    07/15/24  (7)
Morty Vance changed his name to JD upon graduating from law school    07/15/24  (1)
jayden deejay “jd” vance, j.d.    07/15/24  (6)
JD Vance Power & Associates    07/15/24  (3)
The One Who Recognized Jerusalem Saved By The One Who Created Jerusalem    07/15/24  (9)
Wimbledon Champ Krejcikova Trying To Speak Chink (VID) #tenis    07/15/24  (2)
Politico: Trump Once Unified Democrats and Divided Republicans. Not Anymore.    07/15/24  (1)
Rosalynn Carter: "I'm proud to announce we've completed Human Instrumentality"    07/15/24  (10)
From the roof of Marco Rubio Toyota, a perfect sightline to BARGAINS! Target one    07/15/24  (7)
Need Vance's take on Hicklibs before making final judgment. Those are his folk    07/15/24  (1)
XO Fitness Bros: Tentative Decision Is Titan T-3 w Lat Pulldown Attachment. Rate    07/15/24  (7)
🚨🚨 It’s J.D. Vance for VP!!!!!!!!!! 🚨🚨    07/15/24  (3)
JD Vance entering The Beast by sliding through the window    07/15/24  (1)
Rumors that Nikki Haley is getting a VP push    07/15/24  (7)
How did Vance not see through the lib bullshit in 2016?    07/15/24  (3)
weekly GFs, on the reg    07/15/24  (1)
It might be vivek    07/15/24  (3)
Just bought a Thermomix Gold    07/15/24  (5)
Vance family selling Benjy's field to send JD to law school    07/15/24  (2)
So the shooter was 20, was in a Blackrock ad, but NO social media?    07/15/24  (1)
lol at what an utter and complete loser that shooter was    07/15/24  (1)
JD Vance & Meemaw hang gliding through the holler looking for possums    07/15/24  (8)
Trump, Biden issue statement calling for unity, trade-ins of old model cars    07/15/24  (2)
Oh wow my Myers Briggs test says I’m Tall!    07/15/24  (2)
hi-speed cam shows trump moving in “bullet time” on stage (vid)    07/15/24  (2)
This "Destiny" character is exact same Myers Briggs, Big 5, whatever as Benzo    07/15/24  (13)
I can't believe a former XO POASTER is going to be VP LMAO    07/15/24  (20)
Chris Christie literally pulled Rubio’s pants down on stage and molested him    07/15/24  (21)
Here at JOE BIDEN FORD, check out our Model F's. Model 150s! Excuse me. F-150s.    07/15/24  (2)
Ree Tardy Oswald    07/15/24  (2)
SS waved to sniper to move aside, so they could monitor more distant buildings    07/15/24  (3)
They gonna move on him like a bitch again at convention?    07/15/24  (1)
JD Vance is based and ppl counter signaling him are retarded    07/15/24  (6)
Going out on a limb but Biden will choose a new Silverado as his VP    07/15/24  (9)
Trump-Scott 2024 T-Shirts Spotted in Ouagadougou (AP)    07/15/24  (1)
Jack Black w/ conciliatory statement in national mood for unity, healing    07/15/24  (7)
We must secure the existence of our people and a future for children named Vivek    07/15/24  (2)
Hawk Tua girl on flight to Milwaukee (link)    07/15/24  (1)
going to spend 3-4 days driving Blue Ridge Parkway - any pointers?    07/15/24  (5)
Here at JOE BIDEN FORD, the deals are so unforgettable that even I remember them    07/15/24  (3)
Singing Embassy in Jerusalem to the tune of Holiday in Cambodia    07/15/24  (2)
Biz idea: combine two N95 masks and sell it as the N190 mask    07/15/24  (6)
Chances a Biden VP takes over would be 100%. A Trump VP still over 50%    07/15/24  (1)
JD Vance, Vivek, and Tommy Turdskin attending "White Power Picnic" w their India    07/15/24  (1)
Most scenic "drive" in Amerikkka?    07/15/24  (2)
Shinzo Abe flinging Zyn can like ninja star to deflect bullet from Trump    07/15/24  (12)
Trumps RNC Speech: UFOs, JFK, COVID    07/15/24  (2)

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