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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Are hybrid cars flame? Thinking of getting a toyota corolla for $23.5k    01/18/21  (4)
Bumble files for IPO    01/18/21  (1)
ELECTION FRAUD MASTERMEN: link to single strongest item of proof    01/18/21  (38)
Inflation is insane right now.    01/18/21  (3)
theory: evan39 is SVP of Legal at Kroger    01/18/21  (47)
cold cuts are the last stand of implicit white identity    01/18/21  (1)
Anybody else have tickets for the MEGA MILLIONS $850M drawing?    01/18/21  (3)
ITT: Name ur price range, ur current guns/gear, I give buy list 4 civil war    01/18/21  (234)
Dr Kroger on Monk was a good dood    01/18/21  (1)
Would wearing a "Beijing Biden" shirt in a shitlib city piss off libs?    01/18/21  (4)
“And I’ll be there with you!” *goes back to Whitehouse*    01/18/21  (19)
Who lives in the worst neighborhood on xo?    01/18/21  (15)
Jesse Lee Peterson is the black lawman8    01/18/21  (2)
Have any poasters left lib cities for FL/TX yet?    01/18/21  (53)
Which was more of a mistake: COVID lockdowns, Iraq War, Vietnam War    01/18/21  (1)
From: HR; Re: Your 1999 Service as VP of College Republicans Club    01/18/21  (1)
if you use #stopthesteal on Twitter, it demands ur phone # now.    01/18/21  (7)
Peace loving Trumpmos: No more stupid wars! *storms US capitol like violent mob*    01/18/21  (2)
What's your favorite "law activity" that you do for work?    01/18/21  (28)
ok which Trumpmo poaster was this (xo dm)    01/18/21  (8)
Food prices are insane. Making your own Kroger ham sandwich costs like 20 bucks    01/18/21  (50)
DTP was cited in a scholarly book about crypto    01/18/21  (21)
New bill to install a wall and border around the US Capitol, Libs?    01/18/21  (5)
Didn’t MLK rape some lady or watch it happen?    01/18/21  (10)
tons of kroger content rn    01/18/21  (3)
Having a very Kroger-forward first quarter    01/18/21  (1)
So the crypto bubble is being pumped up by fraudulent Tether issuances?    01/18/21  (16)
Potential strategic buyers of Twitter    01/18/21  (17)
Whatever happened to short quotemo and the tezos lawsuit    01/18/21  (2)
Navarro and Trump giggle as their flying machine blows through time zones    01/18/21  (3)
"Barron Trump is Currently Hovering 400 feet above White House" (NBC)    01/18/21  (19)
Putin going soft- Navalny only locked up for 30 days - link    01/18/21  (1)
me & assfaggot sipping kroger brand cola reading diff copies of same nazi biogra    01/18/21  (9)
By the way, Trump punted Victoria Nuland from the State Department, too    01/18/21  (9)
MPA is a homunculus trapped inside a plastic kroger cold cuts tub    01/18/21  (5)
Cobra Kai Season 3    01/18/21  (34)
MPA banned from intro to macro study group for saying LET'S GET FISCAL    01/18/21  (3)
MPA's bald spot staring at u from behind a green glass jar    01/18/21  (2)
Trump won Nov. 3. You can't ratify known fraud.    01/18/21  (20)
I believe in One Nation, Under God, of HANK HILL HEROES    01/18/21  (5)
what state gets fucked the most by Keystone Pipeline cancellation?    01/18/21  (1)
-45 + 45 = ?    01/18/21  (1)
come poast in my thread    01/18/21  (4)
Biden will be forced to step down, election cases will confirm Trump victory.    01/18/21  (41)
Luis, I have the perfect job for you.    01/18/21  (4)
KILL ALL OF THE NIGGERS!    01/18/21  (26)
Anyone have a peloton    01/18/21  (42)
Best place to get a few dumbbells?    01/18/21  (17)
hey    01/18/21  (3)
Many "smart" people don't realize that you take out money for retirement slowly    01/18/21  (23)
Jew bros, any of your family involved with secret control of world affairs?    01/18/21  (35)
Client just told me he was sent from god to bring joy to my wife (CSLG)    01/18/21  (1)
Signed 16 clients in the last two days (CSLG)    01/18/21  (17)
Any APARTMENT INVESTORS on the board? How to identify first deal?    01/18/21  (6)
Client just told me I was sent from god to bring joy to his life (CSLG)    01/18/21  (4)
xoxo needs to be hardened against the coming censorship storm    01/18/21  (1)
I’m looking at buying a RAV4 Hybrid    01/18/21  (59)
First time I got screamed at for not wearing a mask was today    01/18/21  (92)
“He wears the biggest mask you’ve ever seen” (pic)    01/18/21  (2)
assfaggot do u sniff cold cuts before u buy them    01/18/21  (3)
Biden afraid Trumpmos among the National Guard in DC will try to kill him (link)    01/18/21  (12)
I’ve got a family of 6 - should we look into CostCo?    01/18/21  (5)
since now aware nefarious forces are at work, what conspiracies should i revisit    01/18/21  (1)
TRUMP shouting "MyPillow! MyPillow! My kingdom for a MyPillow!"    01/18/21  (7)
stylin' all over A|X in my Jos. A Bank LAW suit    01/18/21  (1)
20 staff out in the world making money for me (CSLG)    01/18/21  (4)
To my big brother CSLG - the emptiest suit in town.    01/18/21  (3)
Henry Aaron so distraught not even one of his homemade cumcicles cheers him    01/18/21  (18)
Who uses the word "explicate" when you can use "explain"?    01/18/21  (15)
i didn't do it | I don't even know how to do it | didn't even know this could ha    01/18/21  (1)
It's another NEW JACK SWING kind of morning here on the 'zo.    01/18/21  (33)
*retarded prole in a punisher shirt searching pelosi's desk for nuclear codes*    01/18/21  (8)
Biden's "inauguration" postponed indefinitely?    01/18/21  (1)
Joker but it's Cum Town inviting MPA onto the podcast to make fun of him    01/18/21  (8)
for the good of the board it's time to ban Henry Aaron    01/18/21  (2)
Hitler had FDR/Churchill/Stalin beat on phenotype    01/18/21  (21)
RE: Fwd: Newt Gingrich - Why I could care less what Newt Gingrich thinks    01/18/21  (2)
how is this even possible    01/18/21  (1)
Besides fruit, are there other sources of "good" sugar?    01/18/21  (22)
Fwd: Newt Gingrich - Why I will not accept Joe Biden as president    01/18/21  (27)
Capitol rioter threatened to shoot kids if they told FBI about DC trip    01/18/21  (2)
COVID fatality rate in the USA is about 0.53%    01/18/21  (21)
Son of Dorito executive bizarrely included on Trump pardon list    01/18/21  (2)
What does xo think about the storming the capitol stuff    01/18/21  (105)
That feeling when you realize that "we" lost WW2    01/18/21  (9)
"Bill Nye the Weimar Guy" theme emanating from TV as ur kids watch trannies twer    01/18/21  (5)
REMINDER: As lawyer you took oath to defend constitution. If you recognize Biden    01/18/21  (15)
If you know who George Soros is, you are an antisemite.    01/18/21  (1)
(Lib *tanking own share value to censor claims*): nothing to see here!    01/18/21  (1)
holocaust museum designed by jack nicklaus    01/18/21  (3)
Trumpmos: "They put tracking chips in vaccines" *walks into Capitol w/ cell on*    01/18/21  (21)
“DIE SWAMP LIBS” screams Nurse Henry as he vaults astride theWashington Monu    01/18/21  (9)
"anal street my ass" fumed henry aaron walking down street w 34 bootleg purses    01/18/21  (5)
"I had ASSURANCES!" shrieks Henry Aaron as the Farmers Market closes early    01/18/21  (1)
lol at Tulsi just not giving a FUCK about this obvious yoga pants cameltoe    01/18/21  (51)
biglaw I think Trump TV already exists and it's called MSNBC    01/18/21  (1)
"you've made a powerful enemy" muttered henry to clerk roping off produce sectio    01/18/21  (39)
"I never though I'd be so into anal", muttered whok as the 80th man    01/18/21  (10)
“It is what it is” sighed Nurse Henry as he lowered himself onto the eggplan    01/18/21  (29)
Voodoo Child: Nonstop MAGA Rants / Nurse Henry: Anus blownout by Eggplants    01/18/21  (36)
So nothing new is going on in DC right now?    01/18/21  (1)
Is it a huge mistake to hire a genuinely hot secretary/paralegal?    01/18/21  (12)
How many Books do you plan to read in 2021?    01/18/21  (10)
the post nut clarity after cheatmoing haunting    01/18/21  (1)
Lately I've met a bunch of people who are foreveralone    01/18/21  (1)
"Queen's Gambit" except it's Henry Aaron shoving chess pieces up his asshole    01/18/21  (9)
I’m currently on a 2022 Senate campaign    01/18/21  (27)
"I'm sorry Henry, but Mr. Epstein doesn't want anymore masseurs" (Maxwell files)    01/18/21  (13)
Henry Aaron put down the candy and let the little boy go    01/18/21  (18)
Holy shit is this a Tulsi nipslip?    01/18/21  (4)
Voodoo Child: Phony Tough ShitKicker / Nurse Henry: Convicted BedPan Licker    01/18/21  (9)
"Ohhh, Libs are really dun!" -Henry Aaron touring watermelon farm in daisy dukes    01/18/21  (69)
we can't have free speech because women get offended. (twins)    01/18/21  (3)
Richard Spencer/Alt-Right did more to move the overton window than everyone else    01/18/21  (57)
Kenny, if CSLG told you had to fuck his wife, what’s your play?    01/18/21  (3)
"So, Kamala will move against you first. She'll set up a meeting with someone.."    01/18/21  (56)
the enemy's only weapon is demoralization. be cheery! (twins)    01/18/21  (9)
LJL shitlibs: THIS is your D.C. National Guard    01/18/21  (57)
CAPTION this New Yorker cartoon (pic)    01/18/21  (17)
Quakelivetournaments.com hailed as a "21st century agora" by leading intellectua    01/18/21  (5)
Can't stop Lol'ing about those Seattle BLM protestors doing somersaults off that    01/18/21  (17)
American here    01/18/21  (1)
by now I expect u have verified what I said (twins)    01/18/21  (1)
"The highest rhetorical device is that wherein the speaker simply ignores    01/18/21  (1)
All libs I know are so scared about the inauguration    01/18/21  (2)
Since Charles is gone, I guess I'll review Ready Player Two    01/18/21  (414)
Hold my beer, guys    01/18/21  (2)
ungghh Becky, he's staying safe, social distancing & sheltering in place    01/18/21  (1)
God damn pregnant women are sexy as fuck    01/18/21  (18)
Seeing a naked pregnant woman makes me 10/10 horny, am I alone?    01/18/21  (10)
exeunt, thoughts on ADA these days?    01/18/21  (11)
Do you think Zizek would sue me if I vaporwaved him saying "IDEOLOGY"?    01/18/21  (7)
Zizek repairing your Yugo GV in 1987 rambling about "ideology"    01/18/21  (12)
Rudolph the hook nosed kike queer. Lied about his army clothes    01/18/21  (99)
*The invisible hand of the market grabbing another slice* (CGM)    01/18/21  (6)
a Jimmy Eat World based political framework    01/18/21  (1)
Is golf as expensive and time consuming as it seems?    01/18/21  (69)
Wife is a political commissar for the left, a Covid Nazi, it’s a living hell    01/18/21  (79)
Rate this 22 yo capitol riot girl    01/18/21  (19)
Hologram of Biden walks out accompanied by Mandarin translator    01/18/21  (3)
8 Racy Fantasies about MLK’s Dreamstick (Teen Vogue)    01/18/21  (1)
Where to find out how to be stylish?    01/18/21  (9)
Angela Merkel “goes there”: Quarantine breakers to be “sent to camps” (l    01/18/21  (3)
The Trump Presidency TV Show finale: will it be the capitol riot?    01/18/21  (4)
How to avoid a wife like Thunder Collins'?    01/18/21  (4)
rate this slutty doctor    01/18/21  (123)
People actually pay 30% of a car's MSRP just to lease it for 3 yrs?    01/18/21  (45)
Tom Brady throws TD pass to Drew Brees' SON not flame (link)    01/18/21  (8)
Fleshlight TP is right about this: you simply can't be long term w sex freak wom    01/18/21  (1)
Cost of living is too high    01/18/21  (103)

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