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Trump just HINTED the VP pick is someone not DISCUSSED before    07/15/24  (16)
really hoap trump picks someone cool as his vp    07/15/24  (2)
It's RFK Jr.!!!! (Link)    07/15/24  (16)
xoxohth.com/careers    07/15/24  (2)
Tim Tebow on plane to Wisconsin right now    07/15/24  (1)
Why is VIVEK so unlikeable and why did he poll so poorly?    07/15/24  (9)
The Wizard of Oz was peak moviemaking    07/15/24  (8)
TT: I found the perfect azn girl for you (pic)    07/15/24  (9)
Trump reportedly "sizing up" Seattle grocery clerk to be his VP    07/15/24  (135)
# of poasters who think Israel will exist in 12 months = 0.00    07/15/24  (1)
It may not be Marco, but there’s still TONS of TOP TICKET DEALS at Rubio Toyot    07/15/24  (2)
Trump: "Holograms have done many things! Just see Tupac. But a Hologram VP??"    07/15/24  (2)
We WANT them to come in LEGALLY -- like USHA Vance! Ooh-SHA *over-enunciates*    07/15/24  (11)
TDNW in two years: Trump giving Ukraine to Putin was actually a great move for U    07/15/24  (2)
antisemitism.com/careers    07/15/24  (5)
JD Vance is ‘99 percent’ certain to be Trump’s running mate, campaign sour    07/15/24  (4)
Tim Dillon's EMERGENCY BROADCAST with Alex Jones is heart warming    07/15/24  (12)
TRUMP holding Apprentice style CONTEST for VP at the RNC    07/15/24  (2)
jd prance! the vice president dance!    07/15/24  (4)
Kid Rock just cancelled all his upcoming performances    07/15/24  (1)
Danzig alters Misfits “Bullet” lyric to “ride Donny ride”    07/15/24  (1)
some poor guy bleeding out at Trump rally, took bullet meant for Trump    07/15/24  (3)
Why Is Trump Going With Unity Cuck Bullshit? Libs Are The Enemy    07/15/24  (41)
IT's Don Jr.    07/15/24  (1)
Rumors that Nikki Haley is getting a VP push    07/15/24  (12)
John Kasich on a plane to Milwaukee. Can't believe this.    07/15/24  (1)
The Fleshy Part of the Ear    07/15/24  (2)
Here’s your SS detail Mr. President. She’s 5’3” HR ninja with a bowl cut    07/15/24  (2)
Trump: I've changed. I love everyone. *lib corpses seen floating in sewage canal    07/15/24  (1)
Shooter once again adds credence to Cowgod theories.    07/15/24  (13)
*White House phone rings at 4AM* *Trump answers w/ VP Vivek's tongue up his ass*    07/15/24  (23)
Vivek walks on stage to accept VP in authentic formal sherwani    07/15/24  (7)
Professional sniper: Crooks had help on the inside. Nothing else makes sense    07/15/24  (49)
Main takeaway of the assassination attempt - US is a shithole overrun with guns    07/15/24  (19)
“Archie” comics introduces trans character    07/15/24  (4)
Americans used to idealize rural life (aka Wizard of Oz, 1939) - now despise it?    07/15/24  (15)
Trump was JFK Jr. all along    07/15/24  (1)
BREAKING: IT'S RUBIO!    07/15/24  (4)
poll: who is trump going to pick as vp? who do you want him to pick?    07/15/24  (12)
Amazing how many people are losing jobs today for social media posts    07/15/24  (2)
Bhangra music getting louder as presidential limo approaches    07/15/24  (41)
Trump supporters get bullets, Trump offers 'unity' to their (((killers)))    07/15/24  (1)
FBI Employee Expressed Disappointment That Trump Lived    07/15/24  (4)
Shooter's 50 kill killstreak ends in spectacular failure after tac nuke misfires    07/15/24  (1)
First Post-Assassination Attempt Poll: TRUMP (10+)    07/15/24  (8)
Soccer Fags: Who Cares About "The Euros." Sounds Like A Season AL East Tourney    07/15/24  (7)
FBI can't unlock shooter's phone. Very odd case    07/15/24  (3)
Why the fuck is the secret service director a woman    07/15/24  (72)
It's Youngkin folks    07/15/24  (2)
just some based 1488 bros with jewish fever-dream dread of 'the midwest'    07/15/24  (4)
I can’t lie, I’m struggling a little without KamalaSexy’s presence online    07/15/24  (2)
2002: BF1942 with int’l buddies; 2024: “Intolerable Whiteness of 1942 USA”    07/15/24  (13)
Trump supporters knew the shooter had a gun before Secret Service did (link)    07/15/24  (5)
I think I found peak reddit    07/15/24  (2)
BREAKING: Judge dismisses Trump's classified documents case    07/15/24  (59)
It's down to Vance, Youngkin, or Carson    07/15/24  (1)
Reddit is deleting pics of Trump raising his fist after shooting (link)    07/15/24  (1)
BURGEM OUT: Burgem has received the call notifying him he will not be VP    07/15/24  (3)
rate (scale of 1-10) this hot blonde who crashed her car into a popeyes chicken    07/15/24  (15)
It's DBG everyone! DBG is the VP pick!    07/15/24  (1)
MALIK OBAMA ANNOUNCED AS TRUMP VP! (link)    07/15/24  (1)
Chinks, and Turds, and Jews, Oh My! *Dorothy in The Wonderful Wizard of ZoZo    07/15/24  (4)
It will be Ben Carson btw    07/15/24  (7)
OYT: $JMIA loves you, my friend    07/15/24  (65)
Computer Farthole    07/15/24  (2)
Dorothy’s dress from Wizard of Oz, missing for 50 years, found in a shoebox    07/15/24  (4)
Trump: Sorry folks, he's still too short    07/15/24  (1)
Trump throws a curveball - Mike Pence running it back as VP    07/15/24  (1)
Rubio is out? Rubio is OUT?    07/15/24  (1)
Ben Carson will Trump's VP pick (MASE)    07/15/24  (65)
Uncle Ben's Rice but with Ben Carson's face    07/15/24  (1)
Don’t let them memoryhole that the 2020 election was blatantly stolen    07/15/24  (31)
Very satisfying to hear the toilet gagging trying to swallow a giant shit    07/15/24  (2)
Max IQ to think Rubio has a shot?    07/15/24  (4)
Hot mom of kids’ friends just propositioned me- how to respond?    07/15/24  (56)
Israeli government has been silent since the botched assassination. They're dead    07/15/24  (9)
Interesting observation about shooting into crowds    07/15/24  (1)
"Political prosecutions must end! And only the AG can decide who to prosecute."    07/15/24  (1)
Who else is still an Israelcuck besides MASE and two dozen pumos right now?    07/15/24  (26)
RUBIO OUT: Rubio reports that he has been told he will not be VP    07/15/24  (3)
LOL it's Ben Carson    07/15/24  (1)
Libs RIOTING in Milwaukee. “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA!”    07/15/24  (3)
Would be sick if Trump announced everyone gets early access to CFB 25 tonight    07/15/24  (1)
why do so many poasters retire after copping dat breakfast    07/15/24  (1)
The Good Witch of the North is disturbingly Wizard of Oz-phobic IMO.    07/15/24  (4)
The State of Israel is dying and has no hope for the future    07/15/24  (1)
How do guys get new GFs so quickly?    07/15/24  (42)
most of you look like Jon Lovitz, so which Jew Clique is that?    07/15/24  (2)
As lawyers think we'll get good position in Project 2025    07/15/24  (1)
Ruling on $7.2M fees motion dropping July 8 🀞🀞    07/15/24  (94)
IT'S HUTCHINSON! Come on down, Asa    07/15/24  (1)
The only man I love more than trump is alex jones    07/15/24  (1)
closed captioning friend says it's TRUMP/HALEY    07/15/24  (2)
After the "Destiny" meltdown yesterday, imagine the rage tweets if Trump wins    07/15/24  (4)
nonwhites don't even have 'cliques,' just interchangeable brownish biomass    07/15/24  (1)
Who will be Trump's chief retribution czar?    07/15/24  (1)
POTUSES will start doing appearances in bulletproof Pope bubble    07/15/24  (3)
HYPO: How much $ to drive solo from S. Africa to India?    07/15/24  (29)
From the roof of Marco Rubio Toyota, a perfect sightline to BARGAINS! Target one    07/15/24  (8)
no, not those nearby ones, rookie. we focus on rooftops 1000+ yards away.    07/15/24  (1)
Any reporting yet on the shooter’s height?    07/15/24  (2)
This is the end of the world    07/15/24  (2)
Zappin & Cannon, LLP    07/15/24  (45)
What do Jimmy Carter's SS agents do all day?    07/15/24  (38)
Just Got My EU Passport. Disturbing Amount Of Jesus Motifs    07/15/24  (9)
Burgem/Vance/Youngkin/Rubio all at RNC waiting to be told who's VP    07/15/24  (3)
Jewish shitlib neighbors going apeshit about gaza graffiti lmao    07/15/24  (2)
xo poster giving you the 'GFE': Gay Faggot Experience    07/15/24  (3)
TDNW never posts about politics now because he knows Trump will abandon Ukraine    07/15/24  (34)
Judge Cannon sending Kavanaugh bikini shots signed "Can't Wait 2 B with U:)"    07/15/24  (7)
Ree Tardy Oswald    07/15/24  (4)
Here’s your SS detail Mr. President. She’s 5’3” with an attitude    07/15/24  (38)
She could be 5’3” with an attitude, or 5’2” kinda snotty actin’ real r    07/15/24  (1)
I’m the Ole’ JD, as you can see, FBI dont you be watching me    07/15/24  (1)
Did somebody say 'shots fired'? Folks hit the deck, because these prices can't g    07/15/24  (1)
JD Vance Power & Associates    07/15/24  (6)
Glenn Youngkin leading VP betting markets currently    07/15/24  (3)
I can't believe a former XO POASTER is going to be VP LMAO    07/15/24  (22)
Trump: "VP ANNOUNCEMENT TODAY? It could happen...but I haven't decided yet!"    07/15/24  (3)
LMAO the cop “retreated down the ladder” after he encountered Crooks    07/15/24  (99)
The more i read his gay posts, Consuela seems like a really nasty odious kike    07/15/24  (12)
Vance Motorcade Arrives at Dollar General (vid)    07/15/24  (5)
Larry David's Dotter In A White Tank Top, Braless & Showing Nip (PIC)    07/15/24  (8)
Karlstack now sucking Trump cock on X    07/15/24  (10)
Trump dumping shooter’s ashes into a koi pond    07/15/24  (18)
re: the consuela v. ricky feud, i stand with the mentally ill, megapoasting kike    07/15/24  (7)
If it's Vance, Trump immediately loses all momentum he had    07/15/24  (2)
Shitlibs getting FIRED over social media statements supporting the assassination    07/15/24  (4)
Trump: I Like Assassins Who Hit Their Targets. Tremendous Loser, This Crooks Guy    07/15/24  (5)
Was the Boston Marathon bombing a planned op    07/15/24  (6)
The political class is genuinely scared shitless now    07/15/24  (2)
xo poaster with stable of new GFs    07/15/24  (1)
Shinzo Abe flinging Zyn can like ninja star to deflect bullet from Trump    07/15/24  (14)
we have the best 'shooters,' don't we, folks. so many, many shots, not just one    07/15/24  (1)
Was in the desert all weekend with no wifi, did I miss anything?    07/15/24  (7)
The Swift/Kelce fraud BS can't stay out of things can they?    07/15/24  (1)
Trump: “especially soccer games, you hear a single shot, everybody runs”    07/15/24  (31)
if you didnt put $200k into VOO in Nov 2023 you lost out on 40%+ returns lmao    07/15/24  (6)
πŸš‘πŸš‘ HOWARD STERN DEAD πŸš‘πŸš‘    07/15/24  (2)
everyone is bald and gay now    07/15/24  (1)
Secrer Service had 2 FULL MINUTES to kill the shooter (link)    07/15/24  (13)
radio silence from paul krugman    07/15/24  (14)
RIP Based Ricky (WIA from CSLG debacle, KIA yesterday), hello Reddit Ricky    07/15/24  (8)
Interesting email signature: "(she/they)" What does that mean?    07/15/24  (7)
The hallucinagenic Voulez-Vous scene in Mamma Mia is top level direction/editing    07/15/24  (4)
"My VP pick is a true Florida man folks, now lives in Michigan. He beat 13 lawsu    07/15/24  (10)
if ur not listening to voulez-vouz on adderall & caffeine on repeat ur insane    07/15/24  (16)
(((Krugman))): 'whites are losing power, numbers, this is good. the future is    07/15/24  (32)

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