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BREAKING: Judge dismisses Trump's classified documents case    07/15/24  (2)
HYPO: How much $ to drive solo from S. Africa to India?    07/15/24  (10)
Taking my TALENT to Ulan Batar, Mongolia end of this month    07/15/24  (26)
BREAKING: New Charges Against Trump    07/15/24  (2)
Professional sniper: Crooks had help on the inside. Nothing else makes sense    07/15/24  (22)
did Judge Cannon toss the whole case bc Jack Smith is illegal?    07/15/24  (3)
LMAO the cop “retreated down the ladder” after he encountered Crooks    07/15/24  (94)
Israel and Ukraine are finished. Sorry MASE (ISRAEL) and RSF (BOTH)    07/15/24  (1)
People like EPAH, Rudolph, Benzo, and other board libs will need to go to prison    07/15/24  (6)
TDNW never posts about politics now because he knows Trump will abandon Ukraine    07/15/24  (22)
Who else is still an Israelcuck besides MASE and two dozen pumos right now?    07/15/24  (9)
SS Job Description: 1. Looking for snipers. 2._______. 3. See 1.    07/15/24  (2)
HIMARS strike takes out Russian airbase    07/15/24  (1)
Dem nominee: BIden 72c, Harris 17c    07/15/24  (14)
PLTR    07/15/24  (1)
real talk: if shooter had been sniped this would already be out of news cycle    07/15/24  (21)
The Jewish Question (1800 BC - 2024 AD) was a transnational fact-based inquiry    07/15/24  (1)
what are the best arguments IN FAVOR of globalism?    07/15/24  (67)
Here’s your SS detail Mr. President. She’s 5’3” with an attitude    07/15/24  (35)
real talk: if shooter had lobster claws for hands he couldn't have fired his gun    07/15/24  (2)
Rate this Gunneratttt post    07/15/24  (41)
So Gunnerattt advised a "female friend" to dump her bf, and the guy killed self?    07/15/24  (42)
MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” cancelled today because they don’t trust the hosts    07/15/24  (14)
Time to face the facts: Gunnerattt is a fucking moron    07/15/24  (111)
good edited video of sniper taking his time setting up shot, timeline    07/15/24  (4)
ewwww! 'conspiracies'! those never happen!    07/15/24  (1)
Screens | Save | Lives    07/15/24  (3)
Everyone has extremely awesome cars now, 1990 cars were shit    07/15/24  (4)
ew, i can't acknowledge obv conspiracies! that's against my ((programming))!    07/15/24  (1)
will never get over Jews trying to 'smear' Hitler by claiming he was 'Jewish'    07/15/24  (3)
TT: I found the perfect azn girl for you (pic)    07/15/24  (7)
Trump: “especially soccer games, you hear a single shot, everybody runs”    07/15/24  (14)
50 Cent - Bad News plays as MASE refreshes x dot com browser tab    07/15/24  (1)
Hitler's father's real name was "Schekelgruber" *head exploding*    07/15/24  (13)
Libs you’re fucking dead after Trump wins again. You hear me? Dead.    07/15/24  (27)
How do guys get new GFs so quickly?    07/15/24  (26)
7 Epstein guards 'fell asleep' simultaneously, SS 'didn't notice' sniper on roof    07/15/24  (1)
Klebold and Harris greeting Crooks in Hell: "haha u suck bro"    07/15/24  (2)
Would be much cooler if Trump's assassination pic didn't have that SS girl in it    07/15/24  (2)
Gunnerattt is so unbearably stupid. Jesus fucking Christ    07/15/24  (5)
When Trump wins, we are going to war    07/15/24  (15)
"Just act tall, bro"    07/15/24  (2)
the unguarded roof seems weirder and weirder to me    07/15/24  (52)
Professional Wrestler: Crooks wouldn't last 5 seconds in Smackdown ring brother    07/15/24  (1)
new video shows bullet RICOCHETED OFF trump’s skull! (vid)    07/15/24  (10)
I made TDNW my bitch. He serves me now.    07/15/24  (2)
Secret Service blames local police    07/15/24  (38)
In Ulan-Bator nice Tengrist man made gave me fresh YAK MILK.    07/15/24  (11)
Rich Jew with a Perm pushing your wife's head toward his erect penis    07/15/24  (1)
2/3 of Biden's IRS audits were on taxpayers making under $200K    07/15/24  (23)
jews brainwashing u since childhood to anthropomorphize minorities    07/15/24  (6)
Trump now faced more hostile fire than Sen. Blumenthal    07/15/24  (6)
Is support of Trump the perfect instance of the IQ bell curve/midwit meme?    07/15/24  (4)
media referring to blacks as "teens" and assassins as "crooks" lol    07/15/24  (2)
Trump:I Was Saved By God. The God Of Abraham, The God Of Isaac, The God Of Jacob    07/15/24  (4)
Trump adds Lust for Life to rally playlist    07/15/24  (5)
Try finding news article about Libs keeping "lists" of Trump supporters (2020)    07/15/24  (3)
DJT up 48%, thanks libs.    07/15/24  (1)
Trump also had head BLOWN OFF by ZOG and people so 'tarded it's not registering    07/15/24  (2)
Lib icon “Destiny” having an epic meltdown over the Trump assassination on t    07/15/24  (20)
Hey libs, why don't you find out what really happened at the Trump shooting?    07/15/24  (1)
Fridge Girl Secret Service Officer Responds to Online Critics on Fox (video)    07/15/24  (1)
Still no clear shot of the dudes brains blown out just shitty vid    07/15/24  (5)
The failed 'turning points' of Trump's campaign implosion:    07/15/24  (505)
If TRUMP had just picked VIVEK as VP that Shooter NEVER wld have gotten on roof    07/15/24  (1)
Jack Daniels and a lifetime of regrets 😄 Jack Daniels and a lifetime of regre    07/15/24  (3)
Last four would be POTUS assassins all alive and free    07/15/24  (1)
will Cheatle do an eye-rolling snarky 'I did nothing wrong' at congress hearings    07/15/24  (5)
Dead dreams and acceptance of mortality 🤠 dead dreams and acceptance of morta    07/15/24  (1)
made a retard proof thinkorswim workspace for you fags    07/15/24  (1)
parolee drowns in Hudson after evading police on a bicycle (video)    07/15/24  (5)
biden as he fills his diaper: "we've gotta be better" trump: "make me, pence"    07/15/24  (2)
“My personality is fine. Makeover complete.” (nyuug after losing ponytail)    07/15/24  (2)
ITT: We list the crimes Biden should/could be prosecuted for next January    07/15/24  (7)
Trump's ENTIRE RNC speech needs to be 'how was shooter on rooftop 150ft away??'    07/15/24  (1)
women are obsessed with not being 'people-pleasers', apparently a huge problem    07/15/24  (2)
conturds: we want political violence; when they're the targets: no not like that    07/15/24  (3)
a lot of 'retired snipers' coming out of the woodwork. are there this many?    07/15/24  (1)
Rewatching What About Bob? 180 film    07/15/24  (6)
to the idiot driving around USSS HQ blaring Shaggy’s “Wasn’t Me”    07/15/24  (1)
Trump dumping shooter’s ashes into a koi pond    07/15/24  (9)
Politics is simple. If USA wins the Olympics, Biden reelected    07/15/24  (1)
Cover of Sunday morning Denver Post    07/15/24  (48)
The NYT this morning.    07/15/24  (5)
Biden has a MUCH better narrative now than he did 3 weeks ago    07/15/24  (29)
27 year old SPjr to therapist: “we just put dad in an old folks home. Not sure    07/15/24  (1)
Shooter: mentally ill 20 year old republican w too easy AR access    07/15/24  (11)
INDIA has enough Middle Class Wealth now, it just has to fix it's CITIES    07/15/24  (2)
'we lost my father yesterday. rip!' *posts photo of self spreading ass cheeks*    07/15/24  (1)
What's pear chan up to these days?    07/15/24  (1)
good morning    07/15/24  (3)
Dating = An interview for a job I don't want    07/15/24  (3)
🚨🚨IMPORTANT🚨🚨 shooter’s pronouns were they/them    07/15/24  (8)
OYT is hairless    07/15/24  (7)
*FBI Director peels out in Saudi-bought lambo, licence plate N0 M0T1V    07/15/24  (68)
OYT lives an empty life swimming in cash like scrooge mcduck    07/15/24  (2)
Inside Africa's Most Feared Ghetto🇺🇬    07/15/24  (2)
"grandpa, what does grandmas sleeve tattoo mean?"    07/15/24  (7)
Rewatching Bob Roberts- 180 film    07/15/24  (3)
What is the ugliest building in America?    07/15/24  (19)
Lob Friend's Antennae chopped off by Crooks' bad aim    07/15/24  (1)
I need to re-watch the Clint Eastwood movie In The Line Of Fire    07/15/24  (5)
Huma Abedin and Amal Clooney look like the same person    07/15/24  (14)
Today's shooting in Orlando confirms: We must destroy libs for our own survival    07/15/24  (3)
Trump is obviously the coming Messiah    07/15/24  (2)
“Civil war NOW!!” “And libs need to cool it with their irresponsible rheto    07/15/24  (13)
Don Jr smirking at Hunter's amateurish WH stash hole as he rips lines with Tiff    07/15/24  (6)
ARISE WAGECUCKS! Another week of service to your ratfaced masters awaits!    07/15/24  (323)
How many days of diarrhea before medical professionals involved    07/15/24  (17)
the McDonald's Drive-Thru of relationships tp    07/15/24  (3)
Why are "women" always screaming?    07/15/24  (4)
A lot of libs are gonna vote for Trump    07/15/24  (1)
Orlando cops doing Chicago Bears Shuffle in parking lot as Pulse massacre unfold    07/15/24  (2)
3 sets of footprints: Cops running at full-clip away from active shooter scene    07/15/24  (23)
How to Evaluate a "False Flag" Claim: Or, The Assrape of Fallen Reddit Ricky    07/15/24  (18)
pennsylvania now a battleground state    07/15/24  (3)
Brillo pad ass and a gut! Brillo pad ass and a gut! Brillo pad ass an    07/15/24  (4)
subway cookies and a u-haul! subway cookies and a u-haul!    07/15/24  (2)
"He Prepared Me for My Next Ex"    07/15/24  (3)
Dating = practice for divorce    07/15/24  (2)
Conor McNigger    07/15/24  (1)
you got hoaxed bad you dumb fuck goyim, hold me little pussy sheep    07/15/24  (3)
Trump should use RNC speech to call for lethal reprisals against the left/jews    07/15/24  (6)
Conseula you can still bend the knee and ill be merciful when hoax is revealed    07/15/24  (1)
splatter films and a bitch ex-wife! splatter films and a bitch ex-wife!    07/15/24  (2)
Trump ranting about Schumer being insufficiently Zionist at Alabama rallies    07/15/24  (11)
benzo wakes, sprawled on trash-strewn trailer floor, starts posting about Trump    07/15/24  (11)
the silly faggot "MPA" is here to butt-"bump" his gay Bff benzo's shit posts    07/15/24  (2)
this board is badly faggotkiked    07/15/24  (1)
If there's anything I've learned in the past few months it's that I need to golf    07/15/24  (5)
quick q: what exactly is a 'brillo pad anus'    07/15/24  (9)
Why doesn't XO talk about Brillo pad assholes anymore?    07/15/24  (13)
My frank green is all I have to my name    07/15/24  (5)
Itty bitty acorn and clown hair! Itty bitty acorn and clown hair!    07/15/24  (1)
In 1912, Teddy Roosevelt is shot through the chest & keeps speaking    07/15/24  (20)
Film idea: A dark comedy about the Orlando SWAT team waiting 5 hours to go in    07/15/24  (6)
There should be an 8-hour real-time drama about Orlando SWAT's shooting response    07/15/24  (4)
What if trump got shot in the belt buckle and his pants fell down    07/15/24  (14)
Shooter was only 20 year old with no social media footprint?    07/15/24  (36)
I AM THE GHOST...FLOATIN    07/15/24  (1)
Cousin Tiff: Squirts like a cannon. Shrewvanka: "I dunno about Bannon."    07/15/24  (62)
Orlando cops telling Secret Service snipers to take their time; watch LOTR first    07/15/24  (1)
jfc spent last 15 hours straight stealing tens of thousands of email lists    07/15/24  (5)
need someone to talk me out of reaching out to an ex for her birthday fma    07/15/24  (1)
cops 'forming a perimeter' around a Dachsund as Crooks walks by w/ machine gun    07/15/24  (2)
Ruling on $7.2M fees motion dropping July 8 🤞🤞    07/15/24  (89)
Mattel apologizes for Baby Goldstein/Easy-Bake Oven crossover promotion    07/15/24  (7)
'hero' cop climbs ladder, Crooks waves gun, cop shits pants, bumbles down ladder    07/15/24  (3)
I have a 3.7 GPA and a 169 LSAT. Best law school for me?    07/15/24  (33)
Just remember: As soon as widespread white nationalism takes    07/15/24  (25)

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