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Fun fun 2 have fat cow women? Squeeze their fat tits, asses stomachs?    04/13/24  (1)
Gentlemen, the drones are flying. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. - link    04/13/24  (76)
Nothing but fraud and scams cheated defrauded from beginning    04/13/24  (2)
Open your eyes please    04/13/24  (1)
Why do Democrats go hard on election-stealing but suck at SCOTUS?    04/13/24  (1)
It's another episode of NSAM spamming and talking out of his ass    04/13/24  (2)
Iran strike a bust, crypto market recovering accordingly    04/13/24  (1)
Big chix go with skinny short dudes hmm    04/13/24  (1)
CRYTOTARDS - current crypto balance? and yesterdays?    04/13/24  (10)
Anyone here ever been robbed at gunpoint?    04/13/24  (24)
Just a bunch of idiots and shit..let's correct this all    04/13/24  (1)
Video of RSF getting agitated.    04/13/24  (9)
ITT: List athletes whose careers were ruined by women.    04/13/24  (28)
Spirit to introduce new standing only fare    04/13/24  (4)
Crazy that we erected all these powerlines    04/13/24  (1)
Trump hit Iran because he knew they couldn't do shit about it    04/13/24  (1)
Ricky, get ITT with UFC 300 picks    04/13/24  (19)
Anyone else get Rohirrim vibes when Israel gets attacked    04/13/24  (1)
JFC TT shitmodded the 'Tommy are you low-T' thread w like 200+ posts in it    04/13/24  (22)
It's only BREAKING NEWS when Israel is attacked but not when it attacks others    04/13/24  (6)
LJL it's February 2022 all over again    04/13/24  (2)
(((Max Homa))) dedicating Masters win to Israel    04/13/24  (2)
Fuck off with the sand nigger shit we're watching the fight    04/13/24  (5)
PLS recommend a solution to general anxiety. this is urgent    04/13/24  (11)
Volkswagon Jettas are only $21,000?    04/13/24  (6)
Emergency Alert System hitting every phone with preemptive DIE FOR ISRAEL    04/13/24  (1)
Why did Israel strike that consulate in Syria?    04/13/24  (4)
F-35s will wreck shit    04/13/24  (17)
In this moment I am euphoric not because of some phony god but because of cocain    04/13/24  (4)
Hey cons enjoy 4 years of Trump spending $4tn/yr on Israeli air defense    04/13/24  (3)
RSF what are some good Trades to make rn? What are your Holdings?    04/13/24  (29)
Just got a gram of Mescaline (CSLG)    04/13/24  (56)
Screeching autistic faggot tp    04/13/24  (1)
Interviewing Ricky about astrology on the xo podcast today    04/13/24  (38)
who ya got in the Masters tomorrow? Scheffler, Morikawa, Homa, or Aberg?    04/13/24  (1)
30% of Gen Z "females" identify as carpet muncher    04/13/24  (10)
How is all of the fraud lies from the beginning not ripping you apart?    04/13/24  (1)
Been a while since I got all up in a woman’s stinky parts    04/13/24  (4)
RSF losing his shit using random alts right now    04/13/24  (2)
BBC reporters can hardly conceal their glee    04/13/24  (4)
Seems like Israel makes a lot of enemies    04/13/24  (3)
Rich friend (400k per year) carpeted his driveway    04/13/24  (11)
Trumpmos you cant fraudulently funnel campaign $ to hooker then falsify records    04/13/24  (28)
Plagiarism plagues Gaza and most of the victims are Israelis (Karlstack)    04/13/24  (2)
World will be different going forward w/ Russia’s military basically destroyed    04/13/24  (1)
beating a chick's pussy up, giving her a creampie, and beating it up again -gay?    04/13/24  (3)
Starting to worry about bombing a federal building (FizzKidd)    04/13/24  (3)
2 jets from Israel with nuclear bombs circling over Med    04/13/24  (1)
I have half a chicken what to make    04/13/24  (10)
LOL House to consider Israel-only aid bill - link    04/13/24  (4)
the "xo cure" for depression    04/13/24  (48)
Ukraine never had the F-35    04/13/24  (8)
Israel is going to have a civilian casualties they can put on signs at Harvard    04/13/24  (1)
Iran is really doing this all wrong    04/13/24  (36)
OK Computer Penis    04/13/24  (1)
Why are you such a pussy still and continuing to let the frauds cheat/rob you?    04/13/24  (7)
This is the most evil story I can remember from Covid.    04/13/24  (69)
Oh fuck bros this is WWIII    04/13/24  (12)
If Jewish billionaires want money to go to Israel they can send it themselves    04/13/24  (1)
I still think highly of DeSantis. Sad how his entire political operation blew up    04/13/24  (16)
Watch C-RAMs fuck shit up    04/13/24  (3)
TRUMP: No money for NATO (which defends us), but YES MONEY for Israel    04/13/24  (5)
Anyone monitoring Bill Ackman's twitter account today? Seems like it should be    04/13/24  (1)
Iran: We conducted a legit response to Israel, the matter can be deemed conclude    04/13/24  (1)
my ancestors suffered unimaginable pain and horror so i could watch squidbillies    04/13/24  (5)
Netanyahu says invasion of Rafah will still happen    04/13/24  (1)
ROB REINER is the absolute worst, most unlikable tool on television. Who likes t    04/13/24  (6)
Are modern Iranians the Persians from Ancient Greece?    04/13/24  (1)
Dunedain, what’re your top 5 CBL tracks other than Mos 6581    04/13/24  (17)
Anyone else annoyed by Scott Van Pelt and the influence he has? He sucks IMO    04/13/24  (43)
I have a layover in Dubai in July. Will I be safe?    04/13/24  (5)
ljl some Tet Offensive shit right here    04/13/24  (3)
poasting is flame and a waste of time unless you're genetically gifted    04/13/24  (2)
lifting is flame and a waste of time unless you're genetically gifted    04/13/24  (13)
Why the FUCK isn't there a "clear field" button on keyboards?    04/13/24  (1)
LA Times misidentifies OJ as "Trump" in its obituary    04/13/24  (14)
Israel and Iran currently starting WW3 and few discussing it    04/13/24  (13)
What was the deal with Matt Gaetz and that Cuban teenager that he "adopted"?    04/13/24  (8)
Biden should authoritatively call Iran's bluff now    04/13/24  (2)
rate this pic of TBF and his friends (pic)    04/13/24  (2)
Came in luis’s butt, he squealed like a pig then I slit his throat    04/13/24  (9)
has anyone considered business idea of kidnapping RSF & sending his ear to daddy    04/13/24  (10)
Looks like this guy is gonna be the next Alexei Navalny    04/13/24  (2)
what's the latest on the colon cancer poaster    04/13/24  (8)
I love setting my AC to 72 and letting it blast cold air throughout my house    04/13/24  (1)
Hegemon how does it feel to literally about to Die for Israel?    04/13/24  (11)
Literally could care less about Iran attacking Israel    04/13/24  (1)
No, seriously. How do you bomb sand?    04/13/24  (4)
Tetanus shots are flame, same for rabies    04/13/24  (5)
Al Qaida or ISIS never attacked Israel. Isn't that strange?    04/13/24  (2)
🚨🚨🚨🚨Netanyahu started WW3 as predicted 🚨🚨🚨🚨    04/13/24  (3)
How long until “ISIS” attacks Iran? Lol    04/13/24  (3)
🚨 Emergency Sam Harris podcast 🚨    04/13/24  (2)
Iran humiliated—missiles had OLD location of US embassy in targeting coordinat    04/13/24  (3)
"guess we're back to supervised visits"(tbf's ex after kids ask what kike means    04/13/24  (38)
Race war now. 1488. All non-Whites have to go back. Fuck GlowNiggers    04/13/24  (19)
Farting so loud Idrael kills 23 Palestinian toddlers    04/13/24  (2)
Israel about to be destroyed    04/13/24  (19)
“wake up chink i need threads shitmodded” (rsf texting kenny)    04/13/24  (5)
“wtf is duck sauce?” wondered the bored baumeister samuels receptionist    04/13/24  (1)
Karlstack's Intern - does Karlstack fart a lot in the office? is it rancid?    04/13/24  (2)
MORTGAGEMOS - current mortgage balance?    04/13/24  (53)
*Farting so loud Israel Air Raid Sirens go off*    04/13/24  (3)
I doubt you're gonna see any footage of anything hitting anything in Israel    04/13/24  (1)
Panic at Augusta Masters, early reports say dirty bomb detonated at Amen Corner    04/13/24  (1)
Max IQ to not realize we're already in WW3?    04/13/24  (6)
is there a live feed of the Iranian drones online or something?    04/13/24  (2)
WW3 began with the Sino-American split that occurred as a result of COVID    04/13/24  (1)
Karlstack, just FYI, we joke around but deep down we do think you suck    04/13/24  (4)
OJ dies and Iran finally attacks Israel. Makes you think.    04/13/24  (1)
"Unlike Ukraine, Russia is not suffering from recruitment or arms shortages."    04/13/24  (1)
REMINDER: a vote for Trump (Jared / Stephen "Miller") is a vote for Israel's WW3    04/13/24  (1)
Been waiting for this day for many years. Inshallah    04/13/24  (1)
Buying houses that need work is a huge life suck/waste of time    04/13/24  (7)
Jesus go enjoy your freaking lives..none of this matters..it's been yours always    04/13/24  (12)
Apple River stabber on Israel-Iran war: haha wow, holy shit    04/13/24  (1)
My girlfriend said she loved me. Should I say it back if I’m not sure?    04/13/24  (9)
Welp now the USA has to get entangled in this Israel shit.    04/13/24  (10)
"Ludvig" tied at top of Masters' leaderboard?    04/13/24  (3)
Tbf’s kid: “wanna see my dad’s Nazi plate?” oh wait nvm he’s no longer    04/13/24  (5)
What clique is Max Homa?    04/13/24  (3)
Lmao who here is ready to die for Israel    04/13/24  (2)
Hegemon and the Army Rangers extracting Tommy from a Tehran AirBnb    04/13/24  (2)
Nothing will happen. Nothing ever happens.    04/13/24  (5)
Why would crypto crash on the news of an Iranian attack?    04/13/24  (16)
so was TT killed in the Iran-Israel war?    04/13/24  (1)
REMINDER: if the US does not put boots on the ground to defend Israel = antisemi    04/13/24  (1)
Lmao remember when Trump killed general salami and he tweeted a flag    04/13/24  (1)
Sorry mr.jinx, a john coltrane lookalike prolapsed my shitpipe (whok)    04/13/24  (14)
Calling the state department about Tommy. We need to help him bros    04/13/24  (1)
*Karlstack pissing on self on OnlyFans* "This is just one of my revenue streams"    04/13/24  (5)
Lol fuck the fraud..crazy all the dirty money with empty baseball seats    04/13/24  (5)
Just had new flooring installed upstairs.    04/13/24  (6)
DEI training video    04/13/24  (1)
We need to get Tommy out of Iran now. We need seal team 6 in Tehran asap    04/13/24  (2)
Fuck Israel why couldn’t they just chill the fuck out w the genocide    04/13/24  (1)
You have complete control..stop ingesting lies letting frauds have power over u    04/13/24  (1)
"Damn it, Rothschilds!" (Consuela as Iranian SCUD missile smashes his face    04/13/24  (3)
My oldest just got admitted to Amherst. East Coastmos is that a good school?    04/13/24  (277)
We should organize a volunteer battalion of XO poa's and join the Iran Rev Guard    04/13/24  (1)
Conan O'Brien on Hot Ones    04/13/24  (1)
Rate this steak (T-bone)    04/13/24  (2)
REMINDER TO TBF AND ALL OTHER COPIUM-HUFFING TARDS: Nothing ever happens.    04/13/24  (1)
Hulk Hogan tweets at the Jews (link)    04/13/24  (3)
Hulk Hogan shouting “Oh no, brother!” as you accept the offer at Venable    04/13/24  (7)

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