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Cobbler made my boots look new again, ONE FUCKING EIGHTY    04/18/24  (4)
ITT: Sealclubber learns that the wealth taxes targets wealth    04/18/24  (42)
Doctor: "You have brain cancer and 6 months to live." Me: "Lol, what's his name?    04/18/24  (21)
Biden takes stage at DNC to Flaming Lips' "Do You Realize?"    04/18/24  (1)
doesnt it seem cr to go to S Korea and impregnate a bunch of gooks?    04/18/24  (3)
"But I didn't even realize I had these gains!"    04/18/24  (1)
*XOers flipping to second page to see what Biden says about Unrealized Loses    04/18/24  (4)
"Hybrid" dress shoes are Square Toes and Rubber Soles of 2024    04/18/24  (5)
Protip for all you dweebs on how to attract women    04/18/24  (1)
Living in Hawaii is 180 as fuck, just FYI    04/18/24  (63)
craving a double qrtr pdr rn    04/18/24  (6)
It's Happening: Biden proposes tax on UNDIAPERED gains.    04/18/24  (1)
Why is Lee Trevino so forgotten?    04/18/24  (10)
RATE this Korean bitch and video talking about Koreans suiciding themselves    04/18/24  (5)
Q demonstrating smoke alarm to black James Bond    04/18/24  (1)
Hunters now getting prion disease from deer.    04/18/24  (3)
people are still moving to 'Austin'    04/18/24  (1)
Why would this guy get 17 masters degrees? (Has a degree from all Ivies too)    04/18/24  (86)
what have you got in the hopper? what can we expect?    04/18/24  (1)
still havent wrapped my head around women fucking their dogs    04/18/24  (1)
Q demonstrating tech pants to James Bond    04/18/24  (6)
just found sp's brother (link)    04/18/24  (1)
I still love you    04/18/24  (3)
Reminder: Jerry Sandusky fucked boys assholes and no one cared    04/18/24  (36)
So TSLA down 50% & FB @ ATH bc Musk is only 90% globohomo & zuck 100%?    04/18/24  (23)
NPR journo: we're biased but it's Trump's fault!    04/18/24  (134)
what's his name died    04/18/24  (1)
just bought 7 different shades of driving loafers for under $300    04/18/24  (3)
*IRS spitting coffee out and laughing at XOers concerns about unrealized gains    04/18/24  (4)
for the gains you realize, and the gains you don't. we're here. 24/7.    04/18/24  (2)
It's Happening: Biden proposes tax on UNREALIZED gains.    04/18/24  (127)
Putin should make this invasion all about biolabs    04/18/24  (67)
What to do with an extremely autistic annoying associate who does good work?    04/18/24  (8)
New trumpmo "biolabth" theory will be memory holed within weeks    04/18/24  (76)
RFK Jr qualifies for Michigan ballot    04/18/24  (2)
Russia requesting meeting of the UN Security Council about the biolabs    04/18/24  (116)
Serious Q: How good is the IDF really?    04/18/24  (21)
Whoever is slowing down the board is inhibiting a cancer patient from sharing th    04/18/24  (5)
Bill Ackman solves ukraine - suggests chess match between putin & zelensky    04/18/24  (2)
business idea: cut off EPAH penis & attach it to gential area of his post-op kid    04/18/24  (1)
Is there a dish you gave up trying to get right?    04/18/24  (28)
OSHA fines Caterpillar $145k for safety violation resulting in incineration    04/18/24  (76)
Wait, so the Ukraine aid doesn't even contemplate a counter offensive?    04/18/24  (20)
High school cheerleader falls asleep and gets decomposed by millipedes (time lap    04/18/24  (5)
you wanted to be a scholar, but they turned you out as a punk wagie    04/18/24  (2)
Trump will win, libs will riot and demand pointless recounts and he'll still win    04/18/24  (50)
American Conservative: “Putin’s Disastrous Strategy Blunders” (link)    04/18/24  (137)
replacing my grass with 90% meadow/prairier flowers    04/18/24  (5)
Law to ban Tiktok also bans VPNs, any foreign websites deemed bad    04/18/24  (81)
So Dems will get Ukraine aid and GOP gets nothing on the border?    04/18/24  (3)
Which country makes the best bread?    04/18/24  (46)
“Wait WAIT NO NO I haven’t even realized those gains!” (XO Poas    04/18/24  (1)
my papa said, son, don't let the man get you and do what he done to me    04/18/24  (4)
"Ukrainians" won't exist in a generation    04/18/24  (34)
Forbes: the UFC is worth $11 billion    04/18/24  (22)
I don't like blowjobs because they make me feel vulnerable    04/18/24  (22)
Trump weighs in on Ukraine - link    04/18/24  (41)
Dune 2 is massively overrated, Villeneuve is a competent hack    04/18/24  (146)
Libs cheered SCOTUS decision that ruled Creationism can't be taught bc religious    04/18/24  (11)
“No that stuff goes to Jerusalem!” (Trump diverting border wall material)    04/18/24  (18)
whats the cr straight af buttplug(s) to get as a Man?    04/18/24  (1)
Non-stop Doodikoff dating experience past few months    04/18/24  (80)
tax CPAs work 4 months of year, vacation for 8 months    04/18/24  (16)
"oh hey i'm downwardly mobile too!" (rsf eating popcorn, watching wtc jumpers)    04/18/24  (37)
whats the cr straight af earring(s) to get as a Man?    04/18/24  (1)
“wake up chink i need threads shitmodded” (rsf texting kenny)    04/18/24  (8)
Get back in XRP?    04/18/24  (2)
Matt Gaetz crying, losing hoap re: Ukraine aid - link    04/18/24  (69)
shitlaw boss was thirsty. emailed me a "motion in liminade"    04/18/24  (11)
Pretty sure I got an STD from my wife    04/18/24  (22)
RATE these cool Viking ax pendants (link)    04/18/24  (2)
Is $1 million a lot of money?    04/18/24  (20)
Man of La Mancha singing about the quest while on lockdown (video)    04/18/24  (1)
o no my balls    04/18/24  (1)
a mexican judge sending trump to jail has to be about the funniest thing ever    04/18/24  (2)
anyone ever fucked a super loose pussy?    04/18/24  (11)
Absolutely incredible how little Americans get in return for their taxes    04/18/24  (30)
Your veterinarian telling you that your wife gave your dog an STD    04/18/24  (4)
Idris Elba tp showing up to counter protest on Jan 7    04/18/24  (2)
Cons how we doing on vaccine status being tied to your bank account?    04/18/24  (120)
Idris Elba at close: "Pimps and hos of da jury, we came correct    04/18/24  (50)
i've almost spent more of my life poasting than not    04/18/24  (3)
Judge: "Approach the bench" Idris Elba: "Mah nigga"    04/18/24  (8)
Idris Elba taking 1 suit and 15 Crown Royal bags to the dry cleaners    04/18/24  (30)
How long do you leave in your ZYN    04/18/24  (21)
Idris Elba: "good morning ya honuh" *removes floor length white fur coat*    04/18/24  (80)
Getting your balls sucks is painful. Where did women get the idea that it feels    04/18/24  (57)
ITT: We list all the times Donald Trump won the popular vote in an election    04/18/24  (12)
Idris Elba: *swipes hand along opposing counsel's neck* "NECKBONE, NIGGA"    04/18/24  (5)
Idris Elba on direct: "Who you is and where you stay at?"    04/18/24  (24)
can you just work part-time/20 hours a week as a lawyer?    04/18/24  (5)
Witness: *pointing* That man did it. Idris Elba: ‘slams table* DA FUK YOU SAY!    04/18/24  (2)
Mark it: Libs are about to go full throttle with normalizing pedophilia    04/18/24  (179)
Saving my $100k DUMP in $TSLA @ $150.21 for posterity    04/18/24  (4)
Idris shouting "Yo' Honnah'" while spewing hominy    04/18/24  (1)
colon cancer tp poasting more updates as last ship leaves for Alpha Centauri    04/18/24  (16)
lol holy shit these jew bitches from grad school look rough    04/18/24  (1)
Musk has lost $51 billion so far this year    04/18/24  (56)
Trump not having a good monday. $DJT shares tank another 10%    04/18/24  (9)
"But I don't thi-" "You need an Asian Hiking Girlfriend."    04/18/24  (2)
Dickey Betts of the Allman Brothers (1933 - 2024):    04/18/24  (3)
tight asian pussy is the only motivation to do anything    04/18/24  (2)
esoteric sambo i wanna suck ur dick i promise i dont bite    04/18/24  (3)
would you bang Zuck's sister?    04/18/24  (9)
Saw an Indian family walking a Golden Retriever    04/18/24  (7)
would you eat cow pussy? (link)    04/18/24  (3)
Bam! A gigantic faggot appears before you, spreading his massive ass cheeks    04/18/24  (2)
El Oh El Al    04/18/24  (2)
Paging Luis & DBG re Gorgeous IRAN    04/18/24  (8)
So JJ McCarthy went from deer in headlights to T5 pick in 5 months? Fraudlie$    04/18/24  (1)
Is Trump going to jail?    04/18/24  (7)
Trump's post-election conduct was for the intent of winning the election? libs?    04/18/24  (2)
would give anything for another "pandemic"    04/18/24  (11)
XO Saddam Hussein made Smelly Pussy a crime, Birdshits killed him    04/18/24  (4)
Lots of anoles in my backyard trolling for lizard pussy 🦎    04/18/24  (1)
At crossroads: Should I focus on making $$$ or pursue scholarship    04/18/24  (8)
Is anyone on here voting for Genocide Joe Biden?    04/18/24  (34)
"Israel to Refund Billions in US Foreign Aid in Thank You for US Military" (Fox)    04/18/24  (2)
“Your height is Queen.”    04/18/24  (1)
"Get back in" (SP presenting boy's ass to fellow comet pizza pedos)    04/18/24  (1)
Did not realize Elon was world’s richest because TSLA was a meme stock    04/18/24  (27)
Hairy Bitchtits Computer    04/18/24  (2)
Rate this azn girl who tried to shoot up her school (pic)    04/18/24  (2)
We are the Sultans, we are the Sultans of Squanch    04/18/24  (12)
Ukraine is importing electricity - link    04/18/24  (25)
SP here. Pretty sure I got an STD from my son.    04/18/24  (3)
did someone shitmod the "youre old: spaceporn's son just raped him" thread?    04/18/24  (1)
So after this morning, what is the consensus view on WTF is up w/ teh boart?    04/18/24  (3)
🖕 turn the AC up in Trump's courtroom, make that bitch boi freeze 🖕    04/18/24  (1)
the only protests w consequences are pro-American and anti-Israel 🤔    04/18/24  (4)
The Crimean War part 2: Charge of the Turtle Tanks    04/18/24  (1)
Living in Queensland is 180 as fuck, just FYI    04/18/24  (1)
"Get back in" (your fellow poasters at 11am after board starts working again)    04/18/24  (2)
STUPID LIL BITCH BOI TRUMP: The courtroom is freezing cold, cry cry, cry    04/18/24  (1)
Will there be people who choose to live a 20th century lifestyle like the Amish?    04/18/24  (2)
Influencer gets 5 different fake tit sizes, lets people vote (vid)    04/18/24  (1)
Doobs and Peterman both gunning for role as Dorothy in "Lot Lizard of Poz"    04/18/24  (43)
Wife had first ultrasound yesterday. It's just one kid thankfully and looks good    04/18/24  (1)
Jen Psaki - beautiful accomplished redhead SHREW GODDESS    04/18/24  (23)
lol @ Ozempigs. Just take tren u fucking slobs    04/18/24  (4)
TSINAH, why are you so lacking in self-discipline?    04/18/24  (1)
Ghost cocks haunting her dreams tp    04/18/24  (1)
ITT: we vote on Dickey Betts's best song    04/18/24  (4)
Pet llama goes on rampage in Idaho, kills family of five    04/18/24  (9)
Cons what rank do you expect to hold in the coming civil war    04/18/24  (5)
How long do you leave in your COCK    04/18/24  (2)
*SPjr vomits a little playroom hotdog onto the bed as SP pushes the 2nd inch in*    04/18/24  (21)
So butterface thins are FUMING at Ozempic? Worried about aesthetic fats?    04/18/24  (16)
"bust this pussy open in the islands of Waikikiiii" your phone blares in court    04/18/24  (5)
how did these people come to hate this country so much    04/18/24  (1)

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