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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   12/07/19  (352)
Is there any country you bald freaks feel DOES deserve American foreign aid?    12/10/19  (7)
Jewish theology is the dominant form of spiritual thinking in the world    12/10/19  (3)
Man visits dead wife's body at morgue, finds male nurse having sex with it    12/10/19  (25)
RATE this jewdude (pic)    12/10/19  (2)
Law firm video game mural progress (CLSG)    12/10/19  (7)
Trump renominates gay asian guy to the 9th circuit    12/10/19  (17)
Remember when Trump abused Congress with his power?    12/10/19  (3)
GOP Impeachment lawyer wearing Target bags as boots    12/10/19  (4)
the purpose of man is elegance    12/10/19  (1)
Dems filing articles for "abuse of power" and "obstruction of Congress" lmao    12/10/19  (66)
GOP Impeachment lawyer using a Whole Foods bag instead of briefcase    12/10/19  (34)
"Impeachment" insanity will backfire    12/10/19  (5)
Man uses first-class plane ticket to eat free for a year in VIP lounge #DBG    12/10/19  (32)
Male Nurse caught: raped woman in vegetative state who then gave birth    12/10/19  (73)
RATE These WTA Finals Chicks In Slutwear, All On iPhones (PIC) #tennis    12/10/19  (5)
Do guys here really make $300k+/year to support some ungrateful ugly shrew? (DTP    12/10/19  (57)
Biglaw partner always had this picture and said this is me up your ass    12/10/19  (1)
@HillaryClinton We must defend our democracy, and the painful    12/10/19  (2)
wait, so henry Aaron is a male nurse? LMAO    12/10/19  (121)
Henry Aaron yelling at roommate to change channel when Meet the Parents comes on    12/10/19  (13)
Chinese restaurant opened by white woman shut down by "woke" crowd    12/10/19  (1)
Hunter Biden's baby mama wants 2 know how much Burisma paid him (link)    12/10/19  (14)
Wife wants me to buy a $1.5M house in WESTCHESTER    12/10/19  (107)
Secret Society. OIG Report. Q Anon. Nunes Memo. Spygate. Wiretapping.    12/10/19  (34)
doofuses with loud, nasally voices who sound like theyre honking when they speak    12/10/19  (1)
India blocks Muslim citizenship    12/10/19  (43)
Jafar, lunch tomorrow at Keese's?    12/10/19  (4)
Partner drops folder on your desk. "The deal team went dark 11 days ago. You've    12/10/19  (1)
RATE This Shrew Jewess Wedding (PIC) #ironside #JamesJoyceJr    12/10/19  (11)
DESCRIBE the PREFTIGE of WILSON ELSER    12/10/19  (4)
This is how your future wife blows Chad (vid)    12/10/19  (1)
Key & Peele's surprisingly race realist spoof on Hogwarts    12/10/19  (11)
The Kirkland team passed away actually. We'll be your counsel going forward.    12/10/19  (20)
RANK these four chicks (PIC)    12/10/19  (33)
Free Google Nest Mini: GC Garbage Or Worth It?    12/10/19  (20)
Reminder: Trump won 59% of the popular vote, 400+ EVs, is wildly popular    12/10/19  (9)
Celine Dion's album hits #1, drops out of top 100 the following week (link)    12/10/19  (5)
Every lib is a neocon except Tulsi?    12/10/19  (12)
insane that clutchable trannys are ten times hotter than any genetic woman    12/10/19  (1)
Chilmata's wife is closer in age to his baby than to him.    12/10/19  (2)
Anyone bought dress shoes from Beckett Simonon?    12/10/19  (2)
Chilmata, hypo for you: Say you have a black wife    12/10/19  (3)
that it oh yes im experiencing NIGGER MANIA, DADDY    12/10/19  (1)
Vegan eats meat for 30 days, feels healthier than ever    12/10/19  (12)
"hole slaw's ready boys," quipped Peterman getting on all fours    12/10/19  (3)
Bro at my biglaw firm is getting starved out of work    12/10/19  (42)
"US" dems blocked GOP from hearings& accusing Trump of obstruction of congress?    12/10/19  (2)
Sings CHINK SLOP SHIT to the tune of jingle bells    12/10/19  (28)
My newish iPad won’t charge anymore    12/10/19  (5)
DXB Airport To Ban Single Use Plastic Bags. WTF, Arabs Are Shitlib Envirocucks?    12/10/19  (3)
Pelosi and the House Dems BEND THE KNEE on USMCA trade deal    12/10/19  (6)
Good Goy Biden: Bernie Is An Antisemite; I'd Never Withdraw Aid To Israel    12/10/19  (2)
HLS Holding Symposium On Sephardi-Israeli Legal Studies    12/10/19  (5)
1st Jewish Book Published In The Falkland Islands (PICS)    12/10/19  (2)
Lucid vision that libs try to impeach trump and cause a second Civil War    12/10/19  (5)
Tulsi calls it quits    12/10/19  (6)
Rach explaining blank bumps v blanked posts to jury at lawman's terrorism trial    12/10/19  (21)
Tweet: new Ghostbusters is about family & other white American patriarchal value    12/10/19  (8)
Trump MURDERING all democrat candidates in Arizona: latest poll    12/10/19  (15)
heterosexual sex is fucking gay    12/10/19  (4)
IG: 17 "errors" in FISA app. Odds that all the "errors" went in same direction?    12/10/19  (36)
How are Trumpmos handling Lamar Jackson's success?    12/10/19  (1)
23 yr old Niece is pregnant by some hood guy. How to convince her to abort    12/10/19  (9)
after installing it, its literally impossible to remove grindr from your phone    12/10/19  (1)
why is modern life so fucking boring    12/10/19  (51)
"I hate women but 1488..." (the XO bald autist Catch 22)    12/10/19  (2)
I recently engaged in coitus with my spouse after a long hiatus - wow    12/10/19  (45)
Cr to slather pussy in Frank's Red Hot before you munch the whisker biscuit?    12/10/19  (1)
HYPO: You go to the gym and Tulsi is there in spandex shorts, sports bra.    12/10/19  (3)
How do anti-Israel Nick Fuentes types feel about the Palestinians?    12/10/19  (26)
Lamar Jackson highlights are incredible. Solid NFL QB prospect?    12/10/19  (4)
you ever take out ur dip and throw it at the ceiling to see if it sticks    12/10/19  (2)
ITT poast pics of women that disgust you and turn you on at the same time    12/10/19  (19)
skillet potatoes with hot sauce    12/10/19  (2)
Vox: DRUMPF’s judges are MUCH more PREFTIGIOUS than Obama’s    12/10/19  (7)
Wtf, Jared Taylor is fluent in French too?    12/10/19  (19)
wanted to give poasters a peek at what u miss by not being part of xo snap group    12/10/19  (1)
Lamar Jackson has second perfect passer rating of the season    12/10/19  (3)
Trump leading in early NYT polls which means he's actually a massive favorite    12/10/19  (1)
The NFL keeps pushing this whole Lamar Jackson thing    12/10/19  (3)
wide-eyed hysterical 2nd generation "US" congressmen    12/10/19  (2)
Pence statement on impeachment "With all eyes upon the Senate, it is my hope    12/10/19  (7)
your tongue is a rudder, it steers the whole ship, sends your words past ur lips    12/10/19  (4)
Saban hacking Citrus Bowl computers, adding "Eastern" before Michigan on invite    12/10/19  (7)
Saudi who shot up Navy base was retaliating for being nicknamed "porn stash" (li    12/10/19  (12)
Leinart to Schiff: GoT still the best shitty rushed ending    12/10/19  (4)
Keep your penis clean: wash your hands BEFORE you take a piss, not after    12/10/19  (12)
Louis Gohmert spits dip in a styrofoam cup: "I think ur a buncha commie fags!"    12/10/19  (6)
"Yeah, well I faked all my orgasms too!" the lawyer lied as his Asian wife left    12/10/19  (14)
"So without you, important loans wouldn't get made," Grimes asks, wide-eyed    12/10/19  (103)
this "bespoke holocaust museum" trend is so weird    12/10/19  (2)
Poll: Hillary Clinton Top Pick Among Democrat Voters    12/10/19  (8)
Singlemos who wagecuck-- what's the point?    12/10/19  (19)
request: post a thread/reply of henry aaron's receiving significant blank bumps    12/10/19  (21)
which holocaust museum should i take my hapa kids to for x-mas?    12/10/19  (2)
Forbes: Women Are Saving Star Wars    12/10/19  (31)
Has XO seen this lady cop getting manhandled and shooting a bystander? (vid)    12/10/19  (16)
BANGARANG - Trump called for Seoul evacuation at height of North Korea tensions    12/10/19  (28)
My shrew wife knows nothing about being a parent. Any CR audiobooks?    12/10/19  (11)
"obstruction of congress"    12/10/19  (2)
Feels like we're back in '98 again    12/10/19  (4)
nothing makes normies angrier than saying smartphones and porn should be banned    12/10/19  (9)
So Rs get final word in senate hearing to crush dems right before election. How    12/10/19  (6)
Daisy Ridley: "Enough with Politics. Star Wars is for all" (link)    12/10/19  (2)
The Irishman - self indulgent and way too long    12/10/19  (70)
Jesus Christ save us    12/10/19  (3)
Libs go to bed every night thinking Trump will be impeached when they wake up    12/10/19  (20)
real talk: TRUMP will not be impeached    12/10/19  (13)
lmao so libs realized they can't impeach Trump, so they're asking him to resign    12/10/19  (3)
Andy Williams - Moon Splitter    12/10/19  (3)
(rudy) "your honor we waive cross" *gives reassuring nod & thumbs up to client    12/10/19  (13)
So what's the deal with Lyme Disease?    12/10/19  (1)
Wu-Wang Clan - Tryrump    12/10/19  (2)
Shitlaw boss threw Kenneth Cole Reaction briefcase at op counsel    12/10/19  (22)
I once wore a Kenneth Cole bag and people liked it    12/10/19  (4)
u can buy a tent & bow and arrow any time & live like a native    12/10/19  (1)
Happy Friday. Let's contemplate ways Dems have fucked up impeachment    12/10/19  (48)
how much chronic alcohol abuse to believe Trump is going to be impeached?    12/10/19  (6)
If you think trump is going to be impeached you are literally fucking retarded    12/10/19  (6)
Trump: "I love the poorly educated!" XO 2016: "We love you too, Donald!"    12/10/19  (161)
FBI lawyer falsified FISA warrant application; later texted "Viva le resistance"    12/10/19  (9)
LMAO: Rudy Giuliani is going to release a "report" on Ukraine findings soon    12/10/19  (15)
Seminary costs $23k/yr for 3 years :(    12/10/19  (6)
chances Dems impeach Trump after they win back house in 2018?    12/10/19  (25)
After release of Mueller report, how can Trump not be impeached?    12/10/19  (9)
WSJ reporter dismantles Liberal deflection on the IG report    12/10/19  (15)
STATE YOUR PREDICTION:Will the Articles of Impeachment include bribery?    12/10/19  (1)
Satanist 666 bro explains why Trump won't be impeached    12/10/19  (4)
Trump: "But I doubled down! How are impeachment hearings still moving forward?!"    12/10/19  (13)
Each associate will be given a copy of Hannah Arendt's greatest work upon their    12/10/19  (1)
jews dont control the media but every Christmas they tell u about Chinese food    12/10/19  (13)
deus vult: "seig heil!" *rips rancid kimchi fart*    12/10/19  (1)
Libs impeach Trump = Literally WWIII?    12/10/19  (4)
reminder: christmas completely breaks the jew brain    12/10/19  (171)
CNN: Pelosi saying she won't impeach trump is "laughable" (link)    12/10/19  (5)
Lost in this whole Buzzfeed thing: They want to impeach Trump for "obstruction"    12/10/19  (44)
how did pepito manage to blank out all his posts?    12/10/19  (12)
I hope libs impeach trump as soon as they get control of congress    12/10/19  (4)
At the 4th Battle of SDNY, we had a mantra: "No associate left behind." Those wo    12/10/19  (1)
Long Rifle Dec 2019: These former attorneys are now grey market mercs    12/10/19  (1)
Dentist: "Mr. Peterman, we don't shoot Novocaine into anuses."    12/10/19  (1)
Dems will take House and impeach Trump    12/10/19  (8)
5% of New Zealand's population is INDIAN origin    12/10/19  (34)
whok, rate me as a sexual fantasy of yours    12/10/19  (3)
how long after Nov. 2018 before Democrats impeach Trump?    12/10/19  (2)
Real Talk: Are libs gonna win and impeach Trump?    12/10/19  (7)
if libs win congress and impeach trump; Pence will win 2020 by a large margin    12/10/19  (5)
What will happen if libs successfully charge or impeach trump?    12/10/19  (2)

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