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so Tucker got played in an Intel scheme? LMAO    10/28/20  (1)
LMAO Tucker Carlson says he lost “damning” Biden docs in the mail??? Not fla    10/28/20  (41)
borders "analysis" on white college voters in NC, AZ and FL is SO OFF, ITT we    10/28/20  (28)
SaaS (Shitpipes as a Service)    10/28/20  (3)
Earl what are your thoughts on home gyms    10/28/20  (2)
I've starting using my wifes Pelaton. Taking Qs and abuse.    10/28/20  (19)
Bump this thread if u r still 100% pulling for TRUMP    10/28/20  (559)
Peterman referring to his shitpipe as load bearing    10/28/20  (38)
Kendall from Peloton nudes leaked (link)    10/28/20  (3)
Study: LeBron James Cited as Most Influential Celebrity in 2020 Election    10/28/20  (2)
increasingly deranged xo search queries tp    10/28/20  (6)
The Economist forecast: Biden 96% Trump 4% (99%/1% for popular vote)    10/28/20  (2)
I don't like Biden that much (Berniemo) but seeing trump lose is 180000000000000    10/28/20  (15)
anybody wanna talk about polls?    10/28/20  (1)
Earl u dilapidated old fuck, what is ur mile time these days?    10/28/20  (23)
Bobulinski interview was so damning that the Dems stole the docs from the mail!    10/28/20  (2)
Borders tp here - Watch this video by journalist telling Dems the score    10/28/20  (45)
Long time board reg back for the first time 2+ years . . .    10/28/20  (43)
the polls are really starting to diverge now    10/28/20  (14)
BORDERS tp's credibility is gonna be wrecked in 6 days, LMAO    10/28/20  (1)
this drakemallard devastation is why you don't fuck with the jews    10/28/20  (157)
All late arriving ballots in PA to be segregated    10/28/20  (12)
Not a single mainstream media outlet has any story on Bobulinski & Fox interview    10/28/20  (36)
LOL @ CNN flipping out bc Miles Taylor lied about not being "anonymous"    10/28/20  (1)
Hunter Biden is dead, he has been for around a day    10/28/20  (1)
Homer Simpson is 36, has a SAH wife, 3 kids, single family home, good job    10/28/20  (53)
Is drakemallard det?    10/28/20  (110)
was Jack Dorsey doing a Howard Hughes v Congress homage?    10/28/20  (1)
Growing up: "Think critically! Don't give into pressure!" Now: "Believe media!"    10/28/20  (1)
Inlaws are visiting. Just took ~4 grams of GHB. Taking Qs.    10/28/20  (2)
Rate the rack on this hot WOC from 90 Day Fiance    10/28/20  (27)
"PREGNANCY IS NOT A PREEXISTING CONDITION!" shrieked DrakeMallard at the trucker    10/28/20  (4)
what was with that incident w the jets at the trump rally?    10/28/20  (1)
LOL at how badly rassmussen fucked up the 2016 polls    10/28/20  (3)
Quadruple Loyalties    10/28/20  (1)
My semen    10/28/20  (2)
Biden corruption story falls apart last minute. SAD!    10/28/20  (1)
Fuck it -- poasting a pic of Thunder Collins and his wife+daughter    10/28/20  (2)
Reminder: You can legally fuck girls born on October 28, 2004 in most states.    10/28/20  (4)
Can dems abolish filibuster if they win senate?    10/28/20  (9)
Here’s a photo of TSINAH in 25 years    10/28/20  (8)
Rate this blonde elementary school teacher (pic    10/28/20  (28)
so GJR is just going to ignore ACB's ruinous cucking today?    10/28/20  (2)
Intel Community gave Hunter Biden sec clearance even though he's a crackhead?    10/28/20  (6)
Real talk would you agree to be a house husband?    10/28/20  (57)
what is the best railroad stock to own? UNP,CSX, or NSC?    10/28/20  (7)
Teen shot dead in daylight mugging in 'gentrified' part of Brooklyn:    10/28/20  (1)
Pro-Lockdown until Vaccine epidemiologist: "I don't want to talk about Sweden"    10/28/20  (15)
lol @ this dirtbag freak 'Jack Dorsey'    10/28/20  (5)
Franklin Pierce national poll: Biden 53, Trump 39 - link    10/28/20  (22)
Borat is portmanteau of Boring + Ratface    10/28/20  (1)
lmao at the new Borat    10/28/20  (2)
Idris Elba: “Objection, dis nigga up here talkin like he think he white.”    10/28/20  (34)
The more special interests served, the less roads and streets are paved.    10/28/20  (3)
The LORD in his knowledge sent the Green One 2 thwart the Jews & Libs    10/28/20  (9)
Ted Cruz shreds Jack Dorsey in hearing    10/28/20  (25)
The left willfully ignores Rome as a foundational European culture    10/28/20  (14)
Trump’s winning this. (link)    10/28/20  (2)
We gotta Make America Great Again god damnit!!!    10/28/20  (12)
Wow. The 2nd GA Senate seat is really in play now. The Dem in that race    10/28/20  (17)
Lib mail in + early vote lead slashed by 50k votes in FL today    10/28/20  (18)
chandler or CSLG - what is the cheapest, shittiest insurance available in CA?    10/28/20  (2)
Just bought 500 lb of sodium hypochlorite and everyone is looking at me weird    10/28/20  (2)
Covid-19 🦠 myocarditis appears to be flame    10/28/20  (12)
'elite' bisexuals w/ greasy homeless beards, noserings, thwarting US elections    10/28/20  (1)
Chandler Weight Loss Thread    10/28/20  (17)
Dumbfuck birdshit Europeans followed Trump’s lead and got COVID PWNED ljl    10/28/20  (4)
Trump prob gonna lose and I am sad    10/28/20  (51)
that peyote guy    10/28/20  (2)
Roberts cucks, Barrett RECUSES from PA election case - link    10/28/20  (56)
Life update from a well-known drug addict poaster    10/28/20  (26)
NBC sitcom "Connecting" (aired after Trump town hall) is pure XO catnip    10/28/20  (40)
new NBC poll Biden 99 Trump 1 nationally    10/28/20  (3)
Luis try drinking a tulsi tisane 2-3x a day    10/28/20  (2)
NYT: Borders TP is 100% right about Pennsylvania    10/28/20  (72)
luis treating my broken ankle with first aid kit during hiking trip    10/28/20  (8)
Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube will BAN anyone who questions BIDEN VICTORY    10/28/20  (1)
luis taking a snapchat of him soaking beans overnight    10/28/20  (13)
libs can't win with policy. so what do they do? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$    10/28/20  (2)
dems sitting pretty if they sweep AZ NV WI MI MN and the districts    10/28/20  (3)
How do libs explain FL situation? Trump is crushing biden there    10/28/20  (27)
Hawaii judge just called the election for Biden    10/28/20  (1)
Just learned Oliver Darcy got Alex Jones cancelled too    10/28/20  (1)
can someone take a look at these pics and explain why xo called this thing "hot"    10/28/20  (2)
this housing market is insane    10/28/20  (9)
Friend is a 1st time voter, mid-20s, hispanic from the Bronx    10/28/20  (3)
*trump riding in limo with family back to White House in silence*    10/28/20  (20)
Gook Hunt (Nintendo)    10/28/20  (1)
Bobulinski made a credible allegation    10/28/20  (1)
So that’s it? Prince tp is dead?    10/28/20  (5)
LOL at how badly rassmussen fucked up the 2016 polls    10/28/20  (1)
Big Man Bad    10/28/20  (3)
Random people picking up someone else’s food and delivering it for $3    10/28/20  (2)
Don't let them fool you    10/28/20  (1)
Saturday is Halloween    10/28/20  (31)
Is Rudolph's 2020 election threading his magnum opus of bad predictions?    10/28/20  (4)
Security Guard Stabbed 27 Times For Asking Customers To Wear Mask    10/28/20  (1)
what did epstein have on robin williams?    10/28/20  (5)
Mormons said fuck masks. UT Hospitals starting to ration care.    10/28/20  (35)
Cop just killed in Philadelphia    10/28/20  (3)
are any other states keeping EV real time election data like FLA is?    10/28/20  (1)
Guck Hunt    10/28/20  (1)
USA would have been WAY better off if gore won in 2000. same case here?    10/28/20  (3)
Chad here, I thought cowgod's theory was cool af so I decided to make my own    10/28/20  (14)
have you guys seen the NEW Hunter sex pics (oct 28, 2020)    10/28/20  (9)
I’m going to simplify this for all of you: NIGGERS are SHIT    10/28/20  (7)
zero footprints: EPAH's wife passed out behind a dumpster    10/28/20  (6)
When the vaping starts, the raping starts. Thank you! —Spaceporn twtr    10/28/20  (5)
My hot organic ex-gf is annoyed that I drunk texted her last night (TSINAH)    10/28/20  (62)
looking good for libs if you dont count FL, PA, or their effeminate lives    10/28/20  (4)
Jocks/Preps are always loathed when they make Forays into Loser pursuits    10/28/20  (4)
“We even complete each others’s sentences” Benzo beamed about his felon BF    10/28/20  (17)
if a Jew takes $$$ from China, does that mean he has TRIPLE loyalties?    10/28/20  (1)
I read Pensive's novel.    10/28/20  (74)
What are Covid cases again?    10/28/20  (5)
Real Talk: Sam Elliot is great at bit parts but actually a terrible actor    10/28/20  (4)
Official list of posters who are convinced their candidate will win    10/28/20  (12)
Sony admits it won't have any PS5 consoles for sale this holiday season (Reuters    10/28/20  (29)
probability of shooting civil war starting?    10/28/20  (112)
pensive has spent years writing a novel that'll be read by less than 10 people    10/28/20  (17)
drive into the desert and dehydrate/starve to death cr?    10/28/20  (1)
Hey benzo did you vote for Biden yet? Oh wait lol    10/28/20  (3)
Peaceful protesters educate Seattle drivers (video)    10/28/20  (8)
Need someone with an IQ of 155 to explain this    10/28/20  (19)
one weird shoplifting trick    10/28/20  (8)
the future of America is a simple demographic math problem that people avoid    10/28/20  (117)
The Nazis were tried and convicted of using Electroshock Chambers    10/28/20  (1)
"We've got great rallies folks. Just look at this! No one's ever seen anything l    10/28/20  (1)
Bobulinski returning for encore hour long interview on Tucker tonight    10/28/20  (7)
Kavanaugh probably did sexually assault Blasey Ford    10/28/20  (20)
lol at being sad over 1 dead basketball player. 1m jews died in the holocaust    10/28/20  (84)
Charles XII will be back on election night    10/28/20  (21)
D Internals showing Biden +2, +3 .......... In Virginia and Colorado lolol    10/28/20  (10)
Will Trump even give a concession speech? No show like Hillary?    10/28/20  (13)
(mcconaughey voice) "ricky rickyyy ricky rickayyyyy"    10/28/20  (3)
Really disappointed, guys. My hot organic ex-gf blew me off (TSINAH)    10/28/20  (103)
What’s worse: US 62 percent white or Europe with 44 million Muslims?    10/28/20  (6)
No humans have had sex in outer space    10/28/20  (15)
Thoughts on the HBO "McMillion$" documentary?    10/28/20  (5)
Any way to have sex, with men, for money, but not cum?    10/28/20  (1)
Market crashing, bad orange man dies    10/28/20  (3)
Board libs: how many 6 yr olds cocks will u chop off to celebrate Biden win?    10/28/20  (2)
Tech stocks are going to get fucking raped after earnings tomorrow    10/28/20  (15)
Market crashing, cases surging, Trump’s gotta think it’s all a conspiracy    10/28/20  (1)
Kamalasexy I’m crying, Losing hoap. Any morale boost?    10/28/20  (2)
quit being weak bitchmade faggots and be strong if you can think u can be strong    10/28/20  (4)

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