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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   03/15/20  (388)
Rate this hot as fuck flight attendant working from home (video)    04/09/20  (22)
CSLG, you should commission an artist to make a "jew light" painting of you    04/09/20  (5)
For men, the antibody test requires a swab inside the penis urethra (link)    04/09/20  (3)
it was obvious peep show was done here when jez was sporting norwood 4    04/09/20  (3)
when women are alone they go on "standby mode" & just stare at wall    04/09/20  (21)
German data conclusively proves virus == bad health wise and not just the flu    04/09/20  (22)
Any recommendations for getting a solo website made?    04/09/20  (4)
moments where you experienced the sublime    04/09/20  (11)
Selling dirtestrong wristbands for $10 each (CSLG)    04/09/20  (18)
depression is a professional/leisure class/lumpenprole cope    04/09/20  (5)
Highest student loan debt you ever heard    04/09/20  (27)
If you didn't score above a 1400 on the (old) SATs, you are a Literal Retard    04/09/20  (35)
The Fed is buying junk bonds. How is XO not freaking tf out?    04/09/20  (17)
🚨 4/9/2020 Members of the Coronavirus 🦠 Task Force Hold a Press Briefing    04/09/20  (3)
NYC = Serious Women Signing Paperwork    04/09/20  (5)
TRUMP ATTACK AD ON BIDEN    04/09/20  (6)
people seem to be over this--tons of people out today(SF)    04/09/20  (11)
Report: 600 Iranians have died from drinking rubbing alcohol (link)    04/09/20  (6)
🚨 04/09/2020 Members of the Coronavirus 🦠 Task Force Hold a Press Briefing    04/09/20  (1)
Meet the teen tumblr fanatics that worship CornPop    04/09/20  (1)
slipping phrase "I'm fully powered up" into dense flock of discursive footnotes    04/09/20  (5)
White girl randomly shot and killed in a 'good' part of Chicago    04/09/20  (7)
Reopen vega$    04/09/20  (1)
#trap #crossdresser #femboy #sissy    04/09/20  (1)
ITT: rate the milestones of my marriage by year    04/09/20  (32)
Anyone's alcoholism increased during quarantine?    04/09/20  (14)
tried an alcoholic seltzer for first time... why even bother with beer?    04/09/20  (34)
Shitlaw boss making visits to his attorneys homes (Not flame)    04/09/20  (2)
Girl's jaw broken after throwing drink on a man (vid)    04/09/20  (23)
BboooooooooomGrown hair piece company Inc. 30% off to new cu$tomer$    04/09/20  (1)
Guy live-streaming his drone that looks into peoples windows    04/09/20  (1)
Took le$$ than a week to de$troy 22 trillion and 3 year$ economic growth    04/09/20  (10)
Best shitcoin to buy NOW - ETH, XRP or Cardano?    04/09/20  (1)
You're being defrauded $hut down by bull$hit fraud    04/09/20  (9)
who are the top 5 current poasters    04/09/20  (49)
Do high schoolers who get into H work psychotically hard    04/09/20  (73)
Ho$pital$ running at $ub 46% capacity laying people off hmm    04/09/20  (1)
The Boomer Holodomor of 2020 was a mass genocide that actually happened    04/09/20  (2)
Catty academics publishing lies until they get tenure    04/09/20  (10)
DTP and Oh, You Travel? Should take their inane neuroses & be dissolved in acid    04/09/20  (2)
Sweden has suddenly passed India in confirmed WuFlu cases and 8% death rate    04/09/20  (1)
lib friend had "the art of cuckholding" coffee table book    04/09/20  (1)
Theory: Hybrid vigor of "white mutts" is preventing corona dearhs    04/09/20  (4)
People are dying waiting for $urgerie$ to treat corona patient$ that don't exi$t    04/09/20  (1)
Dr. Fauci: I Don't Think We Should Shake Hands "Ever Again"    04/09/20  (7)
Sunscreen: "highly toxic" to coral reefs yet white people lather it on daily    04/09/20  (4)
A hole in thi$ fraud will be punched tomorrow a yuge gaping hole    04/09/20  (1)
I give you two post-lockdown jobs. You pick which one you accept.    04/09/20  (167)
German study: 14% have already had COVID, death rate is only 0.37%    04/09/20  (2)
There's no escape from depression/anhedonia    04/09/20  (81)
"Maintain inter-organism distance civilian!" *robot eyes glow red*    04/09/20  (7)
Mission accomplished -- Hawaiian judge BANS COVID-19 DEATHS    04/09/20  (1)
Southern Poverty Disease Control Center    04/09/20  (4)
For what reasons would you walk out of a job interview?    04/09/20  (6)
what exactly are they teaching your children in holocaust class?    04/09/20  (1)
"Experts" now saying flattening curve isnt enough, need to "crush the curve"    04/09/20  (64)
job opening for women's bathroom janitor ITT    04/09/20  (4)
*Makes up numerator* *Makes up denominator* "As my analysis shows,    04/09/20  (57)
Is my future inheritance inflation-proof?    04/09/20  (5)
"taco bell: let our drive thru help you get through" most depressing thing ive e    04/09/20  (9)
Upset Jew taking questions for 5 minutes from goys and Jews alike    04/09/20  (1)
anyone else battling clinical depression in the face of world being on fire?    04/09/20  (14)
Spraying firehose at jews who refuse to stay home (vid)    04/09/20  (6)
Women spend thousands every year on skincare that doesn't do anything    04/09/20  (11)
denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance, sex w men, sex w men for mone    04/09/20  (4)
any not-oft-recommended baby items that i should buy before she comes?    04/09/20  (145)
This crisis has really emboldened doctors and biologists/scientists    04/09/20  (4)
"In many ways, these purchase agreements are my kids" said the female lawyer    04/09/20  (10)
Bannons podcast is pretty 180    04/09/20  (1)
You're certifiably insane if you aren't buying oil right now    04/09/20  (18)
im gonna pizza from home because covid    04/09/20  (3)
"i'm afraid we might be entering a depression", luis: way ahead of you lmao    04/09/20  (10)
my patience is receding faster than my hairline. benzo you've been warned. (tsi    04/09/20  (1)
10 years from now your son will cum in his pants when a girl takes her mask off    04/09/20  (5)
WWII doc (Netflix) says Pervitin (meth) was key to blitzkrieg - true?    04/09/20  (17)
The USA has lost 40 jobs for every Wuflu case. 1,141 jobs for every Wuflu death    04/09/20  (38)
Women really are the inferior gender    04/09/20  (6)
Trump asks Dr. Birx a question    04/09/20  (6)
Lib friends are blaming Republicans for all these cash infusions    04/09/20  (3)
exeunt what is the best country to flee to when the US turns into Venezuela?    04/09/20  (10)
I need advice on buying an engagement ring    04/09/20  (51)
something about this Fox News chick, Emily Compagno, does it for me    04/09/20  (22)
remember growing out ur mullet for lacrosse season    04/09/20  (8)
67yo woman fucks 20yo guy on camera (ozark)    04/09/20  (6)
MSNBC - Trump will take 'vicotry' lap when deaths < models    04/09/20  (2)
Your future wife's MFH roommate explaining to her what a "courtesy flush" is    04/09/20  (1)
IN probation officer: *sees 407 area code phone #* “this fag again...”    04/09/20  (4)
Trump-Biden debates are going to be 180    04/09/20  (24)
Honestly it’s embarrassing when Iranians call themselves “Persians”    04/09/20  (1)
JETS SIGN KAEPERNICK    04/09/20  (4)
wait, let me get this straight now it's $4.5 trillion but $0 for student loans?    04/09/20  (4)
Anyone else using stimulus $ to buy a new Gaming Rig?    04/09/20  (1)
Being a Plaintiff lawyer seems like 180 fun    04/09/20  (9)
How much did this PI lawyer pay Maury Povich to shoot a commercial with him?    04/09/20  (1)
NY Post front page: Benzo's hideous meth face + headline "COOKIE MONSTER"    04/09/20  (132)
Elites have to be thrilled. Test run of total crackdown went beyond all expectat    04/09/20  (4)
poop boy here    04/09/20  (3)
tranny gf lamenting how she will never pee from her butt like a real girl    04/09/20  (9)
So faucci and birx just want to make sure they are not infected?    04/09/20  (2)
women are absolutely disgusting & they regularly spray diarrhea    04/09/20  (5)
Fauci: "As long as a single case of virus is out there we must all stay at home"    04/09/20  (1)
and it was SQUANCH SQUANCH SQUANCH till spaceporn took the hotdog away    04/09/20  (1)
Borris Johnson out of ICU    04/09/20  (20)
gross poopy butts    04/09/20  (10)
jjc's pumo convo with himself rival plato/socrates dialogues    04/09/20  (6)
Harvard FedSociety prez brandishes gun in Zoom class; libs lose their minds    04/09/20  (61)
I have a new customer Jayrod C. who needs lawyer near Orlando    04/09/20  (1)
Think I may go into hair piece bu$ine$$ after viru$ fraud end$    04/09/20  (3)
1 in 8 workers have lost their job in Oregon. All for 44 total deaths. Insane    04/09/20  (3)
Followed cowgods advice and went Short today    04/09/20  (3)
Full Bryan Cave letter regarding pay cut    04/09/20  (22)
RATE this $6 million vaporwave-themed house    04/09/20  (5)
I think I finally understand fraud/ponzi economy where gov prints $$ (DTP)    04/09/20  (15)
tried an alcoholic hand sanitizer. why even drink beer?    04/09/20  (1)
it used to be cool to be gay. but now everyone is gay. it's no longer cool    04/09/20  (1)
"Conspiracy theory" is a non-term    04/09/20  (21)
he is gay    04/09/20  (4)
Hey virus bad fraud$ prove your fucking fraudulent number$ you fraud$    04/09/20  (8)
Besides doodikoff who are the good Jewish xo poasters    04/09/20  (20)
Well over 50% of US Corona deaths in NY/NJ.    04/09/20  (22)
PIGHEADED FRAUD VIRU$    04/09/20  (4)
People are celebrating how they pulled thi$ fraud $hit off with TRUMP    04/09/20  (5)
🚨 🚨 ATTENTION: call him “Peking Joe” Biden when talking to libs    04/09/20  (27)
America has elaborate gimmicks that suggests it has secret tech that overrides f    04/09/20  (8)
It$ in$ane how ea$y it i$ to control people    04/09/20  (5)
The number$ have been a lie from the get go    04/09/20  (5)
Do you even get it only matter$ what you do or don't?    04/09/20  (3)
Book$ are mostly fraudulent    04/09/20  (5)
If I came at Jim Kelly's 3 yo, do u think he would even defend her? (DTP    04/09/20  (1)
Did Chinks hide the real mortality rate? It seems likely.    04/09/20  (20)
who can host    04/09/20  (4)
ITT: You rate this engagement ring diamond    04/09/20  (106)
globohomo    04/09/20  (6)
They're counting countle$$ non covid death$ a$ covid deaths    04/09/20  (2)
It wld be 180 if some blue collar dude who lost job murdered these fag governors    04/09/20  (1)
Forget about Area 51. Nazi contacts with alien civilizations is the real deal.    04/09/20  (15)
Ljl @ liquids    04/09/20  (9)
If I came at Jim Kelly's wife, do u think he would even defend her? (DTP    04/09/20  (23)
The Long Hard Road To Decoupling From China (Am Int)    04/09/20  (28)
experts warn it may only be the tip of the goldberg    04/09/20  (6)
Ljl if    04/09/20  (1)
Rate DrakeMallard's Mansion in Toronto    04/09/20  (1)
What kind of "man" uses an electric lawnmower    04/09/20  (39)
"dont want to spread it to my family/grandparents" the xoer said pointlessly    04/09/20  (11)
Not enough discussion about drakemallard spending $100k on engagement ring    04/09/20  (10)
Cuomo slams deBlasio for suggesting easing the lockdown as early as mid-May    04/09/20  (15)
Hey fancy lawyers, when the fuck are we going to get a decision on NYSRPA?    04/09/20  (1)
Rate Drake’s Mansion in Toronto    04/09/20  (46)
don't use the term "late capitalism" (backspace)    04/09/20  (37)
Are we in a Lockean dream or a Hobbesian nightmare?    04/09/20  (4)

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