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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   12/07/19  (352)
@ interview: "my hobbies are leering at instagram thots" "when can u sta    12/11/19  (2)
Tommy what are your thoughts on INDIANS speaking Indo-European languages?    12/11/19  (2)
is this a common way to apply sunscreen?    12/11/19  (2)
"Surely this schtick won't wear thin" he thought jewishly    12/11/19  (4)
How mad is Tommy that white guys get the hottest Indian girls?    12/11/19  (1)
$500 to wear ""Nah" - Rosa Parks" t shirt every weekend for month    12/11/19  (9)
AOC slams U.S. paid family leave, says dogs get more time with puppies    12/11/19  (105)
Weird that 100 years ago our military engaged in skirmishes with Indians    12/11/19  (1)
"I ME ME I ME MY I'M ME ME ME ME" - CSLG word cloud    12/11/19  (13)
Harvard now embracing emoji usage in term papers, essays. (Link)    12/11/19  (1)
any good online pirated streaming sites?    12/11/19  (22)
Bloodstained might be the best video game ever made    12/11/19  (10)
Just LOL at BOBBY BIRDSHIT... wow just LOL'ing so hard into my BIRYANI    12/11/19  (28)
Just LOL at the very IDEA of "MODERN" women    12/11/19  (1)
ggtp & TT are just jekyll & hide personas of the same guy right?    12/11/19  (3)
How many high achievers are not total sociopaths or otherwise mentally ill    12/11/19  (22)
225k WFH 3 days a week but commute from dodge city -> wichita 2 days/wk    12/11/19  (4)
IG Horowitz: Ive referred the entire Obama FBI leadership for more investigation    12/11/19  (10)
I'd like to travel around with TT. He'd just get drunk and rant about white peop    12/11/19  (10)
Fart so loud you cure malaria    12/11/19  (3)
Annual unrestricted 75K EURO stipend but you gibber and screech when u pee    12/11/19  (1)
Thinking about getting an S Class coupe. I have no debt and make almost 300k    12/11/19  (28)
Net Worth: $999,999 (Tommy T at 70)    12/11/19  (18)
do good social clubs still exist    12/11/19  (62)
10 keys on keychain that I have no idea what they go to    12/11/19  (1)
“Female coder he-” *leeches fall out of laptop bag*    12/11/19  (4)
If you added up the value of what a pet dog does, it would be like $200K/yr    12/11/19  (9)
Percent of europeans willing to fight for their country (ljl@ Holland)1    12/11/19  (29)
Remember when CSLG lied about buying a ski resort?    12/11/19  (29)
This third-grader grew a 25 lb cabbage    12/11/19  (2)
conf. call descends into chaos when mrs. jim kelly presses garage door opener    12/11/19  (15)
just want a cute 20something hapa kpmg auditor gf is that too much to ask    12/11/19  (7)
Why are TV shows/movies so snarky nowadays?    12/11/19  (7)
Wife going on scouting missions with son to identify homeless camps    12/11/19  (90)
"The odds are astronomical," scientist scratches head as trans have trans kids    12/11/19  (9)
anyone else listen to "rude jude" on sirius xm?    12/11/19  (1)
Brian Griese endorses Trump    12/11/19  (1)
Biden mulls naming Kyrsten Sinema (BI-AZ) as his veep    12/11/19  (7)
Told megachurch girl she was beautiful last night via text    12/11/19  (55)
Nick Fuentes' mom sends strongly worded letter to MSM critics. (WaPo)    12/11/19  (13)
Within 100 years, distinct cultures/races/ethnicities will cease to exist    12/11/19  (10)
It's pretty easy to tell that TT really looks up to white people    12/11/19  (5)
If you seriously vowed to stop poasting on the board, how long could you last?    12/11/19  (12)
Tommy T bouncing on your cock "I drink JUICE you MAFcumskin JUICE goodBIRDSHIT"    12/11/19  (53)
Canadians are convinced Mayor Pete helped fixed bread prices    12/11/19  (3)
Blacks are more in reality on you, they hang on the real world outcomes    12/11/19  (2)
I'm a high school dropout... you can still make it (CSLG)    12/11/19  (69)
During interview said “I’m willing to kill for you and die. My loyalty is un    12/11/19  (2)
Article: One week in NYC on a 70k salary    12/11/19  (27)
Had blood work done. Results inside. (benzo)    12/11/19  (26)
What's XOs current take on mass incarceration and Crim justice reform?    12/11/19  (40)
Do regular guys still tell "dirty jokes"? Seems like no one is innocent enough    12/11/19  (1)
Ur against whores and sex worker gfs bc blown out, but after a few any woman is    12/11/19  (2)
Is Ruiz v Ortiz happening?    12/11/19  (1)
What ancestry were the Vanderbilts?    12/11/19  (6)
The leather is stitched niggerhide for comfort and durability    12/11/19  (1)
How many old money descendants of the original Dutch settlers remain in manhatta    12/11/19  (5)
Im always relieved when LathamTouchedMe gives the fair, moderate take in threads    12/11/19  (6)
Objective 8 GF: You choose her country of origin & occupation    12/11/19  (36)
Would you rather tlive in San Diego or Washington DC or Denver Colorado or Miami    12/11/19  (22)
Menstrual blood is actually the LEAST disgusting thing about natal females    12/11/19  (8)
My name's Dupa and I'm gay, my mcdonalds and cum feces are the color grey    12/11/19  (1)
Give sperm to sperm banks and use the money to hire then ignore surrogates?    12/11/19  (5)
"Assists" in the NBA are such a bullshit useless statistic    12/11/19  (12)
I watched a man fuck my boyfriend up the arse. And I really fucking enjoyed it    12/11/19  (23)
henry aaron here, going trans, i'm now henrietta aaron    12/11/19  (8)
is it possible to become wealthy in 2019 amerikkka without a scam ?    12/11/19  (11)
Do you cross your legs when sitting? Extremely shit habit I want to break    12/11/19  (2)
im I'll plumet to my death if I buy this place    12/11/19  (1)
*Asks attendant at Knickerbocker Club for plastic cup*    12/11/19  (2)
Poasters who most people would never guess were jews    12/11/19  (4)
hypo: u have $1m and 1 year to train a monkey to throw a 95mph fastball    12/11/19  (2)
IG: there were improper leaks by FBI... TO GIULIANI...    12/11/19  (1)
Coolest thing about xo is all the bald dads getting horny together online    12/11/19  (4)
DBG knows deep down, his wife converted, but her DNA, her genes, are goy    12/11/19  (20)
Sessions endorses TRUMP    12/11/19  (23)
"Oh the NIGGER outside is frightful"    12/11/19  (162)
RANK these four chicks (PIC)    12/11/19  (101)
m'garage hentai    12/11/19  (1)
I love you but c'mon we met at 28    12/11/19  (1)
Francisco Franco was the greatest leader of the 20th century    12/11/19  (20)
about that time of year for a pregnancy/abortion scare    12/11/19  (1)
jim_kelly, can we get a garage office pic?    12/11/19  (22)
If you don't like BULLET TRAINS, you are a total FAGGOT    12/11/19  (17)
Breaking News: BIRDSHITS who come to ASIA will be CASTRATED u fucking PEDOs    12/11/19  (4)
Don Lemon has a breakdown on TV after reporting on a Trump meme (link)    12/11/19  (14)
CSLG XO firm holiday party attendance tracker    12/11/19  (225)
My chances of meeting a not fat, not insane girl are near zero    12/11/19  (26)
rate the tits on this jewess    12/11/19  (1)
"teach me to pitch", said the Kodiak bear to Livan Hernandez    12/11/19  (53)
rate the tits on this jewess    12/11/19  (3)
Why do so many non whites pretend to be white on xo?    12/11/19  (30)
Rach: Requesting an "Autistic Hapa Offspring" discussion bort option.    12/11/19  (1)
biz idea: PrayPal - app that let's u transfer ur thoughts & prayers to other ppl    12/11/19  (7)
The CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY is the GREATEST organization since WWII    12/11/19  (9)
Could a person with a 140+ IQ and no morality necessarily net $1M/mo?    12/11/19  (2)
people assume I'm gay because of my voice    12/11/19  (12)
rate the tits on this jewess    12/11/19  (2)
i can host    12/11/19  (6)
rate the tits on this jewess    12/11/19  (3)
rate the tits on this jewess    12/11/19  (4)
Sim glitch: Croatian town called Megačurč has tons of hot young women (link)    12/11/19  (1)
rate the tits on this jewess    12/11/19  (3)
rate the tits on this jewess    12/11/19  (3)
rate the tits on this jewess    12/11/19  (3)
He gave the only begotten Son, so that everyone could poast on xo    12/11/19  (1)
people assume I'm gay because i suck other mens penises    12/11/19  (4)
does anybody still use "PayPal"    12/11/19  (22)
Libs: We'll impeach Trump again to remove him if he wins in 2020    12/11/19  (20)
tmf & are reptile comparing after-market av options for their luxury suvs    12/11/19  (1)
anyone watch kids show blippi on youtube? guy has a sick past    12/11/19  (10)
One of the kikes the nigs killed in Jersey City looks spic. Kikes explain?    12/11/19  (1)
hapas really are the best option for white males going into 2020    12/11/19  (3)
denosovian pilled    12/11/19  (7)
Horowitz: it was illegal surveillance    12/11/19  (3)
This is how NYT covered the Black Israelites when they harassed Covington kids    12/11/19  (9)
Corey Wayne talks about how to best dispose of a dead body (link)    12/11/19  (2)
Mrs. Jim_Kelly shoving garage desk into back corner to make room for new Cayenne    12/11/19  (45)
Biden sniffing Sinema's hair at campaign rally    12/11/19  (1)
Hey, Dickey, I never see you on this floor. Who’re you off to see?    12/11/19  (1)
i'd like to remind you all that this bort is serious business. no horsing around    12/11/19  (10)
Holocaust is Jews imagining what they think OUGHT to be done to them.    12/11/19  (3)
Magnus Carlsen now ranked 93rd in the world in fantasy soccer    12/11/19  (2)
I smoke cigs, do whatever    12/11/19  (6)
yeah babe hes like the Allen ginsberg of shitlaw but wayyyy more retarded    12/11/19  (1)
The only noble thing you can do in 21st c. America is parasite.    12/11/19  (3)
Cowgod are you running for MPM on a clique theory mandate    12/11/19  (2)
which of the following three lib trends is most played out?    12/11/19  (1)
*smacks Upset Jew’s ass rythmically*    12/11/19  (1)
who is taking all of christmas week off?    12/11/19  (1)
180 prank: gave Jim_Kelly an impossible whopper but it was actually a real whopp    12/11/19  (1)
Fuentes will fail if he doesn't differentiate between anti-Israel and anti-Jew    12/11/19  (10)
nutella: we don't need a weed whacker (husband spinning in circles with 35" cock    12/11/19  (42)
I want to monitor Don Kihote's day to day IRL so I can eventually befriend him.    12/11/19  (1)
Finnish people are white. I am white. Stop the erasure.    12/11/19  (11)
Chandler, what are the top 5 bourbon and rye brands?    12/11/19  (4)
cant imagine what normie people even talk about    12/11/19  (15)
FLW can i get your assessment of these fine young finnish lady politicians    12/11/19  (1)
Guess the Wikipedia (very hard)    12/11/19  (10)
How I Get By: A Week in the Life of a McDonald’s Cashier    12/11/19  (1)
Tay Zonday endorses Trump    12/11/19  (6)
i have an extremely feminine personality    12/11/19  (8)
LaMarcus DEVASTATED as the Yankees outbid the Dodgers for Gerrit Cole    12/11/19  (4)
Alpha KOREAN kPop man restrains VIOLENT Birdshit SEXPAT rapists in Gangman!    12/11/19  (4)
I’m gay tp promising new poster really shaking up the scene and making moves    12/11/19  (3)
Actors who most people would never guess were jews    12/11/19  (32)
Tommy Wiseau endorses Trump    12/11/19  (1)
How did Samantha Power become influential?    12/11/19  (2)
Victor Wong endorses Trump    12/11/19  (1)

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